Best & Worst Things About Puffco Proxy Here are our 3 favourite and 3 least favourite parts about owning a Puffco Proxy, one of the best portable concentrate options around.


It’s Hard to Dislike the Puffco Proxy, but We’ll Try

Hey everyone, Sneaky Pete here and today, we want to talk about three things that we like about the Puffco Proxy after having owned it and used it for quite some time and then we’ll also talk about three things that we don't love about it.

The Most Modular Mobile Concentrate Vape

Let's start about what we like the most about the Proxy and the first thing that we love the is the modularity. When you buy the Proxy, it’s shaped like a cool kind of a hand pipe, and you can take out the modular section and put it into something like a water pipe. We sell a few other options for the Proxy on our website and the one we feature here in the video is called the Flask. The Puffco Proxy is kind of whatever you want it to be; you can use it in the default glass that it comes with, or you can use it in something that is completely and wildly different. We don't know any other system like this that's quite so modular and the things that people have concocted for the Proxy so far are absolutely amazing. We sell about three or four different pieces on our site, but they're mass production sort of pieces, not like a custom piece for $6,000. Some of those really high-end products people have done for the Proxy are absolutely crazy, it's just been such a platform for people to build on and we think it's honestly been one of the best products to come out perhaps ever for the glass and accessory industry at large. So many people are making products for the Proxy, and they wouldn't be able to do that if it wasn't so modular.

Incredibly Easy to Use

The next thing that we’re loving about the Proxy is that it's super easy to use; there’s just one button, four different temperatures as well as a boost mode and there's a rainbow mode but it's just dead simple to use. The Proxy has one button: press the button to go between the temperatures, you’ll see the light on the top of the device changing colours. Click to go to your temperature, then wait till it vibrates and inhale. It’s also easy to clean the Proxy; the bowl comes right out and is completely removable. You can see into the Proxy that way and just give it good wipe with a Q-Tip. It had been a while since we gave ours a deep clean like and in the video, you can see how simple it is. It's not just easy to care for, but it's easy to use and easy to maintain. Some people love the pomp and circumstance of dabbing, and this is just the opposite in terms of the process to use it. If you’re looking for simplicity, you’ll find it with the Proxy.

This Weapon Packs a Best-in-Class Holster

The third thing that we enjoy about the Proxy is the portability of the device in the case. While the Proxy isn’t the favourite weapon in our arsenal, preference wise, it’s one we reach for super often because we’re regularly dabbing outside of the house; it is so functional and so easy to use. We really like this case it comes with. In the back, it has this little extra container, and we keep some alcohol wipes in as they are handy to have on hand because at some point, you're going to get concentrate on your hands or tools.

One thing we really like about the case is the big old section located inside the case, we mainly stuff ours with Q-tips, a USBC to USBC Cable, basically anything we might need on the road including a place to store concentrate, a dab tool and even additional alcohol wipes. The Proxy fits in the case nice and snug, but at the same time it’s easy to remove from the case. It’s the best included case that we’ve ever seen.

The travel case that the Proxy comes with is fantastic and it's a really super portable concentrate solution because you don't need to take anything else with you. You can add something like the Flask, you can add whatever other device that you want, but if you're going to travel, it's not going to get much better than the Proxy. It's easy to load up in advance and then you just need to double click it whenever you want to do a hit, so to summarize, super modular, incredibly easy to use, and very portable.

The Button Feels… Less than High-End

We wouldn't say the Proxy is perfect, though; there are three things that on the Proxy that we don't love, and the first one is the button. Yes, we love the double click action and although we’re glad to say that the button has never hasn't failed on us, we really haven't heard huge amounts people need to replace them, but we just don't like the feel of the button. It's very cheap and clicky feeling; it just feels like you’ve spent all this money on a device, and they skimped on something that you interface with the most often. Puffco sells expensive, higher end products, they're all about design compared to the button on the Peak Pro that has this nice butteriness to it, it’s just a little disappointing. We were worried that the button was going to wear out because it just felt cheap, but it's been rock solid, so that’s nice. Essentially, we don't like how the button feels and also we find that when it was really new, sometimes we would do like a false double click but since it's since it's broken in it is better, we haven’t had that issue, but the button is one of those things where it just takes away a little bit from the premium experience that they're trying to create.

Not a Cloud Chaser

The second thing is also one of those things that doesn't bother us as much, but we know for some people, this would be a bit of an issue. The Proxy definitely doesn't have the power of a Puffco Peak Pro, a Puffco Peak or a MiniNail, it is roughly one step down in the matter of juice. The Proxy is sort of between a vape pen and a Peak Pro, it sits right in the middle in terms of power. For us, we don’t find that this hits in an inadequate manner. We usually use it on the blue power level, but we would ever use it on red or white if using it through a water piece because it's just too hot otherwise. But for people who like those big hits, and going for the next level, you need to go to a Peak Pro or something else to be satisfied. You're buying the Proxy for the modularity and for the portability, you're not buying it for the cloud size. If you're shopping for cloud size, you want to look at something else, so that's a bit of a personal thing it just depends how hard you prefer to rip.

Included Glass is OK

Our final dislike for the Proxy is the included glass. It is okay, we don't think it's terrible or bothersomely thin or anything but were just really surprised when we took it out for the first time, and it was just way thinner than expected. When you have the base of the Proxy in the glass, then it feels really solid in your hand and that's what we were used to for a while and then once we took it out, it's like oh wow like 85% of the weight is here and then 15% is in the glass. Essentially, if they wanted to, they definitely could have made the glass a little bit thicker and again, it's just because of the price of the device that we’re even really bringing it up. Puffco doesn’t sell cheap things, people need to feel like what they’re getting is high quality and a good value for what they are buying. We would have liked to see the glass be a little bit thicker; just like with the button, for the price, if they had those two things sorted, there's really not too much to complain about at that point.

Here's What we Think About the Puffco Proxy

Overall, we think that the Proxy is our most used concentrate device and we use it through the dry piece probably more than we use it through a water piece because we mainly use this for travel vaping, and if you are looking for something that's super easy to use, modular, and you can take it with you anywhere, we think that you're going to be really happy the Proxy and you're going to like this sweet little case too.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky; we'll see you next time.

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