Vaping vs Smoking

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Today I want to go over the main differences between vaping vs smoking. I’m going to highlight the top 10 reasons to switch to vaporizing as your primary intake method, and I’ll be contrasting the smoking vs vaping experience as we go.

Now I’m not here to tell you not to smoke—I enjoy the occasional puff from time to time—but let’s go over some of the advantages of vaporizing and why you may want to switch today.

Vaping vs Smoking | Reason #1

Vaping is More Efficient and Saves you Money

Vaporizing is the most efficient way to consume your herb. The lower temperatures used while vaporizing means that all of the active ingredient is extracted from your herb. With smoking, the higher temperatures actually destroy a lot of that active ingredient which is just a huge waste.

A little tiny amount of herb like 0.1g can give you multiple hits or even multiple sessions for some users. A quality vaporizer like the Arizer Go can cost you a lot of money initially but you’ll be amazed at the dramatic reduction in flower needed. So the money that you spend on your vaporizer will be recovered very quickly and you’ll be better off thereafter. Vaping is cheaper than smoking.

Vaping vs Smoking | Reason #2

Vaping Provides Full Spectrum Extraction

The active ingredients in your favorite flowers are complex and there’s a lot of subtlety in each strain that create the desired effects. By contrast, the high temperatures of smoking destroy many of these ingredients, meaning you get a more generic and less nuanced effect from your herb. 

Vaporizing allows you to experience each strain as it was intended. From flighty sativas to overwhelmingly powerful indicas, you’ll feel the full effects of each strain in vaping vs smoking them. Vaping provides better extraction than smoking.

Vaping vs Smoking | Reason #3

Vaping is Far Healthier Than Smoking

This should really be the main reason to switch from smoking. Vaporizing is a far healthier way to consume your herb compared to smoking—period. The process of vaporizing is simple: it turns the active ingredients in your flower into a warm vapor, which you then inhale to feel the effects immediately. You simply breath in that warm air that consists of mainly active ingredients. 

Unlike smoking, no combustion takes place whatsoever. You don’t have to breathe in hot smoke, which can really irritate your throat and lungs. You can run marathons and cycle long distances and still be a heavy vape user, the same isn't true for heavy smoking. Vaping won't make your lungs suffer like they do when you smoke. And that’s a major draw for many people. Vaping is far healthier than smoking.

Vaping vs Smoking | Reason #4

Vaporizing Gives Better Flavor

I used to think that I smoked some really tasty herb—that is, until I vaped some really tasty herb. The insanely high heat of smoking destroys so many of the terpenes and greatly reduces the flavor you get out of your flower. 

In general, I find that when I’m smoking, most flower strains taste the same. Sometimes it’s good; sometimes, not so much. But I can’t really pick out the intricacies of one strain from another. With vaping, however, the flavor is one of my favorite aspects. Each strain is unique and you can really appreciate a properly grown and cured product. Vaping tastes better than smoking.

Vaping vs Smoking | Reason #5

Vaporizing Smells Way Less During Use

Smoking flower stinks—and you probably really like that smell. But some situations call for discretion, and there’s really no way to hide or eliminate the smell when you’re puffing on a big chonger. I’m sure you’ve experienced a time when you detect a strong and unmistakable whiff but you look around and there’s no-one in sight. It’s amazing how the scent carries—and it’s a super identifiable smell.

With vaping, the smell of the vapor you blow out is a fraction of that produced by smoking. The quality of the smell is very different too. The most common description people give is burnt popcorn. Personally, I think it’s more of a unique smell, but popcornish for sure. If you’re indoors, someone might come in and smell it mid-session or immediately after, but if you’re in the outdoors, you should be home free. Vaping is far more discreet than smoking.

Vaping vs Smoking | Reason #6

Vaporizing Smells Way Less After Use, Too

Remember being in high school and someone came into class, and you immediately knew they were ripped because they just reeked? Smoking herb really sticks to your hands and your clothing—even your hair can retain the smell. If you’re at home it’s probably no big deal, but if you’re in a school or work environment this can be a real problem. 

I like to consume herb, but I don’t necessarily want to advertise the fact. Vaping doesn’t stick to your clothes or your body at all. A breath mint or a piece of gum afterwards and you’re free and clear. You can easily air out a room with an open window or a fan within a couple of minutes after a vape session. Don’t kid yourself—there is some residual smell after vaping—but it’s greatly reduced compared to smoking herb. Vaping leaves less smell behind than smoking.

