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  • Hey guys, Sneaky Pete here and today I want to show you the ELEV8R E-Heater. This is a really interesting desktop device as it’s based on the butane torch powered ELEV8R, which I’m a huge fan of, but this one is in a plug-in electronic format instead of being powered by a torch. View Post
  • Hey guys, welcome to Pete’s Pick, my new series where I will discuss several different aspects of two devices, make comparisons between them, and choose my favorite of the two - Pete’s Pick. Today I will be comparing the Arizer Solo 2 with the Arizer Air 2. View Post
  • Champs is the largest counterculture trade show that exists for our industry. Normally held multiple times a year, this was the first show in Las Vegas since February 2020.  Please join me for this vlog as I show you my trip down to the show. View Post
  • This week I'm on a trip down in Las Vegas. When I got down here I was looking to acquire a few different items from the legal cannabis dispensaries, and there's a different reason for each one I was after. Take a look at what I picked up from one dispensary and hear my explanations for why I chose each of them. View Post
  • Today I want to show you a really cool device - The Wand by Ispire. The Wand is a portable induction heater that works with concentrate and DynaVaps, with the option of extending functionality to flower too! The Wand is the first of its kind. View Post
  • The Middleman Water Tool is a large and stable piece that will get you exactly where you’re trying to go and look good while doing it. Measuring in at a whopping 8.5” tall, you’ll want to bring this one out for those really large or hot hits. Here's a video of it in action. View Post
  • Add some water cooling and take it easy with the Desperado 10mm Vaporizer Water Tool. This water piece offers advanced internals and perfected performance all around. Check out a demonstration of its use here. View Post
  • Hey guys, on this episode of TED Talk I discuss the vaporizers and accessories I've been enjoying recently, so let’s get right into it. View Post
  • Microdosing isn’t a new idea, but has started to gain more prominence lately. It’s a really interesting approach which has a lot of potential benefits, so let’s take a closer look at microdosing. View Post
  • The Fishbowl is a cost-effective water piece designed to be used directly with any DynaVap tip. Adding water is a great way to cool down your hits and this is an awesome, affordable piece that fits perfectly with your DynaVap system, removing the need for an adapter.
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