What Is A Dry Herb Catcher? A useful accessory for anyone who vapes through water.


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Dry Herb Catchers are the must-have accessory that you never knew you needed. When using a water piece, as you inhale through a vaporizer, small bits of flower will inevitably pass through the adapter and enter into your water piece, which can make a mess. A Dry Herb Catcher sits on the intake joint of your water piece, and acts as first stage filtration to prevent the majority of that flower from entering into your water piece, keeping it way cleaner for much longer. As they are made from glass and hold no water themselves, they will not reduce the flavour or strength of that delicious vapour.

A Dry Herb Catcher can come in different shapes and styles, all having their own unique advantages. You can select from the Barrel, High Airflow, or the Mr. Twister version of Dry Herb Catcher, depending on your preferences. All of our Dry Herb Catchers feature a 14mm female input joint and a 14mm male output joint.

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Dry Herb Catcher

Dry Herb Catcher - Barrel - inserted into water piece.
$21.97 USD
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