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    The MV1 is the first vaporizer from a new company called Ghost Vapes.  It was released to a storm of controversy and really shook up the whole vape market.  I’ve never seen anything quite like that before.  We’ve have been testing the MV1 for a number of weeks now so we really know the ins and outs. 

    Ghost built this thing from the ground up, creating something new and different with proprietary components and technology.  The MV1 is available in four different colours, the one we got for testing was the black chrome.  The design is very polarizing.  You’ll either love it or you’ll think it looks silly.  I think it looks cool, though the balance could be better as it wants to tip forward.  The retractable glass mouthpiece is awesome.  It is a full convection on-demand vaporizer, which is truly my favourite overall setup.  In this sense, it’s similar to a Firefly 2 or a Sticky Brick.

    It has crucibles that you load your herb into, and they can get warm but I don’t think it’s warm enough to contribute any notable conduction.  Crucible is an interesting term as a crucible is something that holds a substance to be melted or subjected to a very high heat, which isn’t quite what this is doing, but still a cool name regardless. 

    The MV1 has very nice packaging.  It includes a USB cable to charge it, along with some cleaning wipes, picks to clean the holes in the crucible lid and basket, and some q-tips for maintenance purposes.  You also get a replacement crucible as well as a concentrate pad.


    Since the Ghost MV1 is a dual-use device, we’ll go over dry herb first.  The crucible is quite large.  It can hold around 0.1g.  They recommend a coarse grind and filling it to the top of the basket.  While I agree with filling up the basket, I prefer a finer grind as I found I got bigger clouds and a more even vape.  Either way, you load your MV1, just don’t pack it too tight.

    After filling the crucible place the lid back on top.  The lids don’t snap shut like the lids for the Haze V3, which is too bad, it would’ve been so much better.  Loading the MV1 isn’t really hard at all, just put your crucible into place and press until you hear it click.  This can take a little bit more pressure than you would think, but it is in there very securely. 

    The vape has single-button operation and a very basic interface.  For something this size, I would really like to see a little more elegant interface.  When the device is off, you hold the button to turn it into sleep mode.  Now you can click it three times to engage vape mode, and it’s ready for use.  The MV1 we were sent would never go back into “off” mode unless the battery was removed.  Safe to assume that this issue will be fixed through an update soon.

    Once you’re in standby mode, click and hold the button to check the battery.  While it’s showing you the battery click and hold again to go into temperature changing mode.  You can select between temps 1 – 5 for flower and temp 6 is for concentrates.  In the future temps 4 and 5 are supposed t be custom settings, but we’ll see.

    When it’s in vape mode click the button three times.  It’ll heat up for a few seconds then vibrate when it’s ready.  Now, just hit it.  You can wait until you feel another vibration letting you know the hit is over, or just release the button anytime you want to stop.  You’ll notice you’re MV1 has virtually zero draw resistance.  You could even breathe through this thing like a snorkel.

    That’s the jest of how to use it.  Temp 3 ended up being the ultimate temp.  Temp 2 was more for that really nice flavour. Temp 4 is for the later hits and fuller extraction.  Regardless of how I used it, I found you really get one amazing hit per crucible.  If you want a second or third hit, you need to up the temperature and give it a stir, which can be a pain in the ass. 

    Treat your MV1 like a single-rip bong, plan for a larger load and one hit at a time.  Trust me though, this is a good thing.  If anyone says you can use the MV1 without stirring it they're full of 💩.  There’s definitely more noticeable warming in the centre of the crucible, so for best efficiency, I would hit it at 3 then give it a stir and hit it at 4.  Two or three hits per bowl.

    For concentrates the MV1 is very similar to the Firefly 2.  Load a little bit onto the centre of the pad then toss the crucible in.  Don’t overdo the amount, just a little bit at a time works best.  Temperature setting 6 is for concentrates.  It causes the device to function differently.  Hold the button down and it’ll vibrate right away.  Take a long draw until it vibrates again.  This won’t produce any vapour, it’s actually warming the material and priming it for use.

    Now you should see a single LED light up on your MV1, meaning concentrate mode is engaged and it’s time to vape.  Hold the button down, wait until you hear the heater as it takes a few seconds, then inhale.  You may notice with concentrates you’ll almost always do two hits and the second one will be significantly bigger. 

    Cleaning up is very easy.  You can break it down into its components very easily and give them a good wash in isopropyl alcohol, then rinse well and let dry.  I do worry that over time the inside of the unit may be building up debris.  When you swing the door open, you’ll notice a little dry herb shake out.  So, we’ll see how that goes over time.


    The Ghost MV1 can work with both your dry herbs and your concentrates.  I much prefer it for dry herb.  With concentrates, it doesn’t give the kind of big and dense clouds one would expect with that kind of material.  It’s not that I always want to do massive concentrate hits, but it just isn’t quite where I want to be able to get to.  However, for dry herb, it works extremely well.


    The battery is physically huge, but accordingly, it has good overall performance and power.  When I kept track of my hits (using varying temperature settings) it would return about 40 hits per charge, which is quite a bit.  The performance does drop off noticeable however as the battery loses its power.  On a brand new fully charged battery, you can get bigger hits at temp 2, but when the battery power is down to one you have to go to temp 4 to get those same big hits.  The fast charger is absolutely recommended as it’s a big battery and will take a long time to recharge through USB.  The fast charger is definitely that, it fills up your battery quickly, but it’s almost such a necessity that we think it should be lower priced.  You can also get extra batteries for your MV1.


