Pass-Through Dry Herb Catcher - Demo Video Two of our best custom glass accessories combined into one! A must-have accessory for ball vape users.


The Pass-Through Herb Catcher, a True Twofer

Lots of people quote Churchill, not nearly enough quote Kevin Malone, and to paraphrase the laureate of The Office, “why have 2 things when 1 do job?” Throughout the years, we’ve released several really innovative and unique products that happen to be super functional, but two that really stick out as far as usability are the Pass-Through Adapter and the Dry Herb Catcher. After a highly elevated “development session” one evening, we thought, why not both?

Meet the Pass-Through Dry Herb Catcher, a glass adapter that combines the benefits of a Pass-Through Adapter with the cleanativity of the Dry Herb Catcher.

The Safest Way to Use a Shotgun

The pass-through section has a 10mm joint mounted on the side, providing an avenue to clear your water piece by removing the included glass stopper, which is much simpler and safer than removing your vaporizer from a water piece. The adapter is fitted with a 14mm joint on either end, a true pass-through adapter.

Keep Your Flower Out Of The Water

The dry herb catching element keeps the vast majority of flower particulate in the basin, where it belongs, rather than in your water piece. Ideally, let your herb catching filter collect a little resin, as that will be the best tool to catch the smallest of particles. 

Do More With Less

Steve Jobs was probably pretty faded when he came up with the iPhone; it was an iPod, a phone, and an internet device all in one for heaven’s sake. We’re more than happy to follow that up with the Pass-Through Dry Herb Catcher, two of our most useful and popular custom glass accessories combined into one uber piece that serves multiple functions without needing multiple pieces.

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