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Today, I want to go over induction heaters. The Dynavap is definitely a go to vape of mine, and using an induction heater has completely changed the experience of using it for me, in a very positive way. I'm going to go over the basics of induction heating, review a few different models, and then describe a demo so you can see how they work.

What is an induction heater for?

An induction heater is an alternative way to heat up your Dynavap rather than using a torch. They come in a number of different models with different features, but they are all going to accomplish that same goal of heating up either a stainless steel or a titanium tip.

How do they work?

Here’s the definition of induction heating from an engineer that worked on the DynaTec:

“Inside of the DynaTec induction heater is a circuit that sends high frequency AC energy to a coil. This creates an intense AC electromagnetic field inside of that coil. This magnetic field then couples to the ferrous tip of your Dynavap pen producing something called 'Eddy currents', which cause the pen to heat through a process called 'ohmic (or Joule) heating'.”

Good to know a little science behind how they work, but in terms of actually using one, it really couldn’t be easier. You are simply going to fill your Dynavap, put your cap on, and press the Dynavap down until you feel the click of the heater to let you know it’s engaged.  You usually have an LED that will come on or change colour to let you know it's ready, and then wait for the click, and inhale.

Overview of different models

I have 3 different models I’ll describe here, and they are all pretty similar in how they work but I want to discuss the range of products available. The first induction heater is the first one that I ever got.  It's called the Apollo. I don’t think they make this one anymore, but it features a very raw industrial kind of look and it has a really small footprint. The Apollo plugs into the wall via a rather large power supply.  It has a switch on top, a magnet to hold your Dynavap, and the LED changes colour when you press it down. Next up is the Portside Mini. Much as getting my first induction heater was a game changer, well, getting my first PORTABLE induction heater changed the game yet again.  The freedom of being able to use an induction heater untethered to power was amazing. The Portside Mini charges through a cable, and then gets you a ton of hits before needing to recharge.  I’d estimate I got at least 40 or more per charge. It has a switch on top, but you can keep it on all of the time and it won’t drain any battery by keeping it on.  The Portside Mini has a magnet up top to hold your Dynavap, and then it has an LED that comes on when you engage it. It seems to have a slightly stronger heater; it could just be my perception but this one seems to heat the oven up a little more by the time it clicks. And last but not least, there's the new DynaTec Apollo 2.  It just came out and it’s the one I have set up on my desk at home. It plugs into the wall, has a switch on the back to turn it on and off, a magnet up top, and it has a green led that changes to red when you engage it.

3 Benefits compared to a torch

First, you get the exact same hit every time.  As opposed to using a torch, you remove the personal mechanics of how you heat and hold it, and the variability of the torch itself, double vs single for example.  The  induction heater heats it up the exact same way every time.

Second, it eliminates the learning curve from your Dynavap.  If you can fill your Dynavap and put the cap on - as long as you take it out when it clicks - you’re going to get a good hit every time.

Third, as the induction heater doesn’t get that first hit of the bowl as hot with a torch if you stop at the click, you get way better flavour from your dynavap.  Gone is that roasted flavour;  the flavour is way more terp heavy.

3 Ways a torch has it beat

Hit to hit, a torch will give you a thicker hit.  You can push your induction heater to get those same effects, but the flame will drive a bigger hit off the bowl.

Torch is way more portable.  The  Portside isn’t exactly huge but compared to how many hits I can get from this full lighter, the fuel potential compared to the size of a lighter is tough to beat.

And with a torch, no need to do multiple hits.  With a torch heating low on the tip, you can still stop at the click and get a massive milky rip.  With an induction heater, you need to go past the click to match those milky hits so you are adding in some variability to a otherwise dialed-in system.

If you'd like to see these induction heaters in action, watch the video review.

 Overall an induction heater gives you a super consistent and more flavourful experience with your Dynavap. It eliminates any of the guesswork, but you can still get the lighter, or the much thicker, hits if you desire It makes your Dynavap a more refined system.  Some people get spooked when others start busting out torches, as it just can have a certain connotation, but this is not going to get those same looks. If you like your Dynavap, I can’t imagine not seeing one of these as an upgrade to your system.  For  me I will only really use a torch in my personal vaping when it makes sense from a physical size perspective.  Otherwise I have switched over, and will continue to use, an induction heater.  

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