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    The 2019 M from DynaVap was released back in March and it’s been a crazy popular vape.  People buy more Ms than anything else because of their low price and great value for the money.  This newly updated series is the exact same 19 M build in three striking new colours.  It’s available in Phantom, Gold (Aurum) and Pink (Rosium). 

    One very cool thing about this new lineup is that all the metal components are treated with the same colour imbuing process.  If you take apart the Aurum model, for example, you’ll see that the cap, tip, and body are all gold.  Even the condenser inside is gold.  The colour is added by physical vapour deposition (PVD), which the internet says is a process that vaporizes a solid material in a vacuum and deposits the material as an alloy composition coating on any underlying surfaces.  In layperson’s speak, they vaporize the gold colour, then it converts from a vapour back into a solid on the metal parts themselves, leaving the coloured surface on each component.

** If you’re new to DynaVap and the M, check out our review, but here’s a quick recap…

    The DynaVap series is a battery-free vaporizer that’s heated with a butane torch or with an induction heater.  If you’re in a pinch you can heat it with almost anything, such as a kitchen stovetop, a campfire, or even a regular Bic lighter if needed (though not recommended).  The cap will make a click when the device has reached good vaping temperature, and then you cover the carb and inhale.  They’re super easy to use, can hit like a jackhammer, and have probably got more people converted to vaporizing than any other single vape on the market.  One of the best things, if you’re looking to convert, is how closely this emulates smoking, in terms of the thick and potent vapour, but it’s also the more analogous experience with the size and shape of the device and using a torch.  It’s a no-brainer choice if you’re not sure about vaping and want to give it a try.

    My personal favourite is the Aurum gold colour.  Since DynaVaps are all modular, you can take this gold tip and cap and put it on your glass stem or even a Simrell Vortex Stem for a sweet look.  The gold finish feels a little smoother than the regular stainless 2019 M.  Every single nook and cranny is gold.  It’s incredibly thorough and the device is really shiny when new (too early to see how it ages).  Gold is a bold colour and more people usually choose black than anything else, but the M is really small and the bold colour choice is more approachable with such a discreet vape.

    The Rosium is the pink colour model.  Anyone into pink or colourful vaporizers is going to dig this one.  The colour application is less uniform than the Aurum or Phantom, the carb and back rocker showing some of their underlying stainless steel colour.  The edges of the tip’s fins are green but everything else is pink and the channels themselves have that raw stainless look also.  I’d imagine the pink is the most difficult to imbue on the M, but it’s still a striking choice and I think anyone after a colourful vape is going to be happy with this version.

    Finally, the Phantom black model is the piece I think will be most popular.  It is gorgeous.  The finish looks different from the 2018 Shadow M.  This new 2019 Phantom has more of a matte finish and the grip is better.  Like the Aurum, the Phantom is completely coloured.  Every part is totally blackened.  It’s a more subtle version of the ’19 M and I like the more understated look compared to the other models.  I’d expect the PVD finish will be resilient, but like anything, it will wear some over time.  Like most things, it’ll depend on how well you take care of yours. 

    The new 2019 Colour M sells for $85, so you’re adding $15 for the new finishes compared to the traditional stainless steel ’19 M.  I think this is a good looking upgrade for the DynaVap collection, and I’d like to see some gold OmniVaps if possible.  I’d also like to see the individual parts available in these colours for people to customize their builds staying with all stock manufacturer parts.

The 2019 Colour M is available for presale at vapenorth.ca and sneakypetestore.com starting October 24th, with plans to ship about a week later at the end of the month.


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