Ditanium Vaporizer and Accessories

The Ditanium is an attractive and powerful desktop vaporizer that can handle herb or concentrate easily, or both at the same time!
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The Ditanium Desktop Vaporizer provides incredible flavor and large hits for either dry herb or concentrate! The Ditanium is made in the USA from high-quality materials such as natural wood, pure grade 2 titanium, and quartz.
The Ditanium Glass Handpiece is an exact replacement from the manufacturer to replace your Handpiece. The Glass Handpiece features the same metal and glass screen setup as the original, no tubing is included.
The pack contains 10 x Ditanium Glass Handpiece Screens to replace the screen in your vaporizer's handpiece. These are the exact same screens that your vaporizer includes so they will provide a perfect fit for your handpiece.
The Ditanium Vaporizer Quartz Nail Insert will work as a direct replacement for your included quartz. This bowl comes directly from the manufacturer so it will provide an exact fit. Quartz Nails will naturally whiten over a period of time,...
The Ditanium Silicone Tubing is an exact replacement from the manufacturer to replace your silicone tubing. The heat-resistant silicone tubing is approximately 24" long and will fit inside your Ditanium Glass Handpiece.
The Ditanium Vaporizer Carb Cap allows you to do low-temperature dabs with your vaporizer. Turn the dial down to 12:00 or below, place your dab onto the quartz nail, then put the pure grade 2 titanium Carb Cap onto the...