Evolv Cricket Pocket Dab Rig Review The Evolv Cricket is a flavor heavy device that's smooth without a water piece, and a welcome entry to the concentrate space.


Hey guys, it's Sneaky Pete here and today I want to show you a quick look at the Evolv Vapor Cricket. Now, this is a concentrate rig, kind of an answer to something like a Puffco Proxy. This is designed to let you use concentrate on the go, but as you can see, it's definitely not a vape pen. They call this a pocket dab rig and I think that's a fair title. 

Build Quality

As you can see, the Cricket has a very nice form factor, it feels fantastic in your hand and super well-built. The body is made from stainless steel, so it's going to be scratch resistant, and it feels very durable. Although it's scratch resistant, it still builds up kind of a schmutz over time, so you are going to have to keep it clean if you want it looking brand new for a long time. On the front, it has this carbon fiber sort of finish as well as a nice very vibrant screen and three buttons. There are up and down buttons to control your temperature and then the middle button is your fire button and that's what you're going to use to turn the device on and to heat it up. It's about four and a half inches tall, so it fits nice in a pants pocket or especially in a jacket pocket and it's essentially two different parts: you have the main body as well as the cap. 

Titanium Tub

When you look in the top of the unit, that's the tub and that's where you load your concentrate, and it is made out of titanium. You can actually remove the tub with these little Allen keys they give when you buy it, and you can remove and replace the tub if you ever want that brand new kind of look or function again. In this nice small form factor you get USB-C charging so it will charge up quickly and you get between 50 and 100 Puffs per charge. There’s quite a variance between 50 and 100, but like anything it's going to depend on what temperature you use it at and then how long your actual hits are. 

How It Works

Let's talk about how the device actually works and this is where it gets kind of interesting. This is a little bit different; usually when you see a handheld, you think of a vape pen where you want to load as much concentrate as you can in it and take it out for a full day. Well, this is designed, and works, differently than that. The Cricket has extremely tight temperature control. You can set it in one degree temperature increments, and when you set it at 450, for example, it gets to that temperature in only one second! But the crazy thing for me is how well it holds that temperature. Usually, when you hold the button down these devices are just going to get sort of progressively hotter over time and you end up burning your hits, or after a couple hits it has that high end sort of flavour. You don't get that here whatsoever; if you set this to 450 it goes to 450 in one second and it stays there. It heats up in one second and it cools down in only five seconds so you can take it out have a hit and then put it back in your pocket right away. 

Free Airflow, Smooth Vapour

You get extremely free airflow on the Cricket, and it is designed so that you can use this without a bubbler. They say this device is supposed to be the equivalent to something like a Peak or whatever that you need to cool through water, but you don't need to run this through water. It really does have extremely free airflow, it's almost like drawing through nothing at all. But, if you're hitting many hits at a higher temperature of course there's going to be a little bit of a bite to it but overall, it is remarkably smooth and it definitely isn't one that I want to run through water after using this for about a week. 

Perfect for small dabs

This is a really nice concentrate solution for me because I like to do small dabs. This is designed to be extremely efficient with a small dab. Don’t overload material in this, if you do it's just going to make even more of a mess. If your game plan is turn it up to the highest temperature and put a massive dab in here, don't buy this. That's really not how you want to use the Cricket. It’s designed to do a small dab no larger than a BB, it says, and I would even go maybe half or three quarters of a BB if you really want to try to reduce that mess as much as you can, but it's designed to have as little waste as possible. They say that ninety percent of your hit actually gets delivered to as vapour so there's not much to clean up after your hit and I do find that to be true. 

Built-In Storage & Stir Tool

One last thing that's cool about it: down in the corner you just push that up and they have a built-in dab tool and concentrate storage. This dab tool is magnetic and comes on and off and then a little tiny thing for concentrate storage, enough to put a couple dabs, probably about two to three loads in here. Convenient that when you buy it, they give you a few of these little plastic things so you can actually pre-load a bunch of them and just put the little container in your pocket so you can have way more dabs on the go. I think it's really cool that it has this built into it. Of course, it's not going to be able to put a tonne of concentrate like a gram or something but to be able to have a few hits on the go is definitely nice. 


So, after using the device quite a bit for a week, there's some things I really like about it. The first thing is the form factor. It feels absolutely fantastic in your hand, you get a tonne of battery life per charge with this thin and discreet size, and it also just feels very durable and high end; it doesn't feel cheap in any way. Next, I really like how fast it heats up and the efficiency; this heats up in only one second and you put a tiny amount of concentrate in here. You're going through your concentrate much more slowly with these small dabs and with the efficiency, you're still getting the effect that you want. The last thing I love, is the flavour. You might think with a titanium bucket, you know a lot of people use ceramic, this has some of the best concentrate flavour I have ever used. It is super smooth with that airflow, but the flavour is just mind-blowingly good. I'm not sure if it's just because of the low temperature, or how it's designed, or just because you're using a small efficient amount, but the flavour on the Cricket is hard to match. I can't really think of another concentrate device in my collection that tastes quite as good as this one. 


