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    The Dr. Dabber Switch is the first induction vaporizer to hit the market.  It will work for both concentrates and flower, though with flower it is a bit different.  The induction technology allows for some pretty serious benefits.  The main one you’ll notice is the speed, this thing heats up and is ready to go in a matter of seconds.  It makes the Puffco Peak seem relatively slow in comparison.  Unlike the Peak, it comes in more of a box rather than a carrying case.  If you’re going to be constantly taking your Switch out on the go, be sure to get a reinforced case of some kind to protect it.


    The Switch charges through its power adapter in only around 60 minutes, which is pretty fast considering how much battery life it has.  Rinse the glass and give the cups a quick bath in some isopropyl alcohol.  Also, this thing has pass-through charging capability, so you don’t have to wait for it to charge up if you don’t want to. 


    As you can tell, the Switch is rather large and it has a massive ground glass joint where the water piece attaches.  Even though the device is big it still feels really sturdy, even with the glass on it.  It is considerably larger than even a Vapexhale and for a battery powered device it just seems huge.  At least the battery life matches up with the size though.  The battery life is crazy on the Switch, mine lasted through a number of days of heavy testing and running deep cycles before needing to be recharged.  The piece does feel incredibly well made and not cheap or rushed.  It seems like they put a lot of time into thinking it out and it has functioned without a single error so far.


    As the name would suggest, there is a switch on the front to select either flower or oil.  To go from one to the other you need to pause so it can turn off, then switch over.


    Once you’re in the right mode, just press the up and down arrow to select temp setting 1 – 5.  It’ll confirm your temp with green and then turn pink to display battery life, after which it’ll go back to the light show.  There are actually 25 different light shows your Switch can do, and some of them are super cool, just like it’s a lava lamp.  To select them just hold minus and press plus or go buttons.  Another mode you can use is called advanced mode.  Just hold the go button when you fire it up and you’ll see the rainbow lights.  Now you’re in advanced mode.  Oooooooohhhhh!!! 😊  This is a magical setting where the Switch can select from 25 different temperatures ranging from 300F to 800F.  It makes a huge difference and really lets you dial in the experience you want.  I was pretty happy with the prebuilt temps, but I stick to advanced mode now.

    It also allows you to train your hold time in advanced mode, so if the default hit is too long or not long enough you can dial the Switch into your exact preference.  I must say, it really does allow you to customize your hit to a large degree which is really cool.  It seems like they put a lot of thought into the user experience.  That said, having a screen and a menu would make things a lot easier.  There is also a crystal mode which is for use with the quartz insert.  We haven’t really messed with that yet.


    A real strength for the Switch.  It arrives at your desired temperature in seconds.  Four- or five-seconds max to be ready for flower or concentrate.  It’s insanely fast and sets a whole new standard for how quickly a hit can be taken from a rig that’s turned off!


    Of the three cups, we used white.  The Switch does great for any size dab.  It’s even better than the Peak for small dabs, but it is still highly efficient either way.  The induction cups are titanium coated in ceramic.  Do not use metal dabbers inside this thing as the induction heater will heat those up too.  You can hot load this, but I would cold load it because it’s easier and you get all the yummy terps this way.  Put the dabber/lid on top, turn it on, select your temp, press go and take your hit.  As simple as that.

    It has a cleaning mode which you can access by pressing + and holding it down.  This works rather well.  The vape is usually spotless after, but it really drains the battery life.  Over time in order to maintain good flavour you will need to periodically clean the glass top of the vape itself.  You can get bigger or more flavourful hits depending on the temperature setting.  I didn’t find myself blowing out as big of clouds as I’d expect but the effects were still just as strong for the size of the hit.


     Here’s where it gets interesting.  Some people will hate the Switch for dry herb, and for others, it will become their favourite dry herb vape.  If you go to temp 2 or above, your herb will be either fully or partially blackened and you’ll get a smoky taste, though it will not be burnt or ash in any way. People have been saying this is pyrolysis, though I’ll let someone more qualified than me confirm this.  The chamber keeps the herb deprived of oxygen so the material can’t burn, but at the higher temperatures you can actually warm it up to beyond the combustion point, at least in theory, which is insane.  I’ve never had it combust, though I’ve had it thoroughly blacken. 

    You can go to lower temps in advanced mode but the hits get very wispy.  Load any amount into the induction cup (black ceramic) and really press it down, you don’t want it flying around and you're trying to fill up free space inside so there isn’t air.  The Switch will appeal most to smokers and a little less to traditional vaporizer users.  The effects hit the body hard, and even though I’m a flavour whore, I still find myself using my Switch for the perfect knock-out nightcap.  If you hate how it works, you could always just use it as an induction heater for your DynaVaps... (ahem)


    I’m impressed at the innovation in the Switch.  It brings induction vaping to the market as well as a different approach to flower vaporization via pyrolysis.  It’s large, it’s going to be a lot harder to take with you than something like a Peak, but the battery lasts infinitely longer and the heat up time is much faster.  The Switch also seems to be very consistent hit after hit.  The technology inside and the strong battery keep the temperature the same throughout your hit and for repeated tokes. 

    For concentrate, it really is a no-brainer.  For herb, that’ll depend more on the user.  Again, traditional smokers are going to love this one due to the thickness and smoky flavour at higher temperatures.  The herb flavour isn’t great for taste purists, but those heavy-duty body effects can be really appealing to medical patients after a long day.  I’m looking forward to some further testing of the Switch for both herb and concentrate.  What do you think about this piece?  Lets us know in the comments.  



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