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Let’s start with some questions and the first one is:

Should I use an external battery chargers for 18650s?

Until I got the Tinymight I usually left my batteries in the vaporizer to charge them, but I recently started using an external charger and this is definitely the way I prefer it now.

It just feels like it’s a really safe way to do it with the built-in protections that these chargers have.  You can also see more information about your batteries as they charge, and it charges it in a slow manner to prolong the life of the battery.

These aren’t expensive so I think it is a worthwhile investment if you charge a lot of these batteries.

Why do you vape through water?

When I’m at home I vaporize through water the majority of the time. I really enjoy using water pipes in general, but there are two primary reasons I would recommend this to anyone.

The first thing it does is cools down the vapour to make it less harsh.  There’s not a lot of vapes that don’t benefit from that.

It also helps to hydrate it so it is not as dry, so you cough less. If you find your vaporizer too harsh, instead of looking to buy a new vaporizer, you should first try running it through a water piece as that can be a much cheaper solution.

What’s with the hair?

This is an easy one. I just needed a way to draw more attention to the moustache 😉

Currently Vaping:

Volcano Classic Gold Edition

The volcano classic gold edition is a 20th anniversary edition of the original volcano vaporizer, but the shell on this vaporizer is plated in 24 karat gold. I got my first volcano about 15 years ago, and it’s amazing how good of a job they did with this vaporizer as 20 years later it is still relevant.

With its shiny gold exterior it’s really tough to tell how it looks in pictures, but at home on my desktop this thing looks so awesome.  It looks classy and upscale and it has a permanent place in my set up.

As much as I like the brand new hybrid, there are some features about this classic I find myself preferring. It’s easier to use in the dark with his lighted buttons, and when you kick the air pump on it’s a little more subtle and less jarring.

Finally the chamber on this vaporizer allows you to use the chamber reducer, and I highly recommend that. You can now use dosing capsules efficiently with your volcano, and you suffer no loss in performance with them. This one is only available for a limited amount of time, so if you are into this I would recommend hopping on it


The Tinymight is a portable on demand pure convection vaporizer that is rapidly gaining in popularity. It has a number of good things going for it, but it’s real claim to fame is the insanely thick vapour that it can produce with very little warm-up time

The device is powered by a single 18650 battery that is user replaceable, and on my latest test I got 30 on demand hits from one battery charge which I’m super happy with.

This is a rare vaporizer that is easy enough to use that you don’t need a lot of experience to figure it out, but it’s powerful enough to satisfy even the most demanding vaporist. If you haven’t taken a look at this device yet I would strongly recommend you do so. I would consider it a backup worthy device


The D-bowler is made by the same people who make the Brilliant Cut Grinder, and it’s designed to remove the cap and debowl your hot DynaVap.

It has an adhesive material on the bottom that can be reused many times. This is going to limit what surfaces you can place it on, for example it is not going to work well on a tablecloth, but it will work on pretty much any smooth surface I have tried.

It does need to be stuck down if you want to use it one-handed, and it is designed to be a one-handed solution to remove and debowl your hot Dynavap.

Emptying out you your Dynavap is much easier to do when it is warm, but when the cap is hot it can be a little tough to get it off. With this D-Bowler, simply slide your Dynavap tip in there when it is hot, and then pull up in the cap stays in place.

Then take your DynaVap to one of the built-in stainless steel rods, and empty your DynaVap into the reservoir. This is a handy tool if you use the DynaVap a lot around your place.  It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it works well.

Mighty & Crafty Stainless Steel Cooling Units, Arizer UltraDry Stem, Littlefinger Adapter

Next I want to discuss a few new things we have on the site, and the first are these stainless steel cooling units for the Mighty and the Crafty+ (or Crafty).

Simply remove your cooling unit from your vaporizer, and put this stainless steel one on instead. These come with both a titanium and glass mouthpiece so you can choose whichever one you like. With the mass and characteristics of the metal versus the plastic, this is going to help absorb some of the heat from your hit to cool it down. Also of note is the vapour pathway; vapour has to maneuver through a very complex maze which is going to add further cooling.

Next is the Arizer UltraDry stem. This stem was designed to provide the most cooling possible without using a water piece. The Ultra dry stem has 10 pairs of glass cooling nipples leading up to the straight mouthpiece to cool down your vapour, but then it also has this carb hole.

The carb hole is going to allow you to easily clear the stem so it will eliminate that sort of milkshake feeling, but then you can also simply leave your finger off of the carb hole to allow more airflow into the stem. This will dramatically cool the vapour down.  The Ultra is an affordable upgrade for anyone who has an Air 2 or a Solo 2

The Littlefinger Adapter is a direct to water pipe adapter for the DynaVap - no body required. Simply place any DynaVap tip into the Littlefinger Adapter and then you can use that with a 10,14, or 18mm female water piece.

Like our Strongarm Adapter, it’s really fun to actually watch the vapour go through the Littlefinger, but one thing that we've added to this model is these rings around the exterior.

With these rings, you can set the tip down directly on the table when it is hot, and it’s never going to come in contact with the table. If you haven’t tried something like this and you already have a DynaVap, you definitely should as it’s an affordable upgrade, and the DynaVap rips through water

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    Mostly a vapcapper but I’ll definitely be adding the ultradry stem to my list for my next purchase.

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