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  • Join me for a quick vape & chat before Sneaky Zu and I head home from Europe! I’ll be answering your vaping questions, talk about how the Crafty+ and DynaVap B compare for travel vapes, and explain why a sling bag is the next vaping accessory you need! View Post
  • Storz & Bickel brought a number of guests to their factory in Tuttlingen, Germany, for the launch of their #withloveforpeace campaign.  The factory is impressive to say the least, as was the hospitality and kindness of the whole S&B team.  I'll also be making a longer video with commentary on the trip and the tour, but in the meantime please enjoy this sneaky peek!

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  • DynaVap B Quick Review

    The DynaVap B has been designed to hit harder off of the first hit, providing high-level performance for that entry level price. We love to use it dry with the airport wide open for exceptional execution and ease of use. View Post
  • The original Tinymight is one of my favourite portables, and no matter how good this one is that is not going to diminish how awesome the original Tinymight is, but it seems like they have really listened to customer feedback, and they’ve created an even better Tinymight experience with the Tinymight 2. View Post
  • DynaVap has done it again, this time with a killer low cost entry that that performs way better than it has any right to, the new DynaVap B! You'll be interested to see exactly how this new product looks, it's features and benefits, and most importantly how it performs. Join me for a live interview with George from DynaVap as he goes over all of the details of this new product. View Post
  • Hey guys, it’s Sneaky Pete here, and today I want to show you a first look at the new Puffco Proxy. As soon as I saw the Proxy I was intrigued, it has the timeless look of a smoking pipe, but instead of being used to smoke tobacco it’s rather a modern and modular portable concentrate vaporizer. View Post
  • Today I want to showcase our five most popular custom water pieces in chronological order of when we released them. These are all our original water pieces that we have custom manufactured to our specifications, and while all water pipes have their similarities, they each have their differences that may impact which model you want to choose. View Post
  • The Freight Train is an injector style desktop vaporizer, and I have been loving it since it arrived. It perfectly suits my vaporizing style, which is one solid hit at a time through water, which is exactly how The Freight Train is designed to function, and it does a great job of it. View Post
  • Today I want to talk about four vapes that I just don’t use anymore. Often, we focus on the best device for this aspect, the best overall devices, but today I want to switch that completely and talk about vapes that are collecting dust on my shelf. View Post
  • Vape Talk Episode 49

    The Simrell Warhead is a unique new take on a classic way to do concentrate from the Simrell collection. An easy way to think about it is a modern-day nectar collector, but this is really designed to work in a different way, as well as fix and improve on limitations of that system. View Post