Revolutionizing Vaping: Unveiling the Power of the Vapvana Screwball Vaporizer Discover the Cutting-Edge Features and Unparalleled Performance of the Vapvana Screwball - Your Ultimate Vaporizing Companion


The Screwball Begs You to Grab the Bull by the Horns

Former Big Leaguer Francisco “El Toro” Valenzuela was known for two things: being quite the batsman for a pitcher and having an unusual windup that often led to his even more unusual pitch, the screwball. While using round ball shapes in a ball vape may be the obvious choice that leads to predictable results, when you change that shape up a bit, more complicated air dispersion changes with it, to interesting effect. The Vapvana Screwball Starter Kits comes packed with everything you need for a ball vapesque experience, minus the balls. Instead of packing the business end with terp pearls, the Screwball uses over 750 gem cut rubies instead, leading to an unexpected, but welcome, next level of power.

Instead of calling it a gem vape, we’ll just call it the Screwball for now, and as mentioned, this kit includes a comprehensive set of equipment to get you going including a handle for the coil, which is really nice to see, plus extra screens, a scoop/tamping tool, a brush, a stand, and a tremendous titanium bowl.

Massive Titanium Bowl with a Half Bowl Option

The titanium bowl is a whopper, with an 18mm male output, and the Screwball fits over top of the bowl, encasing the entire setup in glorious convection heat. The bowl’s regular capacity is a monumental 0.4g, but Vapvana had the forethought to include a half-bowl screen mount, and you’ll find that it is much more efficient when you’re enjoying smaller bowls.

Optional Hybrid Heating for Optimal Vaporization

But why stop there? With a quick preheat of the bowl by leaving the Screwball on top of the bowl for a number of seconds before you take your hit, you’ve now added conduction heat and will have a hybrid convection/conduction heat source.

The bowl isn’t the only part that is made from titanium; the Screwball’s housing is made from titanium as well. The titanium housing provides excellent airflow, and you’ll need that excellent airflow to keep up with the substantial power created by the gem cut rubies.

The PID controller that’s included in the Starter Kit is as easy to use as can be, just adjust to your desired temperature and you’re good to go. We absolutely love that the Screwball has an auto-shut off feature included and we wish this was more common.

Powerful Enough to Keep Up with Your Paces

The Screwball is one of those rare pieces that both beginners and experts will be super happy with. Its power is unheralded; breathe hard, breathe slow, it’ll keep up. Even amongst traditional ball vapes, the Screwball is way closer to the top of the pack than the bottom when it comes to unbridled muscle.

We love the Screwball any way one could enjoy it but have found sessions where we’re changing out the load often and vaping through water to be the most affable, and flavourful. Whether you’re purchasing your first “ball” vape, or upgrading because of features including hybrid heat and that huge bowl, the Vapvana Screwball Starter Kit has everything you need to get going asap.

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