In terms of what I'm not loving, well the first thing is the price. I mean $400US is very expensive, like you're getting in Puffco Peak Pro territory, which is much larger which has a water bubbler.  So, $400US is quite a bit for this, I would like to see it come down to $300US or so; I think it would be a lot more palatable at that price point. Because of all that airflow you get, it's going to dilute the vapour that you're inhaling so you're just not going to see the density that you're used to on some devices. But I don't find that equals to lower effect or anything like that, it's just not as thick and dense. Now finally, and this is my only real complaint about the device, is that it's messy even if you use it exactly like they say with the smallest amount of concentrate. This is a very small oven and concentrate bubbles and boils and is very sticky. Once you add to a tonne of airflow to the concentrate in here, it is going to be bubbling and boiling and that's going to get on the top piece and ultimately in the mouthpiece. So, this is something that you have to maintain regularly as long and as long as you do, you're going to be fine. I really do caution anyone who wants a low maintenance device that I don't think this is the one. If you don't clean this regularly, you're going to have a bad time. One thing that I have ran into is the cap off sensor sometimes tells me the cap is off when it's clearly on the device and sometimes when it's not on the device it tells me the cap is on the device. It seems to be an intermittent thing that comes and goes, but not something I really like to see. 


I'm going to do a quick demo here: I'm going to show you how to use it. I’ve got a small BB size dab and I'm going to drop that right into the oven. Now essentially, there's two different ways you heat, and the first thing is premelting it. They say premelting it is very important; I don't use it without preheating it as I find the results are way better when you do. It’s really easy to preheat, you have the cap off here and you're just going to press that fire button you can adjust the temperature here and the temperature is way lower when you're melting it as compared to using it. It has two different settings that you put in the memory; I have mine set to 160°F. I’m just going to hold that button down a little bit and I'm just pre-melting the dab. I'm just getting it so it's a little melted on the oven. You can see you don't just have a round piece of dab. The nice thing is if you're taking this on the go, melting your dab kind of freezes it down in place so it's a handy thing to do. So, let’s melt it down just a little bit on there and go ahead and put the lid back on and you’ll see the display automatically switches because it knows the lid is on now. Now, I have this set to 475°F, that's on the lower side but I'm just going to hold this button in until it says ‘ready’ and I'm going to inhale.

Incredibly tasty hit, like those terps are just out of this world good. It makes me realize that the flavour on some of my other concentrate devices is only okay whereas on this thing it is 10 out of 10. I'm going to show you another hit. I'm going to turn it up a little bit just to show you on a higher temp. Just melting that down a little bit. So, I didn't clean out my oven there, probably should, but I'm just not doing it because you know making a video, I'm trying to be fast. I can turn it up a little higher let's go to 535°F. This is quite a bit higher than the last temp set, so hold that in until it says ready.

As you can see, a much bigger draw. Still very smooth, though, and it doesn't make me want to cough too much, not from it being harsh, maybe a little bit from the volume. Considering this goes up to 600°F, 535°F is on the higher side of a range and I still find it quite smooth. It's not quite as flavourful, but it's still a very very nice hit. There's probably some material left in there; I'm going to go ahead and have another hit at 535°F and then I'm going to show you how to clean it out.

How To Clean

For one, still a little bit in there, I'm going to go ahead and swab it out. Now something that makes a little bit easier to swab out is to just hold that cap off temporarily and go ahead and just melt that, taking a Q-tip and just getting it right in the oven like that. Melt it a little bit more and get that Q-tip in the oven, I mean that oven is cleaned out now but when you want to give it that next level clean, and just do this on the regular, take a wipe like this, just an alcohol wipe that we sell on our website, I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to turn it upside down here and I'm just going to clean it like this. So, I'm just cleaning all the posts all around, just everything here, get any of that little concentrate that's on there and this is going to keep it very clean and easy to maintain. 

I'm going to take that lid and I'm going to do the same thing just getting everything on the bottom. It's just going to melt right away when you get an alcohol wipe on there and if you do this regularly, you're going to get the best flavour and the best performance. If you don't, it's going to be a mess. I found a handy setting that wasn't in the manual and if you hold the fire button as well as the up adjust button it will allow you to change the heat time, and this adjusts how long it's going to take to warm up your dab. I adjusted mine to three, it was at two and I find this does make a difference to help prevent the splashing because it seems to be the slower the heat up time, the less splashing. 


So, there you go that's a quick look at the Evolv Cricket. I think this is a really interesting entry into the concentrate space. The space is kind of completely dominated by Puffco, so it's good to see some people making some innovative different products like this. As well, the flavour on this thing is absolutely insane. It is so good, and it is way smoother than you would ever think when you're not running it through water, and it's made specifically to work well with small dabs, so don't overload this thing. Like anything, it comes down to ‘is it a good fit for you’ for me and the way I use concentrate, this thing is an ideal sort of a system for me, and it'll definitely be putting up some competition with my Puffco Proxy which is what I normally use on the go.

 So, thanks so much for watching guys I really hope you enjoyed checking out this quick look at the Evolv Cricket keep it green keep it sneaky and we'll see you next time.

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