How To Use Boost Mode On Puffco Proxy Using Boost Mode on your Proxy will increase the session duration and temperature, resulting in a way bigger hit.


Make Your Proxy More Powerful With Boost Mode

The Puffco Proxy has 4 temperatures that you can select from. This ranges from the lowest temperature - blue, to the highest temperature - white. But what if the highest temperature just isn't high enough for you? Or, if you have a larger than average dab you're going to do? Well, luckily there's an easy fix for this called Boost Mode.

Double Click After Heated To Engage Boost Mode

First, you're going to select what temperature you want. And if you're going to use Boost Mode, it makes the most sense to use it at white, which is the highest temperature. You can use Boost Mode on any temperature, but if you're going to boost it on green, you might as well just use it at red instead. Just double click the button anytime after the device is at temperature to engage Boost Mode. And if you want to get really fancy, you can triple click it to engage the disco light or Party Mode. With Party Mode rather than a single colour pulsing LED, you get this multicoloured ring of LEDs that I think looks much cooler.

Increased Hit Duration And Temperature

Boost Mode has two primary ways that it's going to give you a bigger hit. The first thing it's going to do is increase the session's duration. This is why you might not want to use Boost Mode right after you start your heat cycle, but instead give it a little bit of time and then increase the duration of your session after you've already had a decent hit. It also increases the temperature of your session no matter what temperature you're using it at. They say don't use Boost Mode more than 4 times in a row or it can damage your atomizer. Boost Mode gives a way bigger hit, so much so that there's actually one more mode I want to show you, and that's called Tap Out Mode. If you’ve had enough, just hold the button and it will end the heat cycle if Boost Mode was a little more than you bargained for.

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