Top 5 DynaVap Products & Accessories

Hey guys, it’s Sneaky Pete here, and today I want to talk about one of my favorite vaporizer manufacturers - DynaVap. I’ve been a huge DynaVap fan since the very first time I used one, and they’re still some of the most used devices in my collection.

One awesome thing about DynaVap is that a third-party community has sprung up around it, making accessories like induction heaters, functional and beautiful stems, as well as a ton of glass water pipes designed to work with the system.

Today I want to focus on first and third-party DynaVap products and accessories, discussing my top five.

DynaVap VonG

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First, let’s start with my favorite DynaVap vaporizer. There are quite a few to choose from, as they have been making various models for a number of years now. They all have their own advantages, and everyone’s going to have their personal favorite, but my favorite DynaVap is definitely the new 2021 VonG.

The VonG is a standard length DynaVap, so it’s about the same length as a DynaVap M, but a lot thicker. Starting at the tip, the new 2021 VonG comes with DynaVap's Captive Cap, which has two indentations which keep it held in place. The captive cap was a small but welcome addition, as even if your cap is loose, it’s going to do a better job of staying on the tip. If you ever find yourself with a loose DynaVap cap it’s really easy to fix. I’ve seen some super loose caps throughout the years, but I have never seen one that I wasn’t able to easily modify to get the proper fit. Just hold it with your thumb on the digger side and your forefinger on the opposite side, then do a gentle pinch and roll until you have the right fit.

The VonG has a brand new titanium tip, designed with thicker fins which do a better job of retaining heat. Because it’s designed to be used through a water pipe, vapour cooling isn’t as much of a priority as heat retention. The titanium VonG tip features the adjust-a-bowl as well, meaning that you don’t have to use the full bowl capacity, you can just place your CCD at the halfway position to utilize the half bowl option.

The body itself is a huge improvement over previous models. Made from titanium with a rotating wooden sleeve around it and titanium crown designs at both ends, not only does it look super cool, but the lower crown helps to prevent your VonG from getting stuck in the joint of your water pipe. The rotating wooden sleeve adjusts the airport of the VonG allowing you the options of having it completely covered if you want no additional airflow, having it completely open for maximum airflow and using it with your finger as a manual carb, or anywhere in between. The nice thing is that the sleeve will stay in place, so once you set it to your favorite position, that’s where it’s going to stay. I recommend trying to find the best spot where you don’t need to use your hands to cover the airport, allowing for hand free use.

Finally, when we get to the mouthpiece at the bottom of the device, it’s designed to work in 10mm and 14mm female water pipes without needing an adapter, which is awesome. But keep in mind you can absolutely use the VonG dry, and the 10mm size feels natural in your mouth, not like you’re sucking on a water pipe adapter.

The DynaVap VonG comes in at a great price point when you compare it to the rest of their lineup, because it works so well in a variety of water pipes it’s an easy choice and is the one that I use the most by a wide margin.

Sneaky Pete Half-Bowl Converter

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The Sneaky Pete Half-Bowl Converter is my most used DynaVap accessory, I use it in literally every DynaVap bowl I consume, every single DynaVap tip that I use has one of these Half-Bowl Converters in it permanently.

I used DynaVap vaporizers for years before I even tried the half bowl position. I always figured that because the bowl was so small, going smaller was absolutely insane, so I just disregarded it. It wasn’t really until George Breiwa, the founder of DynaVap, implored me to give it a try. Once I really gave it a chance it quickly became my favorite way to use a DynaVap.

Regardless of whether I’m doing a full or half bowl, I only take two or three hits per bowl before I change it out to refresh the flavor and get better effects. If I can take these two or three hits while only using half of the material, that’s definitely going to be my preferred option. My only problem was that I found the half bowl position difficult to achieve with the CCD. I don’t have the steadiest hands, I struggled to consistently get the CCD locked in place, I found it was usually half in place and then came out while I was debowling. This issue was the inspiration for my creation - the Sneaky Pete Half-Bowl Converter. I worked with DynaVap to manufacture these so that they are up to their exact specifications and high quality standards. I have to say it works even better than I imagined.

