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The Sneaky Pete Globe - 14mm Female Joint

$54.97 USD

Sneaky Pete says - Our first custom piece!  Our goal is to provide functional, quality, AFFORDABLE glass for everyone!  We commissioned a high-end manufacturer to produce these to our specifications.  The goal was to create a small, adaptive, and effective water piece that anyone can afford.  The versatile 14mm female joint is designed to work natively with all of our adapters, any a huge variety of others.  The whip features a 14mm male joint on one end, and a glass tip on the other (much better mouth feel than plastic). Toss a banger on and use it for smooth and cool dab or flower hits! 

Glass it up!  You can add an optional glass mouthpiece for that next level experience.  The mouthpiece is small and lightweight, and has great lip-feel.  The glass mouthpiece is 4.25" long, an ideal length to easily use your favourite vape or vape pen.

- The piece stands approximately 4" high

- Each joint is 14mm female

- 1 x whip, 1 x glass tip, 1 x 14mm male joint included

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