VENTY Adjustable Airflow Comparison Here's a demonstration of how the adjustable airflow affects the vapour output of the VENTY by Storz & Bickel.


Storz & Bickel’s Best Portable Yet

The new VENTY from Storz & Bickel has a number of exciting new features and one of the most impressive is the adjustable airflow. Now, you can adjust the air flow using this stepless dial on the cooling unit. There are notches on the dial for setting one, two, and three, though, and this represents low medium and high air flow but because it's a stepless dial, you can even go anywhere in between the assigned steps if you prefer.

Three Test Sessions and Their Results

What we’re look to compare is how your airflow choice affects your session, so we did three separate sessions, all with a completely fresh bowl at 390° on one on each of the different air flow settings to demonstrate how your air flow setting is going to impact your vaporizing experience.

The first session had the air flow dial set to number one, also known as the low air flow position. If you already own a CRAFTY+ or a MIGHTY+ you're probably going to find that the low air flow setting is the most akin to those devices. We were expecting the low air flow to be the harshest by far because that’s what we usually find in vaporizers that have adjustable air flow. Typically, you're just adding fresh air to the mix, and the result is undiluted vapour at low air flow compared to a very diluted vapour at high air flow, but we’re not really experiencing that on the VENTY. The density in your clouds is equal on all three settings, but it definitely has less air flow on setting one, as you would expect. For us, this is probably not enough air flow; we can't really see an advantage of using it at this low level of air flow, but it has the option if it is your preference.

The next session we enjoyed had the air flow dial set to two or the medium position. According to Storz & Bickel, air flow setting two is the most comparable to a CRAFTY+ or MIGHTY+. When we tested them side by side, that wasn’t our result, but they posted it on their Instagram, so we guess they definitely believe that. Number two is truly the medium setting. It has substantially more air flow in our opinion than either the CRAFTY+ or the MIGHTY+ but it's not completely wide open as it is on setting three. We’d lean towards number two as our favourite setting overall, we tend to go slightly between two and three, but even with that additional air flow you're not seeing a reduction in vapour. Also keep in mind that because setting two has more flow than setting one, we’re pulling on it a little bit harder naturally, but that new heater just kicks it into gear to keep giving you that vapour.

The third session had the air flow set to three or the wide-open position. Setting three has incredibly high air flow, we refer to it as wide open as it almost feels like there's no draw resistance whatsoever. At this setting we would expect that it's going to have so much fresh air you're not going to be blowing out any substantial vapour, but it's not like that at all. It's truly remarkable how different the device feels going from using setting one compared to setting three, but you really don't see much of a difference between the vapour outputs. We found on setting three that the coughing is minimal, but if there was coughing, it's because you're inhaling so deeply in your lungs because it's more akin to hitting something like a volcano; it's just so smooth and so cool.

Consistent Vapour Density Across All Levels

When you compare all three experiences side by side, you can really see the difference that the air flow has on the session. For the video, we actually took all of these settings and matched up each of the exhales, so you're seeing the matched exhale of the first, second, third setting of each bowl at the different airflow settings. Coming into this trial, we assumed that you were going to have a thick medium and thin vapour but when you really see the comparison, if you weren’t previously aware which one was low, which was medium, and which was high, would you really be able to tell? Truthfully, we don't think you can tell using only visual cues very easily which cloud belonged to which setting because of the impressive capabilities and the technology that adapts how the heater functions in real time.

Tuned to The User Experience

It's really cool how the adjustable air flow really works based on your draw preference and not the result that you want to get. Being able to choose your air flow based on what feels the most comfortable for you to draw when you're using the device rather than setting it based on the kind of session you're after thick versus thin just makes more sense. You're going to have more control over the intensity of your clouds by experimenting with the temperature rather than the air flow setting itself.Regardless of how you have your air flow set, you get a very similar result and that's because of the newly redesigned heater with 130w of power and because of the flow meter, you can inhale hard and experience the heater kick it up a notch to keep up and provide that tasty vapour with wide open air flow instead of being restricted to using low air flow if you want a nice satisfying session as is the case with most vaporizers. Just set the air flow to whatever is the most comfortable for you and that new heater and the software in the VENTY are going to work really hard to give you that same experience regardless of how you have your air flow set or even how hard you inhale.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky; we'll see you next time.

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