Vaping vs Smoking | Reason #7

Vaporizing Has Powerful Effects

“Oh but vaping doesn’t get me high...” 

Yeah fucking right. Vaping gets everybody messed up. There are no exceptions to that rule. It doesn't feel exactly like smoking and that can throw some people off when that's what they're used to. But once people have converted or really given it a try with an open mind, the effects of vaping can knock you into next year.

As you’re getting full spectrum extraction and inhaling almost pure active ingredients, you’ll feel the full potential your plant has to offer. If you’re not looking for those intense effects, just reduce your consumption to your desired level. I have yet to meet anyone who could handle a few massive Mighty rips and not feel anything. 

The old “vaping doesn’t get me high” line? Fake news. Vaping is more powerful than smoking.

Vaping vs Smoking | Reason #8

Vaporizing Has Different Effects

“I can’t feel it when I vaporize…”

Ok, this one might carry a little more weight. The effects of vaporizing are very different from smoking. The most basic analogy is that smoking affects you in the body, while vaping affects you in the head. When you take a massive bong rip, you’re hit with an immediate and powerful cloudiness, drooping eyelids, the giggles—it’s a very noticeable feeling with which we’re all very familiar. 

But with vaping, the effects are much more cerebral. You won’t notice that same stoniness or couch lock you get with smoking, even when you’re vaping indicas. You certainly feel the relaxing characteristics. And don’t confuse this as a binary situation, where it’s either head or body. These aspects come with both vaping and smoking. But I can vape all day long and work, go to the gym, and interact with people, and you wouldn’t know that I’ve been vaping. If I’ve been smoking all day long, I can guarantee you this: at some point I’m ordering pizza, and at a later point, I’m taking a nap. 

When it comes to the effects of vaping vs smoking herbs, it’s not like one is objectively better or worse. It’s just different. Personally, I much prefer vaporizing. Vaping has better cerebral effects than smoking.

Vaping vs Smoking | Reason #9

Vaporizing is a Lifestyle Choice

Now remember all that money you'll save by switching from smoking to vaporizing? Well you’re going to be spending all that money on your newly acquired malady: VAS (Vaporizer Acquisition Syndrome). It happens to everybody. You start with one vaporizer, then you decide you want something more portable, something that heats up faster, something more stealthy, something more efficient, something that hits harder, something that matches the color of your car... There has never been a better time to be a vaporizer enthusiast.

There is a plethora of amazing vaporizers available—just look at the variety that’s out there. There’s a real hobby aspect to this as well, from researching devices on communities like r/fuckcombustion and r/vaporents to modifying your vape with third party accessories for better functionality. You’re going to get sucked into VAS. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Vaping is a better lifestyle choice compared to smoking.

Vaping vs Smoking | Reason #10

Vaporizing Creates AVB for Consumption

If you smoke a joint, you’re left with a roach. Handy little guys, for sure—but smelly, kinda funky, and not really something you want to leave out or carry around with you. 

But after vaping you’re left with something useful: AVB, which stands for Already Vaporized Bud. This can have powerful effects when eaten or otherwise ingested. Vaporized bud has gone through a process called decarboxylation. Essentially, the flower has gone through a heat treating process which makes it ready for consumption. So you get to vaporize your herb to get the full effects and then you can consume the AVB and get a second full round of effects. 

AVB experiences can absolutely floor you. So don’t underestimate them, and start small. It’s easy to consume and you can do it a number of different ways. Something as simple as combining it with yogurt or pudding, or even making an AVB and peanut butter sandwich. Just don’t skimp on the peanut butter as AVB definitely has a full flavor. Vaporizing creates a better by-product than smoking.

Final Thoughts

I hope my vaping vs smoking article has given you some clear and compelling reasons to switch to vaporizing. Vaping is efficient, tasty as hell, and the effects can be off the charts. You and your house won’t stink, and you might just find yourself a new hobby collecting and exploring different vaporizers. But more than anything, the benefit of vaping vs smoking is making a better decision for your health, and that’s something worth considering on its own. 

If you’re brand new to dry herb vaporizers and don’t want to deal with any complicated or fiddly parts, I recommend the Fury 2 by Healthy Rips. We carry this vaporizer at $118 which (as with all our vape products) is the best price available and comes with free shipping within the US. It’s a seriously tiny vaporizer that packs a punch and is very user-friendly. Just pack your herb, allow it to heat up for 20 seconds, and discover the joys of vaping for yourself.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!