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Hi, I’m Sneaky Pete. I founded Sneaky Pete Vaporizers, the trusted source for flower vaporizers, glass, and accessories.


The Big Picture

As you know from my YouTube channel, I review a heck of a lot of vaporizer gear. But not every product makes it into our storewe only ever stock the high quality devices and accessories we would use ourselves. This protects our customers from wasting money on inferior goods and has given us a solid reputation in the herbal vape space.

The vape market is huge and growing every day. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. We offer a broad range of products in our store, from high-end desktop devices, to portable starter kits, to user-friendly medicinal vaporizers.

If you have any questions at all, please do email us at info@sneakypetevaporizers.com. We ship orders promptly from Monday to Friday.


It All Started with Vape Reviews

I’ve been vaporizing for more than two decades, I started out with a Storz & Bickel Volcano Desktop Vaporizer—a total beast, which I definitely couldn’t afford at the time. But I’m not exactly a conventional guy, and in no way was affordability going to stop me.

Vaporizer technology has come a long way since then. Today, there are so many vaporizers on the market that choosing one can be completely overwhelming. This is why I do what I do. In 2014, at the encouragement of my then girlfriend (now fiancee), I started producing vaporizer reviews. You can check them all out on YouTube and Vimeo, where I share my enthusiasm and knowledge about vape tech and simplify everything from the ground up for my 45,000 subscribers.


Back When No-One Understood Vaping...

It’s been scientifically proven that vaping has many health benefits over smoking, yet when I started making videos, a lot of people were hesitant to make the switch. They thought perhaps vaping was a fad or that they couldn’t get the same buzz as they do with smoking. None of this is true, and my videos and articles aim to demonstrate that so you can enjoy your herb in a much healthier and more economical way.

That’s rightvaping saves you money over time. When you combust your herb, you start a continuous chain reaction of burning at high temperatures, where it literally goes up in smoke whether you’re taking a draw or not. In contrast, vaporizing your herb only releases the active compounds on-demand, evenly and at much lower temperatures, while leaving you with residual AVB which you can consume later for bonus effects.

Another common barrier to vaping is that people simply don’t know where to start. This is where I know I can make a big difference. I make videos that educate and inform, and help you avoid buying dud vape gear. Integrity is important to me, and I never accept payment for my reviews. I only publish reviews on products I personally enjoy or find too interesting not to share, and only ever endorse stuff I would actually recommend to a friend.


The Evolution: From YouTube Reviews to The Sneaky Pete Store

In 2015, I had a solid reputation for making videos, and I must have been making some good points because a lot of the comments were about where to buy the featured vape tech. The next step in my pro-vaping crusade became obvious: I needed to open my own store, where I could help people select and buy vaping products with the Sneaky Pete seal of approval.

I loved this idea. It would help me grow my business and create a whole new route to sharing my knowledge directly with vape users. So I enlisted a small team to develop and manage the online operation. Together, we opened Sneaky Pete Store to serve the US, and The Great White North Vaporizer Company to serve Canada and the rest of the world.

Besides meticulous stock selection, one of our priorities was to offer fast and discreet international shipping, so you can enjoy the benefits of vaping wherever you live. We have maintained this top-end service ever since, over and above our competitors.

Today, we have a strong record of customer satisfaction and first-hand advice on new vape tech as it comes to market: our 460,000 annual visitors to Sneaky Pete Store and 210,000 annual visitors to Great White North are a testament to that. By strictly controlling what products we stock, we’ve gained a high level of trust from the vaping community and I’m very proud of that.

Vape companies send me their products all the time, hoping to be featured in my reviews and in store. This helps me keep me on top of everything that’s coming out. I test them all, but I make no promises: only those that meet my high standards secure a place in our store.


Designing My Own Vape Gear

The success of the retail operation has even allowed me to create my own products, including custom glass items designed for use with my favorite vapes. I design them all from the standpoint of a daily vaper looking for the best quality at affordable prices.

This has been a personal dream come true. When I started making vape reviews, I never imagined I would be designing, manufacturing, and distributing my own vape equipment. And today, if you hadn’t guessed, I’m still as obsessed as ever.


Take a Look Around...

Now you’ve heard my backstory, I hope you stick around for the ride. Take a look around the store for dry herb and concentrate vaporizers as well as tons of accessories; check out the vaporizer reviews for walk-throughs of every product in stock; and read the articles on vaping for how-to guides, legalization status, and summaries of the scientific research.

If you have any questions at all, send us an email at info@sneakypetevaporizers.com. We’re happy to help, and ensure you get the best possible experience from vaporizing your herb.

Keep It Green, Keep It Sneaky

Sneaky Pete



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