How To Water Cure ABV For Better Edibles Water Curing your ABV before cooking will greatly improve the taste of your edibles.


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➡️ When you are done vaping a bowl, that leftover ABV will still have active material in it, which is perfect for making edibles. However the AVB will have a strong, unpleasant plant flavour, that you want to reduce as much as possible before you prepare your recipe. Water curing is simple, and will make your ABV / AVB have a less intense flavour when making edibles.

➡️ All you need to Water Cure your ABV is some AVB, a container, and some cheesecloth. It can be done in a day or two, and will make your cannabutter, cookies and brownies taste so much better, without reducing the strength they possess. Learn how to easily Water Cure your ABV in this step-by-step visual guide. 

What’s your favourite ABV / AVB recipe? Let me know in the comments section!

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