Herb Ripper Grinder Review (2023 Update) The Herb Ripper is a robust, non-anodized, high end grinder made from 100% stainless steel.


The Herb Ripper: Heavy Duty Grinder for Heavy Duty Vapists

The Herb Ripper is a stainless-steel grinder built to last a lifetime and then some. As soon as you get this impressive piece in your hand, you can tell this is a heavy-duty unit; it feels completely different than an aluminum grinder and unlike an aluminum grinder that needs anodization, this is a raw stainless-steel grinder and stainless steel doesn’t need to be anodized. Anodization can have issues, it is always a concern that it chips off but with a stainless-steel grinder, you don't need to worry about that at all. You can even clean the Herb Ripper in a dishwasher if you want; we still prefer would go with the classic ISO rinse, but it's a nice option to have with something that's a higher quality product like this accessory.

Teeth That Impress Jaws

The Herb Ripper comes in two sizes: the classic version that’s 2” across and the XL version measuring 2.5” across; not really a tremendous difference on paper, but in the hand, the XL is substantially larger. First, we opened up the XL and the teeth glean with intent. These teeth are very sharp and made from the same stainless-steel as the rest of the body, so they are not going to bend or break, these are going to be sharp and straight for the long term. The machining on the teeth is just fantastic, you really need to see it in hand.

A Magnetic Connection

When we look at the top and the bottom of the casing, you're going to notice a magnet. This is a stout magnet; you get 9.2 lbs of pulling force so it’s going to stay together tightly. If we put in the effort, we can shake it loose, but in general it's a very tight fit. As a point of reference, this is a heavy grinder, but the magnet definitely has the device securing soundly with no issues.

On the exterior of the grinder, you’ll notice that it has a beautiful matte finish that’s been applied by hand. The previous model of the Herb Grinder has a shiny finish, but that's going to pick up a lot more scratches, scuffs, and fingerprints whereas a matte finish will always look better for the long term. When you open up the Herb Ripper, you’ll notice it won’t take many turns to loosen the connection. They call this connection a “fire hose” style thread, meaning it only needs a couple of rotations to go from opened to closed.

Upgraded From the Previous Ripper

Along with that matte exterior, there are a couple other changes to the 2023 model of the Herb Ripper that we like, overall. It's a more compact unit for a four-piece grinder while at the same time, it has a larger basin, the part that holds your flower. So, it's a smaller grinder than their last but you can put more flower in it and it's a little bit easier to work with, especially if you're somebody that likes to grind up a larger amount of material at a time.

As this is a four-piece grinder, it has a kief catching layer. That means that when you do your grinding, your flower is going to fall into the upper receptacle and then your kief is going to go to settle to the bottom. Now that your kief is separate, sprinkle some of it on a bowl to juice up your hits if you want.

One thing that we really like about what they've done to this new unit, the kief catcher can essentially be removed and the Ripper operates as a three piece with no further adjustment needed. If you're not the kind of person that wants to separate any of your kief from your flower, and you want to do it in the four-piece Ripper, just remove the kief catching compartment, and use it like you normally would; it still has the same height, and the same profile, it just doesn't have the kief catching layer installed.

Accessories You’ll Use

The Herb Ripper includes two accessories. First, there’s a kief scraping instrument that resembles a guitar pick. If you want to collect your kief, just take this tool, go ahead, and scrape your kief out of the catching layer, this tool is going to work great for that purpose. The second accessory is a stainless-steel agitator ball. If you are purposely trying to remove kief from your flower, place that little stainless-steel ball in the flower catching layer; you can't really see it in there, but you can hear it rattle. The ball will gently agitate your flower and just encourage a little bit more kief to fall off and into the bottom layer of the Ripper. Basically, if you're not specifically trying to collect more kief, you're going to want to remove the steel ball.

Choose From Classic or XL Size

When you buy the new Herb Ripper, either the Classic or the XL size, they're both going to come with a medium grinding plate and that gauge of plate is going to be suitable for almost all circumstances. If you're one of those people that prefers a fine grind or if a fine grind is going to work better in your particular device, they also do offer a fine grind plate and that's going to work in the exact same way as the medium. Just replace the medium plate with the fine plate, screw it into place the same way, and now you have a fine grinder.

That's the new updated for 2023 Herb Ripper Grinder in a nutshell. This device is a super high-quality stainless-steel grinder. These bad boys are heavy, they really have some substantial weight in your hands and if you want something that is an elite product compared to its alternatives, we would definitely consider a stainless-steel grinder. There’s nothing wrong with aluminum grinders but ensure that if you do get an aluminum one, get a very high-end one that has very good anodizing on it; don't use those cheap grinders. At the end of the day, we would rather have something made out of stainless steel than anodized aluminum, so if you're looking for a high-end grinder that's going to last maybe longer than you, definitely check out this new, updated Herb Ripper.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky; we'll see you next time.

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