With the Half-Bowl Converter it is dead simple to achieve the half bowl position. Simply remove the CCD from any DynaVap tip that has adjust-a-bowl (which is the majority of them), drop the Half-Bowl Converter in place, and then your CCD is going to snap directly into that slot, so it is completely locked in place and not going anywhere. Even if your CCD is a little bent or imperfect it will work, you need to have a super messed up CCD for it to not work when you have a Half-Bowl Converter in place. It’s also just as easy to get the Converter out, simply put your condenser into the bottom of your tip, and just press down to pop your CCD out, the Converter will fall out with it. You’ll also notice that your CCD maintains its integrity better when you remove it this way, if you just poke your condenser into a CCD sometimes you end up screwing up the legs.

The second benefit of the Half-Bowl Converter wasn’t even something I originally intended, adding the titanium ring into the tip adds thermal mass. Some people prefer certain DynaVap tips as they are heavier than others and are able to retain more heat, this operates under that exact same principle. You’ll notice if you heat your tip really low on the cap with a torch lighter, the Half-Bowl Converter will absorb heat, and that extra retained heat will be directly under the flower, which is a very welcome additional benefit.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m totally biased towards these, but honestly this is the only way I use my DynaVap‘s now, as I prefer the half bowl method which leads to way more fresh bowls, the added thermal mass in the tip really helps to charge it up, and I think I get my best hits when I have one in the tip.

Blazer Pocket Micro Torch

I use a butane torch as my main heating method for DynaVap's. I like how quickly torches heat them up, and you can get a thick milky rip easily by focusing the flame on the bottom of the cap. It’s also easier to get bigger hits with a completely green or fresh bowl which still has some humidity in it, because a torch puts out so much heat, and it puts it out quickly. My preference is a single flame torch, I find a triple flame especially just heats the cap too quickly, so it works more like an induction heater in terms of more heating cycles or going past the click. I find with a single flame torch that it’s best to stop very soon after the click, and I find I get the best overall hits using one.

My most used torch is the Blazer Pocket Micro Torch, the model is PB 207. I really like the overall look of it, there’s a cool industrial vibe to it, and I also love the partially visible fuel tank. With lighters where you can’t see the fuel level, you’re always either guessing if you have enough gas or you’re just constantly filling it. This little tubular body holds a ton of fuel and I don’t have to refill it too often at all.

Blazer torches are made in Japan, people often associate things made in Japan with being of a higher quality, and I really feel like that’s accurate with this torch. It has a jet cover attached to a chain which very securely covers the flame jet to protect it from moisture or any debris. When you take the cap off, you’ll see the single flame output as well as the igniter, and then moving down you will see the red flame lock switch to keep your flame on without needing to hold down the trigger. This lighter has a super hot and powerful flame, even on the lowest setting. Low is the only setting I use it on, I find it perfectly suitable for heating a DynaVap, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a Sticky Brick, as you're almost guaranteed to burn your load.

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There’s an added safety lock on this new model, which I initially wasn’t a fan of, but after using it for quite a while it really isn’t that bad, and I can even use it with gloves on. Simply press your thumb forward to kick the safety back, press down the switch, lock the flame on and use it to heat up your DynaVap. I point the flame right at the bottom of my cap to heat soak the Half-Bowl Converter as much as possible, then the heat radiates upwards to make it click. I find I get my best possible hits when I use it like this, still tasty, but nice and thick.

When I bought the Blazer Pocket Micro Torch it didn’t include a stand, so I had to find one elsewhere (I now sell them, here). I couldn’t imagine owning this lighter and not having one, it makes it infinitely more functional and I am astounded that one wasn’t included. If you have any difficulties with your hands you might appreciate the fact that you can turn this torch on, hit the flame lock, and then sit it on the table while using two hands to turn your DynaVap.

Ispire Wand Induction Heater

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As much as I enjoy using a torch, sometimes it is not the right tool for the situation, so I often like to pull out an induction heater instead. Torches are a great heat source when you are out and about, but using an induction heater can be a nice, relaxing, and automated sort of experience. If you struggle with a torch while using your DynaVap, an induction heater is an excellent alternative, as it really changes how you use the device.