    This is where the Ghost MV1 is lightyears beyond most other vapes.  It provides true on-demand vapour.  Even if the device is turned off and you want to change temps, you can have a hit in under 20 seconds.  That’s pretty damn quick.  It makes a “whirring” sound when it’s heating up, but in a day to day environment you’ll barely even notice it.  It’s only audible in quiet situations.  If you want to do back to back hits there is virtually no waiting at all.  The MV1 gets top marks here for sure.


    Another area where the MV1 truly excels.  With a full crucible and a fully charged battery your MV1 will put out some of the highest quality vapour you will ever enjoy.  The taste is absolutely superb with no colouring whatsoever and very little toasting flavour outside of the higher temp settings.  For concentrates the MV1 is Firefly 2 levels or better.

    This vape makes some of the coolest vapour I’ve had that isn’t through water.  Even the largest hits on temp 4 didn’t once feel harsh at all.  You will cough, but it will be from the volume and potency of the vapour and not from harshness or throat feel.  Your MV1 will really surprise you, you don't expect to blow out what you do because the vapour is just that cool.  The size of the hits can be absolutely huge.  They’re some of the biggest I’ve had from a portable device.  The on-demand vapour quality from the MV1 is on par with about anything else out there, including the Sticky Bricks.  Like all vapes, the experience degrades as you vape through your material, and in the MV1 this happens rather quickly.  Big, thick hits produced quickly mean herbs get vaped up faster.  It’s the nature of the beast.


The effects go along with the quality of vapour here.  They are very strong, on the level of the Volcano.  The Ghost MV1 is among, if not the strongest vaporizer out there.  You get not only that wicked ramp-up effect that pure convection vaporizers are known and loved for, but you also consume 0.1g within just a few hits.  That factors immensely into the effect the MV1 will have on you.  This would be one of those vapes I would use to convince a buddy to switch over to vaping.


    The efficiency is average at best.  It is not a strong point for the MV1.  0.1g in many other devices seems to go twice as far in terms of hits or sessions.  To be completely fair though, the MV1 produces immense clouds of vapour very quickly, which is kind of why it is so inefficient.  It’s all about trade-offs really.  The herb oftentimes didn’t look at all browned or even crispy after a couple hits on temp 4.  It almost still looked vapeable, although it didn’t actually produce any more vapour.  If you’re looking for a piece solely for efficiency, the MV1 probably isn’t the ideal device.


    The build quality feels extremely high.  The device is big and heavy but feels rock solid and durable.  The crucible swing arm hasn’t loosened up any.  It still performs exactly as new even after many uses.  The first mouthpiece scraped badly, but the replacement doesn’t scrape at all.


    The MV1 is a very large and visually striking vaporizer, pretty much the opposite of stealth.  It is packable and portable with the sliding mouthpiece, but it is big and it looks like something a Stormtrooper would carry.


    If the crucible lids stayed on this would get higher marks, but the crucible system will annoy some users.  The MV1 will require more loading and unloading than other devices, but overall, I find it pretty easy to use.  It is simple to load and unload, simple to clean, and once you’ve memorized the button patterns it is very straightforward to use.


    Right now, the Ghost MV1 is $294.97USD.  The fast charger costs $60.  It is not the most expensive vape, but it is in that upper-level pricing tier for sure.  You’ll have to decide for yourself if its worth it, but for me, it’s a winner.


    There is no draw resistance at all and extremely cool vapour.  The flavour is amazing and the effects are so unbelievably strong that it is really one of those things you have to experience for yourself.  I don’t want to overhype it, but I’ve used a lot of vapes and I feel like the MV1 produces noticeably increased effects for a big hit when compared to other vapes.  It is very easy to load, unload, and clean.  And I love the full convection on-demand vapour that hits you like a train.


    I go through more herb using the MV1 than other devices.  It really seems to give that one good master toke, then you get whatever else you can from the bowl.  The second hit is ok and the third is very meh.  The interface can be improved.  While it is simple and functional, it feels overly basic and the visuals could be cooler. 

    The fast charger shouldn’t be an add-on.  The MV1 has a huge battery that needs direct wall charging.  It will take forever to charge through USB.  We’d like to see the next version be smaller and lighter.  Also, where’s the app?  It’s almost 2019 and this vape looks like it’s engineered by freakin’ NASA, but they don’t have an app for your phone?  Psh…


    The Ghost MV1 is a compelling entry and a seriously impressive vaporizer for a new company in the game.  It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s hella ugly or hella sexy depending on your opinion, but what it lacks in portability and aesthetics it more than makes up for in vapour quality and overall strength.  You get on demand, pure convection vapour in a system that is amazing for dry herb and pretty good for concentrate, too.  I’m not blown away by the efficiency, you definitely have to stir it, and the crucible lids really need to stay on better.  Overall for me though, the flavour, speed of vapour availability, purity, and strength of the effects make this a piece I will continue to use well after this review is done.  If you’re looking for a real connoisseur’s vaporizer that will provide A+ flavour and effect, the Ghost MV1 is a piece to take a hard look at.



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