DynaVap Helix Tip Review The DynaVap Helix Tip has an incredible 3D design with completely reimagined airflow, and a better Adjust-a-Bowl!


Whatcha Got? The Helix Tip! And Whatcha Gonna Do? Vape it!

The new Helix Tip is the newest Tip from DynaVap, and we’ve got to say that it is the coolest looking Tip we've seen by far. This Tip has a twisting 3D triple helix design and the workmanship on this device is incredible. But it's not just the design, though, the Helix Tip also has a number of other changes and improvements.

Redistributed Mass Leads to Thorough Roasts

The Helix Tip is made completely from titanium and it's DynaVap’s lightest Tip yet. It weighs in at just over three grams and with lower mass than its predecessors, it's made to heat up quickly. The mass is also front weighted with more density in the Tip and less in the fins. The additional mass in the Tip means that the bowl has thicker walls and that's going to help retain heat better and give the user a more even roast. Also, having less Mass on the fins leads to less transference of that heat to your stem.

New Airflow Holes Add Additional Heat

The Helix also has radically different airflow when compared to previous DynaVap Tips. The outside of the Tip is completely smooth except for these three Xs and those distinct markings also have a hole in each of the Xs. Essentially, for the first time with a DynaVap Tip, you're going to get air passing directly into the flower through these intakes rather than just wisping around the Tip and then through the very top.

Finally, an Adjust-A-Bowl that Works

The new intake holes are not the only new part of the design to increase airflow, it also has airflow channels within the bowl itself, so DynaVap’s really taken another solid, thorough look at the Helix Tip and did some re-engineering. This Tip has the dual O-ring setup that DynaVap has used lately, so it's less O-rings to change and maintain than an older style Tip. Also, the Helix Tip has by far the best Adjust-A-Bowl feature we have ever experienced. All one does when you have a nice fresh CCD is just to turn the CCD upside down, push down with the condenser, and that CCD is going to go from the bottom position and snap right in place. This is the first Tip we've used that has these mechanics and this is how it was supposed to work the entire time, so a great change to see.

One might notice that a smooth part of the Tip of the Helix is gold ion colour. Surprisingly, that's not anodized, but is actually a special finishing process that DynaVap developed themselves. The process is more akin to that gold surfacing that they use on drill bits, but it's not that same thing; it's more akin to that gold process on the bit than something like anodizing. What it does provide for the user is a nice hard, resilient surface that's very resistant to scratches. We’re not saying that you can't scratch it, but compared to matte titanium, raw titanium, or anodized titanium, this finish is going to be significantly more resilient. We’re really not seeing any wear on ours yet although we have some more bowls to run through it for sure.

One slight complaint we do have is that the little holes in the Xs are not the best at keeping fine ground flower inside the Tip; small amounts may sprinkle from the air intakes. We would recommend to just make sure that you wipe the Tip off before you put your cap on, so you don't get any little bits of flower in between the Tip and the cap.

Use the Helix Tip in Your Custom Setup

The Helix Tip works with induction heaters, or with torches; you can use it with a regular cap, a low temperature cap, an armoured cap, whatever you want to use. Our very favourite way to use it so far is at that half bowl setting with the armoured cap; you can fully roast your load for one thick rip. Likely, it's going to be a few rips in one heating cycle, but we find that this technique completely vaporizes a half bowl, you get great flavour and really nice airflow.

Overall, I'm a fan of the Helix Tip. It is visually the most impressive thing DynaVap has ever produced by far, and it also has really good functionality with that resilient coating, the nice thick hits from that thicker bowl, the free air flow from the intake holes and that ideally executed Adjust-A-Bowl. We don't find the flower leaking out the holes to be too much of a problem, it's only when it's ground quite fine. But we have to say, we really want to see DynaVap take this design language and apply that to a stem next.

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