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  • Join Sneaky Pete and Sneaky Zu as we attend the Champs Winter 2024 Trade Show in Las Vegas. Champs is the biggest industry trade show that there is, and there’s no better city for it than Las Vegas! In this video we interview a bunch of vendors to show you the latest and greatest the industry has to offer, and cover our trip down in Las Vegas in this fun vlog - enjoy! View Post
  • Puffco Proxy Demo Session

    Puffco is all sorts of famous for their ingenuity and ability to continuously bring new, innovative products to the market. This time around, they went both back and forward with the new Puffco Proxy. The Proxy has an old school vibe with the newest tech on the market. Let’s take a look. View Post
  • The Puffco Proxy is one of our favourite options for concentrate. The modular design is brilliant, and opens the system up to being used in a multitude of fashions. It’s a great choice for travel, with the small overall size and super functional travel case. It also retains an old school charm, being shaped like a traditional hand pipe, but with a modern concentrate engine inside. View Post
  • Long-time player Arizer is back, updating their quintessential Solo 2 from 2017 and taking it to the MAX. Improving on everything from the charging standard to the customization options, the Arizer Solo 2 MAX is the perfect device for those who want a session vape with an abundance of battery life and a pure airpath resulting in the most flavourful of vapour. View Post
  • Tinymight 2 Demo Session

    Made with care in Finland, the Tinymight 2 provides desktop tier power in a device that’s so portable, it’s begging you to take it with you, wherever you go. Full convection, high quality vapour that’s milky af billows out of the business end and honestly, if you’re taking more than one or two hits, you’re playing with fire. Comparatively to the og Tinymight, the TM2 has a much more even, consistent vaporization, with no visible ring left behind. View Post
  • Venty Vaporizer Review

    Today we want to bring you a review on the VENTY. Storz & Bickel rarely release new devices, so when they do have something new come out, it's quite exciting, so we want to show you the VENTY in depth. This is definitely one of our favourite portables by far, and it's one of the very few portables that we would actually use at home rather than using one of our desktops, it's just that good! View Post
  • The Volcano Dosing Capsule Adapter accomplishes two different things, it both lets you use dosing capsules, just like with your VENTY or your MIGHTY+, with your Volcano, and if you don't want to use dosing capsules, you’re still able to utilize it. Set up the Adapter and take advantage of smaller loads, as it simply reduces the chamber size. View Post
  • If money wasn’t a thing, truly, we wouldn’t stop at five and just keep naming our favourite devices, but if we’re stopping at five, the ones discussed here are excellent choices across the board. Bang for your buck doesn’t have to mean cheap, and with these five devices, you get every dollar out of it that you put into it. View Post
  • The Double Dragon Cooling System is a glass piece that's designed to give you options that each make an impact and the first one that will grab your attention is the dual joints. The design includes both a 10mm and a 14mm female joint and simply, this allows you to use the Double Dragon as either a 10mm or 14mm piece. View Post
  • Arizer is a legendary manufacturer, known for making high quality, easy to use devices that last for years. The classic Solo 2 was released in 2017, and Arizer is back with a fresh modernization update to an already great device, giving us the new Solo 2 MAX. The Solo 2 Max brings USB-C, Auto Screen/Control Inversion, Dark Mode, along with a multitude of custom session settings that allow you to take control of your experience. View Post