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  • Join us for an exclusive live interview with John, the mastermind behind Vestratto's groundbreaking creation, The Forge induction heater. Discover how this powerful innovation is set to revolutionize heating technology, replacing traditional torches with unparalleled efficiency and precision. View Post
  • Today, we're delving into the heart of New York City's thriving cannabis scene! Come along for an immersive experience as we venture into one of NYC's top dispensaries and provide a hands-on review of Sluggers' 1G disposable pen. Stick around as we put this sleek device through its paces – spoiler alert: it's a standout performer! View Post
  • Arizer Solo 3 Review

    Overall, a tip of the hat to Arizer on the Solo 3, they have done a fantastic job it. Anyone who hasn't been interested in Arizer products in the past, we think you should reconsider and take a look at this device with a fresh set of eyes because this is a totally updated vaporizer. View Post
  • Introducing the Tronian Omegatron, a new contender in the Vapor Cup arena, promising an unparalleled experience of rich and flavorful vapor. Its sleek and minimalist design sets it apart by simplifying the user interface, eschewing complex touch buttons for a straightforward operation. View Post
  • Meet the Pass-Through Dry Herb Catcher, a glass adapter that combines the benefits of a Pass-Through Adapter with the cleanativity of the Dry Herb Catcher. The dry herb catching element keeps the vast majority of flower particulate in the basin, where it belongs, rather than in your water piece. View Post
  • The DynaVap M7 is the best version of the venerable device yet and leave it to George and co. to do something that they’ve never tried before and release the DynaVap M7 XL alongside it. The M7 XL is the first time ever that DynaVap has released an XL version of the M, and it provides a need for many who love DynaVap Ms in general but would prefer a version with a little extra. View Post
  • In this interview, George walks us through every aspect of the brand new M7, and its larger counterpart, the M7 XL. We cover everything from the conceptualization, o-rings, the new tip, the XL condensor/mouthpiece, and most importantly the philosophy that goes into the design of every DynaVap. George is an interesting listen and has a way with words, join me for this compelling uncut interview with George - Founder of DynaVap! View Post
  • The Forge Induction Heater is capable of anything from delivering thinner hits with maximum flavour to getting your flower as brown as you can with a torch, it’s even capable of combusting (not that you want to and there’s no need to go that high), it’s just that powerful!

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  • The Forge is an upcoming induction heater from Vestratto, the makers of the incredible Anvil. The Forge was designed and built in Canada, and is specifically designed to provide an adequate amount of heat to the Anvil in a short period of time - not an easy task. The Forge is an incredible piece of engineering, and the capabilities of the system are hard to truly appreciate. View Post
  • The Plenty's vapor quality is similar to the Volcano: dense, flavorful, and pure. The Plenty's effective vapor production system makes for an enjoyable experience without the learning curve or multitude of components found in other vaporizers. Simply load your flower in Plenty's filling chamber, select your desired temperature on the temperature adjustment wheel, engage the heater, and enjoy high-quality vapour! View Post