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    The DynaCoil is a new add-on accessory for your titanium or stainless-steel tip that will allow you to use concentrate with your favourite DynaVap.  It’s a super simple device, made from one continuous piece of precision-engineered titanium.  While it seems very basic, like anything DynaVap does, it’s actually far more intricate than meets the eye.  The DynaCoil should last you forever and it’s also very affordable.


    You’ll notice a shark tooth design on the top of the DynaCoil.  The coil itself is riddled with holes, making it incredibly porous.  As your concentrate heats up, it melts and absorbs into all these holes which suck it right up even when you’re using your DynaVap vertically.  The design allows for vapour to pass through even if the coil is saturated.

    You can use the DynaCoil with any DynaVap in the lineup, which is awesome.  It’s also really easy to install.  While not mandatory, it is recommended that you remove the CCD from the tip first.  Then do a full cleaning of your device so you can experience the best flavour.  Something to be aware of, I personally remove my tip as seldom as possible.  Removing the tip seems to cause the most wear and tear on the O-rings, so I don’t do it overly often.  After you clean and dry your vape, just place the DynaCoil right into your tip with the shark tooth pattern up and the label upright and make sure it’s seated properly.

How to use

    To load your DynaCoil, place a piece of concentrate on there that’s roughly the size of a grain of rice.  You can use shatter, wax, rosin, or distillate.  Any consistency I’ve tried on here works just fine.  It’s quite versatile, which adds to the value.  I’ve certainly done a piece the size of a grain of rice, but it’s not going to fully vaporize all of that in one draw.  I aim to vaporize as much as possible in that one first draw.  In general, I’ve been reloading mine every time.  It’s such a small amount and the flavour is so good.  I want that nice fresh flavour every time, so I don’t mind reloading it.  DynaVap says you can get 2-6 draws per load.  I definitely didn’t find that I’d get six unless you really loaded a lot in there.  You can get two hits per load or at the very least three hits every two loads without getting any sort of reclaim flavour.

    After you’re DynaCoil is loaded up, put your cap on and heat the tip until it clicks, as is tradition.  For dry hits, I heat closer to the end of the cap so I can get a lower temperature and really enjoy the flavour.  For hits through a water piece, I heat it lower on the cap and go a second past the click to get it even hotter.

    When I showed this on my Instagram profile I got a lot of questions saying “doesn’t the oil just run down into your mouth?"  I can tell you that no, in fact, it does not run down into your mouth.  I can only see that happening if you overloaded it to a comical degree or put some liquids in it.

    I did a total of 25 hits through a freshly cleaned unit.  Except for that single dry hit in this video, every other hit was done vertically in a water piece to test if it would run down the condenser.  To push the test, I added a half-grain size dab to it for every hit and did not do any second hits.  So, after all those hits, you can see down through the condenser and notice it’s almost totally clean.  No dripping, no close calls, just some mild buildup that is totally normal with regular DynaVap use.  For me, this is a non-issue and something you don’t need to worry about.

    Cleaning the DynaCoil is very easy.  You can either pop out the coil and clean it in isopropyl alcohol or you can do what I do and just clean the whole DynaVap in iso, coil and all, then rinse well and dry in front of a fan.  This takes seconds and it gets things very clean no matter which method I’ve tried.

Vapour Quality (Taste, Smoothness, Size, Effects)

    The DynaCoil heats up like a standard DynaVap, meaning that the coil is heating up indirectly as it absorbs heat through the cap and tip itself.  By the time the cap has clicked the oil is fully heated and ready to vape.  However, it does not reach those super high temperatures that can lead to nasty flavours or cause the oil to combust instead of vaporize.  With this heating method, the vapour that you’re getting from it is very impressive.  The DynaCoil adds an entirely new element to the DynaVap experience.

    The taste is fantastic, it’s like having a lower-temp dab and you can definitely get terp tongue from this one.  Even after 20+ hits without cleaning, you’re still getting pure and intense flavour that doesn’t taste dirty at all.  The hits are super smooth even at higher temperatures.  They are not harsh and don’t really make me cough.  Personally, though, I do prefer using the DynaCoil through water when I’m around the house. 

    The size of the hits is large, and while I don’t find that I’m blowing out massive super-dense clouds, it doesn’t leave me wanting either.  The clouds are totally satisfying, and it’s been pretty rare that I go back for round-two right away.  If you want those huge hits, just heat it down low on the cap and go a second or two over the click.  The effects from the DynaCoil can be very strong as well.


    The DynaCoil will be for sale for only $25US.  We don’t have them available just yet, but you can follow the link below to find the product listing on either or  Then just sign up for the email alert and the moment we get them in stock you will receive a link to purchase your very own.

Overall Thoughts

    For $25, you can turn any existing DynaVap into a fully functional concentrate vaporizer.  It’s such a clever way to approach concentrate use in a DynaVap, using a metal like titanium with all of the tiny holes to absorb and vaporize your concentrate.  Compared to using something like hemp fibre, this is far more clean and appealing to me.  The vapour is amazingly tasty and smooth.  So again, at just $25 this is a highly recommended accessory for any DynaVap owner that uses concentrates. 

    Go to and and sign up for an email notification when we get the DynaCoil in stock, so you can snag one before they sell out!  Also, look at the review tab on both sites, we’re adding written reviews to accompany our videos and help you become an even more informed vape enthusiast.

Thanks for watching and reading my reviews everyone, I really appreciate it!

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