The Ispire Wand is a great induction heater in general, but the main reason that I like it is because it includes induction concentrate bangers so it's a true dual use system. My opinion of these is that if you are a casual dabber, I think you'll be really satisfied with the system. If you are a hard-core torch and banger guy, you will probably find it a little bit light.

As a DynaVap induction heater it is cool because you have the option of using it a little bit differently than other DynaVap induction heaters. With the DynaVap Orion for example, it has a small opening with limited depth to insert the DynaVap tip, whereas the Wand has a wide open hole that extends through to the other side. With the Wand if you push your DynaVap deeper to heat it more on the lower part of the cap instead of the tip, you will end up getting way bigger hits, similar to how if you do that with a regular torch. Since the hole is so big, if you just hold your DynaVap in the middle the heater usually won't engage, so you have to hold it closer to the side and line the tip up with the glass lip.

The Wand has a temperature adjuster on it, but it’s really only a timer. You can confirm this by doing two back to back hits with a banger, and it will take the exact same amount of time to heat up for both hits. You can use it in either automatic mode or manual mode. With manual mode you hold the button down to ready the induction heater, and when it senses a DynaVap it will engage the heating, I don't really see the point of this mode. With automatic mode all you need to do is double click the button, then you can use it without needing to hold the button down, which is easier.

An awesome feature of the Wand is the fact that it has replaceable 18650 batteries and USB-C charging, so charging is nice and fast, and you can take the batteries out if you prefer to use an external charger, or just swap in fresh ones to avoid any down time.

Some people appreciate the more manual nature of this induction heater, as you can customize your hit a lot more than other units allow. If you want a more automated experience from the Wand you can use one of our Glass DynaVap Inserts for Ispire Wand to get a similar experience to most other standard induction heaters. They’re super simple to use, put your device into auto mode, and then turn it upside down. Drop the Insert Cup inside, sit your DynaVap in it and it will heat like normal. The glass will act as an insulator, so it will take a little bit longer for your hit, which can help warm the bowl more thoroughly, and I find I get a better first hit if I stop at the click.

Simrell Modular Vortex System

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Finally, I want to talk about my favorite third-party stem, the Simrell Modular Vortex System (MVS). The MVS is the latest version of the Vortex Stem, with added modularity that allows you to completely dismantle it. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about this change, as it adds some thickness to the overall design and I was concerned about the fit between the pieces, but this thing fits together insanely well and the benefits are definitely worth the increase in size.

The MVS will work with any DynaVap tip, one of my favorites to use has been the VonG tip, because it has that additional thermal mass to power up for massive hits. Moving down the MVS, you’ll see the teardrop shaped airport just above the seam where it joins with the next piece, and look at how small that seam is. It moves completely freely, but it has such a tiny gap so it maintains the nice profile of the device. The teardrop airport may be familiar to owners of the Vortex, but new to the Modular Vortex Stem is the ability to rotate your airport to use only part of the airport or even none of it. As you rotate it you’ll notice that it has dual turbulating airports on the other side, and you can have these wide open, or to any degree that you want if you’d like to use it hands-free as I do. You should definitely experiment with both airports as they offer different experiences, especially when you’re using your finger to turn them off and on. I prefer the dual airports set to the halfway setting, I find that a perfect hands-free setting to get a nice thick hit without it being too restricted.

Finally, when we move down to the mouthpiece, not only does it have a great mouth feel, but it’s also designed to fit into a 10mm female joint. I prefer to use it with our Pipsqueak water pipe, it has a 10mm female joint and it’s the perfect size for cooling down a DynaVap hit.

The coolest part of the MVS is that when you take out the mouthpiece to reveal the adjustable condenser and the intercooler, you’ll notice that the mouthpiece assembly is actually a Simrell Stinger. So essentially when you buy the MVS you are also getting the Simrell Stinger, which you can use in a ton of different DynaVap stems. My favorite way to use the stinger is in the VonG, I just think it has a very cool look and it fits really nicely into a water pipe.

If you’re looking for a versatile, high-end third-party DynaVap stem, the Modular Vortex Stem is an excellent choice, it’s a really well-built system that allows for customization in how you use it and provides a huge amount of cooling.

Thank you so much for reading and watching, see you again next time.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky!