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    This is the new vape by DaVinci, the appropriately named MIQRO.  It is a conduction vape that redefines what it means to be a travel/portable vape.  It is literally about the size of a key fob.  It looks a lot like a smaller version of the IQ, but it really is a different beast altogether and it is designed with a different purpose.  The MIQRO isn’t as much about making massive clouds and passing around a group or friends, it’s designed specifically as a personal use vaporizer or a microdoser.  Once I embraced it for this role the MIQRO found its place in my lineup.  It is available in five different colours, starts at only $150USD, and is scheduled to be released this summer.


    We tested the Explorer kit, which costs extra but comes with a lot of extra goodies.  You get a grinder card, a carrying can for your herbs, an extra 18350 900mAh battery, a phantom non-existent glove, and a 10mm extended mouthpiece that’ll work with a 10mm water piece.  They also give you some extra gaskets, cleaning swabs, a pearl post, an awesome carrying case, and a nice but tiny instruction manual.


    I smelled the MIQRO and gave it a few dry pulls, noticing little to no manufacturing taste.  Still, clean the pearl and both mouthpieces in isopropyl alcohol and rinse them.  It’s also good practice to do a couple burn offs regardless of if you smell anything, just to be cautious.  We charged up both of the batteries, and while they don’t have a crazy amount of life they do charge back up really quickly.


    I absolutely love the size and build of this vaporizer.  It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.  The flat mouthpiece has a nice lower profile.  The whole thing is so light you really don’t notice it, it doesn’t really bang around in your pocket like a phone for example.  It feels like DaVinci took what they learned from making the IQ for a number of years and improved on every aspect of the build.  The LEDs have many fewer lights but are still quite functional when you know how to use it.  It’ll even play you an inspirational word when you turn it off sometimes which some may appreciate.

    They removed the flavour chamber.  Instead, it’s a zirconium vapour path which seems like it’ll be easier to clean overall.  It still includes the ultra-handy stir tool, and the pearl is now easy to rotate up and down to modify how much free space is in the chamber and how much material the bowl can hold.  It’s also a bit easier to clean and maintain not as there are fewer parts and fewer areas that are hard to reach with a q-tip.


    There are three buttons on the side of your MIQRO.  Just click the middle one five times to turn it on or off.  Using different button combinations, you can turn the LEDs to high or low, change from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and check the battery level.


    The MIQRO removes the Bluetooth functionality, though I don’t think people honestly used it that much anyways.  You still get four smart paths which increase the temperature over the course of your session.  There is also a precision mode which you engage by pressing the button once and then modifying it while it’s displaying the temperature.  Otherwise, it just tells you the current temperature one digit at a time and then remains in smart path mode.  You can hold the power button down to enter boost mode, which turns the heater up to max power to get every bit out of your bowl.


    The MIQRO heats up in about 45 seconds on average which is reasonable for something this size with a smaller battery.  It is still quick enough for using stealthily and keep that convenience factor, which is what this vape is really designed for.


    The oven is quite small as it’s meant for one person, but you can twist the pearl to make it bigger or smaller.  Do make sure the pearl presses tightly against your herbs as this will help with conduction.  The MIQRO is easy to load, just pour it in and tamp it down good with your finger or a chopstick.  You can fit enough for two sessions per bowl.  I do the first one usually at smart path 3 and the next at 4.  If I’m using precision mode, I’ll see the temperature to about 405F, which is higher than I’d use without water on other vapes.

    For the video, I used smart path 4.  Even on these higher temps, it doesn’t get that harsh.  You’ll notice it won’t be the same quantity of vapour as a hit from an IQ, again this is a microdoser and not a heavy hitter.  However, you will definitely feel the effects.  Starting out I did a few sessions on smart path 3 and thought it was pretty thin, but five minutes later I was feeling it hard!  The vapour is very tasty like with the IQ.  It’s really good for a conduction vape.  You won’t find yourself coughing much if at all, part of that is thanks to the smaller cloud size though.


    The build quality and feel are very nice.  It feels great in the hand and is the perfect size for taking with you anywhere.  The MIQRO really is a great ultra-portable vape.  It has good vapour quality thanks to the materials used in the vapour path.  It is very smooth, even at higher temperatures.  It does have somewhat stripped-down functionality, but it is also a lot more affordable than the IQ.  Starting at just $150USD, it hits that nice sweet spot for pricing that a lot of people are looking for.  It really is an ideal microdoser.  It’s so small that you’ll want to take it everywhere with you, and it’s very convenient to just turn it on at a high temp for a few quick puffs then turn it back off and toss it in your pocket.  The carrying can is also nice as it’s functional for herb too.


    This kind of depends on whether you’re comparing it to the IQ or judging it fresh.  Overall though, do consider that there is less vapour production, the battery and heater have been miniaturized so it’s not a device really capable of generating huge clouds.  The smaller batteries mean reduced battery life.  You’re getting about 30 minutes of use per charge depending on the temperatures and number of stops and starts.  If you want to your MIQRO out for a full day of vaping bring at least one extra battery.  It will get warm with usage.  As things get smaller heat build-up tends to be more of an issue.  Personally though, even on higher temperatures, I could hold it in my hand indefinitely and the heat wasn’t really an issue.


    The MIQRO is a really great option for an ultra-portable vaporizer.  It’s designed more for a single user than a group of people.  If you like small sessions or micro-dosing this piece will really appeal to you, as it will to anyone who wants a truly tiny vape to take with them anywhere.  If you’re expecting an identical experience to the IQ but just in a smaller package, you may be disappointed.  It looks the same, but it is a different animal entirely. 

    DaVinci really stepped up the build quality with the MIQRO.  This thing has functioned flawlessly since I’ve had it.  No false battery readings like the IQ was known for.  It is extremely well built, you can have full confidence in charging this piece up, throwing it in your pocket, and taking it anywhere for a quick sesh.  This is where the MIQRO really shines.

    What do you all think about this new ultra-tiny vape by DaVinci?  Do the advantages of the MIQRO make it more appealing to you, or does the IQ still seem like it’s better suited to your needs?  Let us know down in the comments.  Be sure to check out sneakypetestore.com and vapenorth.ca to see all of my other reviews and to buy your very own DaVinci MIQRO!



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