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Kandypens DONUTS Vape Pen | Extended Review & User Guide | Sneaky Pete's Vaporizer Reviews from Sneaky Pete


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The Kandypens DONUTS vape pen utilizes a different sort of atomizer; rather than using a traditional coil to heat the material, it uses a ceramic disc that heats the entire bottom of the chamber.  This new design has some definite pros, but what are the cons?  Is it a better alternative than your traditional vape pen?  Join me as we answer this and much more!


0:19 Components Of Kit

1:14 Before First Use

2:26 Variable Temperature

2:42 Flexibility 

2:49 Atomizer Overview

3:28 How To Use

4:20 Toke Shots

5:40 Cleaning The Unit

6:05 Stove Cleaning Method 


6:44 Battery Life 

7:09 Heat Up Time

7:29 Atomizer Review

10:27 Taste

11:17 Size Of Toke

11:42 Harshness

11:59 Smell

12:17 Ruggedness 

12:38 Efficiency 

13:13 Effects

13:38 Favourite Things

14:52 Gripes

16:32 Final Thoughts

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