How to Use a Fury Edge Vaporizer Quick Setup Guide

The Fury Edge is one of our bestselling portable vaporizers here at Sneaky Pete Vaporizers. Engineered by Healthy Rips, it’s a tough and compact dry herb, oil and wax vape device that gives a really smooth and clean vapor. If you’ve just purchased a Fury Edge and are scratching your head—or maybe you lost your instruction manual and need a refresher—check out our illustrated step-by-step guide on how to use a Fury Edge Vaporizer below.

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What's Included

- Fury Edge dry herb, oil and wax vaporizer
- Accessory attachment
- Mouthpiece with glass airpath
- USB-C charger
- Stainless-steel concentrate pad
- Extra O-ring and screen
- Dab tool
- Cleaning brush
- Tweezers
- Silicone cover
- Instruction manual

Fury Edge Features

- Primarily convection heating
- Extended battery life
- Stainless steel air path
- 20-25 second heat-up time
- Precision-controlled temperature range
- Haptic feedback
- USB-C charging
- Accessory mount

Step 1: Charge Your Fury Edge Before First Use

Charge your Fury Edge for two hours before first use by inserting the USB-C cord into the charging port on the underside. The battery icon indicates when it’s full.

Note that you can’t use this vaporizer while charging—so if you let the battery run completely dry, you’ll have to wait at least 15 minutes to get your hit. As with all vapes, in order to reduce the risk of fire, never charge your vaporizer overnight or leave it unattended while charging. The internal battery is a substantial 2300 mAh Li-Polymer with a 5V / 1.5A current which is a 40% improvement on their last model (the Healthy Rips Fierce).

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Step 2: How to Switch The Device On

Click the power button three times rapidly to switch your Fury Edge on or off. You’ll see the Healthy Rips logo on the screen at the top and it’ll vibrate as well. If you then hold down the power button again, the screen orientation flips so you can vape from either side.

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Step 3: How to Perform a Burn-Off

Set your vape to the maximum temperature (and without any herb inside) for a full five-minute cycle in order to burn-off any factory residues. This is good practice with all vaporizers and will eliminate any chemical flavors when you first vape. After five minutes the unit will shut off automatically to preserve battery life.

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Step 4: How to Load Your Dry Herb

With the vaporizer switched off, push out the mouthpiece to access the recessed bowl. Load your herb loosely so that at least half of the chamber is filled. Make sure you don’t pack or compress your flower too hard. The hot air needs to flow easily through the material for even heat distribution and extraction (this is the nature of convection heating). Replace the mouthpiece and you’re good to go. You can get two to three sessions from the ~0.2g bowl.

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Step 5: How to Heat Up a Fury Edge

Switch your Fury Edge on and select your desired temperature with the plus [+] and minus [-] buttons. The temperature options range from 320°F to 430°F (equivalent to 160°C to 220°C). The vaporizer heats up in around 20-25 seconds, depending on how warm it is to begin with, the battery life, and what temperature you’re shooting for. That’s still pretty fast, making this a great choice as a quick-session vape. The unit will vibrate when it’s ready to go.

You can toggle between Farenheit and Celcius by holding down the power button and the minus [-] temperature button simultaneously for two seconds.

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Step 6: Vape with Your Fury Edge

For a dry vape, inhale via the standard mouthpiece or the glass stem (included), which you can switch easily on the fly. You’ll get some nice smooth vapor from 370°F without having to go any higher. You can hear the unrestricted airflow as you draw, and if you check the AVB after your session you’ll see it’s been heated very evenly—a sign of a good quality vaporizer.

If you’re using a waterpiece, notch the temperature up from 390°F to 400°F. You can also switch to a bubbler mid-session with this versatile little vaporizer. The AVB will be nice and even after a water vape too.

Step 7: How to Use Oil and Wax in a Fury Edge

Remove the mouthpiece and insert the stainless steel pad into the bowl. Load your wax or 1-2 drops of oil into the pad. Replace the mouthpiece and you’re done.

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Step 8: How to Clean a Fury Edge

To empty the chamber. When your herb is exhausted, remove the mouthpiece and use the dab tool and the cleaning brush (included) to manually clear the bowl until empty. The wide platform of the Fury Edge makes the bowl super accessible.

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To deep clean your Fury Edge. Once a week, empty the chamber and remove the silicone O-ring and screen from the mouthpiece. Submerge the O-ring and screen in isopropyl alcohol for five minutes. Don’t leave them in for any lengthy period of time or you’ll damage the parts.

Next, dampen a Q-tip with isopropyl alcohol and swipe around the bowl and glass mouthpiece. Make sure you don’t drip any liquids into the chamber.

When you’re done, replace the mouthpiece and do a two-minute burn-off to remove any cleaning residue for optimum flavor. This deep clean will have your Fury Edge looking brand new and maintain the quality of the vape experience.

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Final Thoughts

If you don’t yet own a Fury Edge, this model has several significant improvements over older models like the Fury 2, and it comes at an affordable price too. Take a look at my full Fury Edge review and see what makes this one of the best portable vaporizers in 2020.


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The Fury Edge, Accessory attachment, Mouthpiece with glass airpath, USB-C charger, Stainless-steel concentrate pad, Extra O-ring and screen, Cleaning tool, Brush, Tweezers, Silicone cover, Owners manual.