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510 Cartridge Stand

Triple 510 Cartridge Stand

Take a stand for your 510 Cartridges! Our sturdy, custom-made, threaded stands will hold your cartridge firmly in place, which means they're always where you left them. The stands are also perfect for filling your cartridges, allowing the material to soak into and permeate the atomizer, so you don't get the dreaded 'dry hit' when you fire it up. There are multiple colour options available for this durable, minimalist metal design.

Modeled after our 510 Cartridge Stand, the 510 Triple Cartridge Stand holds up to three cartridges at once. Ideal for multi-cartridge users, this lets you secure more cartridges in one place, whether it's for filling, on the go sessions, or storage.

The 510 Triple Cartridge Stand also enables the user to keep their strains or types apart while always keeping the atomizer fully saturated. It is always recommended to let a cartridge, or three, sit for a good while after filling to allow the atomizer to fully saturate and the 510 Triple Cartridge Stand makes this task a breeze. Take advantage of all of these upgrades with the 510 Triple Cartridge Stand.

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