CCELL M3 Plus 510 Cartridge Battery Review The addition of USB-C and dual heat settings make this slim, inhale activated 510 battery even better.


CCELL M3 Plus Inhale Activated 510 Battery

The CCELL M3 Plus is 510 cartridge battery that will work with all 510 style cartridges. It’s a slim, pen style battery coming in just under 3.5” long, and available in a number of colours. The M3 Plus has upgraded to USB-C charging, so it will charge the 350mAh battery quickly, and it’ll last you for a whole bunch of hits once it is charged. It’s an inhale activated system which means there are no buttons, you simply start inhaling and the battery activates the atomizer immediately. 

Extremely Convenient System To Use

It’s a very convenient system as there are no buttons and it’s instant on, but there is no pre-heat so you are going to run into some clogged cartridges if they sit for a while. Finally the new M3 Plus offers 2 different temperature settings, you can go with L which is 2.8V and more flavour focused, or you can go to H which is 3.3V and gives noticably thicker hits. Simply flick the switch on the bottom to toggle between each strength. 

Dual Temperature Settings, Finally!

I prefer the 3.3V myself as I like a thicker hit, but the battery does have a ‘blinker’ or an auto-off function once you’ve drawn on it for a bit to help prevent your atomizer from overheating even on the higher temperature. A single LED on the bottom front of the battery helps communicate the status of the M3 Plus. This will turn on when you’re charging it and turn off when it’s fully charged, and it will also come on while you’re inhaling and blink when and if it’s reached the auto turn off point. 

Durable, Affordable, And A Great Value

The M3 Plus is made from stainless steel so it’s a durable little 510 battery from CCELL who are the market leader in both 510 batteries and cartridges, and this ultra convenient 510 system with that addition of 2 different power levels and USB-C charging is also super affordable, making it a crazy good value for the money.

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