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Hey guys, Sneaky Pete here and today I want to show you the Herb Ripper, a weighty, super resilient, high-end grinder that’s built for the long haul.


Pure stainless steel

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When you first lay eyes on the Herb Ripper it looks like a standard, traditional grinder, but when you pick it up you're going to realize that there is something a bit different here. The majority of grinders currently on the market look similar to the Herb Ripper and they are almost always made from aluminum. The Herb Ripper is a rare exception that is made from pure stainless steel. This difference in build material is immediately noticeable as it is way heavier than you'd expect. Even the tiny 1.5” Mini model has some serious heft to it at 0.45 of a pound, the 2” Classic model tips the scales at 0.64 of a pound, and the 2.5” XL is a straight up thick boy, crushing the scales with a full pound of stainless steel!


Four layers, sharp and strong teeth

While the Herb Ripper comes as a four piece set, one thing to keep in mind is that any four piece grinder can also be used as a three-piece, simply remove the centre layer and you’ve got a standard three piece setup.

The top layer is the magnetic lid, and it has super strong magnets holding it in place. If I shake it as hard as I can it is possible to get the magnets to let go, but you have to really make an effort. It’s very securely attached, so you can feel confident about tossing it in your bag to transport it around. The grinding teeth are arranged concentrically around the lid, they’re nice and sharp, but not so sharp that they’ll cut you or anything. Keep in mind that since these are stainless steel they are super strong and even the tiny little ones are never going to break or bend on you.

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The next layer down is your grinding plate, it has an opposing set of teeth that work with the lid layer to deliver a perfect grind. This layer is a medium/fine plate which is ideal for vaping, but a coarse plate is available as a separate purchase in case you like a very coarse grind. Around the outside circumference of this layer there’s a very small black strip which prevents any metal from rubbing together.

Moving downwards we get to the herb catchment layer, twisting the grinder will open it to allow access to your nicely ground flower, this area is nice and large so it can hold a good amount. This layer is attached using firehose threading, meaning it will open with a quick counterclockwise turn instead of the multiple rotations that many grinders require. I've put some good miles on mine and the threading hasn't started to get gummed up yet, though it's probably something that you'll want to clean every now and then to maintain proper function.

This layer also houses the stainless steel agitating ball, use of this is optional, but I like to use mine. It helps encourage kief to move down into the bottom layer. If your herb is super sticky or just kind of stuck together, give it a good shake and the ball will agitate it, making it easier to work with, while also herding your kief down.

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The bottom of the herb catchment layer is where you’ll find the interchangeable sifting screen that allows only kief to fall through. An extra screen is included, so you can swap it out if it gets dirty or if you just want a completely fresh one. On the underside of this layer is an o-ring which holds the screen in place, to remove the screen simply remove this o-ring.

The final layer, which has that same fire hose threading, is for catching the kief, it will hold a ton of kief and it does a good job of collecting it. I love adding a kief topper to my bowl to really kick it up to the next level. This layer also contains a custom guitar pic which is helpful for scraping the kief out and it does a good job of getting right into the corners.


Mini, Normal, and Big Dog!

There is a huge amount of difference between the three models. The 1.5” Mini model is awesome if you are looking for a powerful but portable grinder. It’s not going to grind up a ton of flower at one time, but even though it's tiny it's actually very functional. It also has a good amount of heft to it, for a travel set up this is a super high-quality, low profile choice.

The 2” Classic model is what I’d call a normal size grinder, probably fairly similar to what you are used to. I think it’s a good choice for most people, it's not huge so it's still fairly portable, but it's big enough that this can be your daily driver without feeling like you're having to grind every couple of bowls.

The 2.5” XL is the big dog, and not only is this thing XL in size, it’s also XL in weight. If you do a lot of vaping or if you just like to grind a whole bunch at once, this would be the one to consider. It has a ton of grinding teeth, so it will effortlessly plough through your flower.

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Cuts through the stickiest buds with ease

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When you have a grinder with short threads like the Herb Ripper has, you should be careful with back and forth grinding motions, if you're not careful you can accidentally open it and make a huge mess. I turn it clockwise only to avoid that risk, and give it a good tap after I’m done to help the herb move down into the catchment layer below.

I haven’t cleaned my Herb Ripper yet and it's still working like brand new, there’s a little bit of buildup forming and I'm not sure how that will affect the function in the long term. It seems unlikely that it’ll have any effect, those stainless steel teeth cut through the stickiest buds with ease, even when it’s full to capacity. I've been getting a very nice and consistent grind overall.


Stainless steel is a very safe metal

One of the things I like about this grinder is that there is no anodizing, it’s just raw stainless steel. Every aluminum grinder I've ever seen is anodized because you don't want raw aluminum touching your flower. Some people have raised concerns about anodizing wearing off over time, but I've never seen that happen, even on my most heavily used grinders. Either way, I really like that this is just pure raw stainless steel, it's a very safe metal to be used for anything related to human consumption.

Another thing I like is that the stainless steel construction means you can just disassemble it and put it in your dishwasher when it’s dirty. If it's extremely built up I would advise giving it a good clean with iso alcohol beforehand, but being stainless steel instead of aluminum just allows different options and that’s super handy.

Finally, I like the Storage Lids which are available for the Classic and XL models. With one of these you can do all of your grinding, remove the grinding layers, and replace them with the storage lid. You now have a pure stainless steel herb container. The Storage Lid even has an o-ring to help keep the odor inside, in addition to the o-ring on the bottom layer which also helps with that. Another thing that is cool is that you can use the Storage Lid on either the flower storage section, or you can put it directly onto the kief storage section for an ultra low profile herb storage solution.

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It'll last forever

Overall I'm really impressed with the Herb Ripper. As soon as you touch this thing you'll be pleasantly surprised by the reassuring weight, it doesn't feel like a toy, it feels like a tool. Because the teeth are sharp stainless steel it has ground whatever flower I've put in there with ease, but do be careful if using a back-and-forth grinding action, I've accidentally opened mine and the mess was not fun to clean up.

The three different models mean that whatever your needs are there's an option that will fulfill them, whether you want an ultra portable travel kit, a massive version for heavy duty use, or something in between. I also like that you can use them as a three-piece grinder if you want, but I would definitely consider adding a Storage Lid if you do a lot of vaping outside of the house. If you're looking for a super high-quality, buy it once and have it forever, kind of grinder I think you'll be really happy with this one.

Check out VapeNorth.ca or SneakyPeteStore.com to buy the Herb Ripper, the Storage Lid, or any other accessories you may need, and be sure to visit our review section where you can find all of our product reviews.

Thanks so much for reading and watching guys, I really appreciate it.


Herb Ripper Stainless Steel Grinder

Herb Ripper Stainless Steel Grinder
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