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Sneaky Pete Says:

The Dynastash is the perfect complement to any of the DynaVap vaporizers.  It serves a number of purposes and it's available in a number of different attractive wood options. First, it has a large reserve to hold a generous amount of ground material. This makes it super easy to load your DynaVap, simply press into the material, twist and you're ready to go.  It also features another compartment to store your DynaVap, so you have everything you need (except the heat source) in one place. Finally, each Dynastash features a strong magnet that can be used to store your Dynavap when not in use, as well as to help cool it down between hits. The Dynastash is a perfect accessory for all DynaVap owners.

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Key Features:

  • each Dynastash is handmade in the USA
  • each individual Dynastash has its own unique grain pattern, no two are alike
  • holds any Dynavap model in style and security (won't fit XL models or the Fat Mouthpiece)
  • magnet is a super useful tool to store your DynaVap between hits, even while it is hot
  • large storage portion will hold a generous amount of ground material to keep you going for many bowls
  • this accessory truly completes the 'modern-day dugout' nature of the DynaVap series
  • the Dynastash is offered in a variety of beautiful wood choices
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    DynaVap - Dynastashes

    Very nice well made, quality wooden stash. Great size, I put some food grade mineral oil on outside a couple coats. The wood is gorgeous. Thanks

    United States United States

    Old school toker loves this item

    A very nice addition to my DynaVap. I am an old “dugout” guy and this brings the old to the new. To me, it’s the best of both worlds.

    United States United States

    Dynavap M

    Hello, Thank you for the quick service. I received my Dynavap M within a couple days of ordering. I am very pleased with the Dynavap. It works great! I could not be more pleased with your service and communication. I also watched your you tube videos. Thank you for such in depth and enlightening information on your products and the use of them. I am looking forward to placing orders in the future. Thank You, Teresa

    Teresa F.

    Great Stash

    I have to say, the main reason I grabbed this product is because of the magnet; it really helps when you have a red-hot Dynavap and need a place to put it down. It also seems to cool off very quickly when on the magnet. The stash itself is nice and deep, and does a great job as a dugout for the Dynavap. It does also conceal the smell pretty nicely too if you've got some stinky bud. Worth mentioning, I received this SO INCREDIBLY FAST from these guys. I saw it listed for the same price on a number of sites, but Sneaky Pete has not let me down yet!

    James C.
    United States


    First things first. I have NEVER ever written a review. Period. In my life and I’m 59. Now, I’ve never, ever, been more satisfied with a company and an order than I’ve just been with you and your company. I was, no joke, looking in my e-mail to look up when I could expect my order. I’m not an impatient man but highly curious. I just wanted to know. Went to the mail box and there it was. That’s impressive. That is responsive. It’s never happened before. Second thing. Your video reviews. I work in this industry as a supplier for indoor grows. I go to trade shows and I’ve seen just about every product on the market usually before everyone else. But I’ve never gotten as good of an understanding and no ******** reviews of a product as you’ve put up on youtube. (where I originally found you) In the trade show booths I’ve always felt i was being “sold”. Not a bad thing, but hard to trust. Your reviews are, if anything, too detailed. Don’t get me wrong I watched them all the way through because they are very well done and quite entertaining, however on a few I was like…just wow is that a detail I never would have thought about and really don’t care about quite frankly. But, to be also fair, at least I know. It’s also very good that you never slam a product but simply state your opinions, both good and bad, in an honest and straight forward way. "Right or wrong, that’s my call. I’m ok if you see it different” kind of thing. I can respect that. I feel I’m being informed not sold. Then the final thing. Here’s why I’m writing. I felt like I was making an informed decision when I purchased the 7 or 8 things in my order, on each and every item. I actually went back and changed a few things in my basket while shopping after comparing products. Website worked great and was easy. THEN however everything not only came here fast, but each thing was packaged very well. Surprisingly well. BUT EVEN BETTER…EVERY product is, and has worked, EXACTLY as you described in your video. I’m quite blown away to be honest. Best shopping experience i’ve ever had. Period. Hope you have all the success you deserve for being a stand up guy and running a stand up company with obviously some **** good people! Well done. As my dad would have said “They are good people”. I assure you there is no higher praise! So, if you want to know about this product, watch his Vid’s! Steve Merritt

    Steve M.
    United States