How To Make Bubble Hash

This year Canadians gained the right to grow our own cannabis legally. I ended up with a lot more than I expected, so over the weekend we went out to Vancouver Island to make some ice water bubble hash from our excess cannabis harvest. When we got out to the farm, it turned out everything was still untrimmed. We cleaned it up that evening, froze it overnight, got chased by a giant Pterodactyl the next morning (true story, my dog Bruce saved us), and then started the process with a Bubble Bag Dude kit from Amazon and a ton of ice.

This was my first attempt at making concentrates, so it was a learning experience. For the first run we gave the tub a good clean, then added ice and our cannabis (frozen overnight) to the 220-micron bag. The more you let your material agitate the more trichomes you’ll get, but we were short on time. Be sure not to overfill your tub like we accidentally did.

Basically, you cycle it by letting the material get super cold by sitting for 10-15 minutes in the ice water, then run the machine to knock the good stuff off the flower. Give everything a couple of minutes to drain to the bottom of the tub, then drain the water out into your micron bag setup. It’s a good idea to keep the material from different micron sizes separate as you remove it and use a cold spoon from the freezer to scrape off your bags. The 220-micron we didn’t keep, but in the smaller sizes we started to notice more trichomes, so these were the sizes we used for the later runs (120, 73, and 25-micron).

You strain the water through all your bags in sequence and repeat this several times to (hopefully) extract mostly trichomes with THC and the other good tasty stuff with little to no other organic matter. Our first run wasn’t great, but for the later runs we cut the cannabis up more and that seemed to help. You’ll have a good bit of downtime as your bubble hash machine runs, so be prepared with your favorite travel vaping kit. The later washes with maximum agitation gave the most yield, and we repeated this entire process with another batch of cannabis so we got everything we could out of this year’s harvest. When you’re done with a batch, give the last bag a good squeeze to get everything.

It ended up pretty green after we let it air out. I dried everything on the pressing screen, and it was extremely sticky. We tried freezing it overnight, but it was still pretty moist and stuck on. Next time I’d let it dry for longer. For our first attempt, this felt like a pretty good learning experience. It still vaped nicely and had good flavor, even though there was still a good amount of plant matter in it. I recommend trying to make your own bubble hash, it isn’t a super difficult process, and I can’t wait to try it again now that I better understand how it works.

Keep it green, Keep it sneaky.