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  • If you use iPhone, unfortunately Apple doesn’t allow these types of apps in the App Store, but there is an easy work around that will allow you to use your Bluetooth device with its compatible web app. In this video I’ll show you exactly how to use the Venty web app with your iPhone! View Post
  • Glass is a favourite material in this space, and for good reason. It comes brand new clean in only seconds with isopropyl, it imparts no flavour to your extraction, and seeing the process happen in real time is always a good time. But the Titanium Bowl offers its own benefits, like durability and superior airflow (probably the best out there in terms of injector bowls). Which one is the right choice for you though? View Post
  • Storz & Bickel held a launch party to celebrate the release of their new portable, The Venty. The event was held at a private club in LA, and they put on a super fun event. Not only did they have Snowtill there with some of the best living soil grown flower I’ve ever seen, but they also had a Volcano station running full time, and a Venty to enjoy at the party. View Post
  • An interview with George from DynaVap to talk about The WoodWynd! The WoodWynd is the most beautiful device that DynaVap has made in some time (maybe ever!), and marks a return to wood after 2 long years. George goes into detail talking about the design and manufacturing of the new device, and offering fascinating insight that only he can supply. View Post
  • VENTY Vaporizer Demo Video

    Let's take a look at the brand new Storz & Bickel device, the VENTY. S&B doesn’t release a new device very often, so we’re super excited to try their latest and share our thoughts with you. The VENTY features an adjustable airflow, enabling you to find your own sweet spot, and it heats up in a mere ~20 seconds, these are two huge improvements you'll really appreciate. View Post
  • DynaVap WoodWynd Review

    When we were initially exposed to the WoodWynd, we thought that it had a very sophisticated and upscale sort of a design to it, but the marriage of wood and metal is truly beautiful in and of itself and also, the XL length is perfect. The hourglass design is reminiscent of a 60s bombshell and is just as stunning. The WoodWynd sits perfectly in your hand and has a very nice balance between your fingers. View Post
  • Volcano Hybrid Onyx Review

    Today we'll be having a look at one of the best desktop devices on the market, the venerable Volcano Hybrid in the beautiful Onyx variety. The Volcano has been around for over 20 years, and the newest Hybrid variety offers a variety of enhancements and upgrades, including a totally new way to use it, you can now use it with a whip as well as the classic balloon. It heats up super fast, has bluetooth and web app compatibility, and a new touchscreen interface. View Post
  • The new VENTY from Storz & Bickel has a number of exciting new features and one of the most impressive is the adjustable airflow. Now, you can adjust the air flow using this stepless dial on the cooling unit. There are notches on the dial for setting one, two, and three, though, and this represents low medium and high air flow but because it's a stepless dial, you can even go anywhere in between the assigned steps if you prefer. View Post
  • Hey everyone, we want to take this opportunity to talk about this brand-new device, the VENTY from Storz & Bickel. You now get adjustable airflow that is controlled via a rotary dial, and the newly redesigned heater is way more powerful than any of their other portables. First impressions, the VENTY is awesome and we’re really looking forward to getting to know it a little bit better.  View Post
  • With this being a glass-lined storage jar, that means your flower is only coming into contact with glass. The outer layer is plastic, but the glass jar lives inside, and it lives inside each of the different Jyarz models. That means that while you get the benefits of plastic to keep everything safe, you get the purity of glass to keep your flower in and that isn't going to impart any taste or take any of that taste away. View Post