5 Essential Tools For Trimming Cannabis

Hey everyone, it’s Sneaky Pete here, and let’s take a tour through what we consider to be the most essential tools to use when cultivating and trimming your freshly grown flower. Strap in and find out how the ‘pros’ do it!

Fiskar Micro-Tip Pruning Cannabis Trimmers - https://amzn.to/3LcYDL6


A man is only as fierce as his blade and Fiskar Trimmers are the industry standard; they aren’t fancy, but they perform exceptionally well, for an exceptionally long time. The trimmers we prefer feature spring action, which is a must when you’re doing any repetitive, tedious process like this. The Fiskar Cannabis Trimmers feature non-stick coating that completely speeds up your trimming process; you’ll spend much less time wiping resin off your clippers and hands. The Fiskar Trimmers also boast beautiful stainless-steel blades that will stay sharper longer and are perfect for the fine detail trimming us enthusiasts need. For the nominal price of these Cannabis Trimmers, you’ll be thanking us every three months or so.

Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves - https://amzn.to/41FbwVi

If everything happened liked we all hope, your fresh bud will be incredibly sticky and without some sort of protection for your hands, this will slow you down. And honestly, if you’re anything like us, you hate having sticky fingers so trimming bud is pretty much your nightmare. Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves like these are a great solution for your sticky fingers for a minor investment. As they are powder-free, nothing will transfer from the gloves to your goods or vice versa, keeping all that wonderful crystal where you want it. As an added bonus, these gloves are so affordable, you can toss on a new pair whenever they get too sticky without any guilt.

Ball 32oz Canning Jars - https://amzn.to/3Lc2FmK

If there’s anything I know about Balls, is that they are at the top of the food chain for a reason. Well, the storing food chain. Ok, we’re storing weed, but you get my drift. The 32oz Canning Jar from Ball is the ideal place to cure and store your bud. Simple af, these larger sized jars have a screw top and a gasket for a nice, tight seal. Ball Jars are perfect for long term storage, and they can hold a shit load of flower. Plus, they are cheap so if you do drop one, it’s not a huge loss. Just a great ROI on something you absolutely need.

Boveda Humidifier Packs - https://amzn.to/3Hl5HnF

While Ball Canning Jars are part of your solution for long-term storage, they won’t keep your flower properly moisturized without some help. Boveda Humidifier Packs are the perfect addition for your long-term storage. Boveda packs feature innovations that will either add or subtract moisture from your bud to keep it close to a stipulated percentage. For example, the 62% packs are perfect if you want your cannabis to remain sticky icky, and this is what you’re looking for from a flavour preservation situation. Proper drying and curing are still needed, but if you do that properly, Boveda Packs will keep your flower ideal for much longer than if left on its own.

Helping Hand Branch Holder - https://amzn.to/42jl6NB

We cropped out fairly recently and had one of these on hand to help with some crafting.  Well, we gave it a shot and it ended up being the ideal tool that a keen pruner will use to achieve a connoisseur level trim. You can use one or many of the incredibly articulated arms to position your branches and buds to expose hard to reach area and make things super comfortable and less frustrating as just using one hand to hold your bud and one for your shears. 

Well, there you go! Each one of these tools will make your job a little easier and your trim a little better. Pair them with attention to detail and some patience, and you’ll be extremely happy with the results you get from a little elbow grease.