DynaVap Bonger Review An ultra affordable accessory that's useful for any DynaVap owner that likes to vape through water.


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Bonger Silicone Water Pipe Adapter

Those who think there’s only one way to skin a deer aren’t being creative enough. The boys at DynaVap get that, big time, and are always finding new ways for you to enjoy your current products in new and valuable ways. Enter the DynaVap Bonger, a new silicone accessory to use your favourite DynaVap tip and cap combination through a water piece.

Use With Any Tip & Cap

DynaVap is respected for the flexibility in their lineup, and this ingenious little guy is the perfect way to interface a DynaVap with a water piece. The Bonger works with any current tip and cap in their roster, showing the tendency towards compatibility that DynaVap has worked hard to establish.

Stainless Airpath

Only 45mm in length, the Bonger works with both 10mm and 14mm water pieces directly without needing another adapter. We’re really stoked on the stainless-steel condenser that runs directly from the CCD in your tip down through the Bonger and then out to the water piece. This takes the Bonger beyond just an adapter and adds both the purity of a stainless airpath and the easy-cleaning nature of metal to the system.

Affordable & Airport-Free

And for the first time ever… this DynaVap does NOT include an Airport! I know right? Mind blown. But the airflow is perfect for maximum thickness and milkiness action; adding additional airflow is totally unnecessary, this is engineered for performance. 
This super affordable accessory comes in black or green/black variation. If you already own a DynaVap tip and cap, the Bonger is your easy avenue to using them through water, which is probably our favourite way to use a DynaVap to begin with.

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