How to Use a Tinymight Vaporizer Quick Setup Guide

New in 2020, the Tinymight vaporizer is an exciting new product made of eco-friendly materials (no plastic!) that offers incredible performance. Here’s our step-by-step setup guide explaining how to use this full convection, on-demand powerhouse of a vaporizer.


- Tinymight dry herb vaporizer
- 55 mm short glass tube
- Cooling unit
- Battery Sony VTC6
- Instruction manual

- High-powered convection heater
- Adjustable herb chamber
- Rapid heat-up from 2 seconds
- Wide precision-controlled temperature range
- Internal USB charging
- Replaceable battery
- Made from stainless steel, aluminum, quartz glass and wood
- Vapor cooling unit
- Dual modes: on-demand and session mode
- Silent mode (no vibration)
- Made from eco-friendly materials

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Step 1: How to Insert Your Herb

Turn your Tinymight upside down and pull out the tube. Place your herb on the mesh, then push the tube back into the unit. See how to adjust the Tinymight chamber capacity in step 8.

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Step 2: How to Set The Temperature

On the back panel, there is a tiny rotary dial to customize the temperature. We suggest you start off at level 4 for a dry hit or level 6 if you’re using a waterpiece, and adjust it later as desired.

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Step 3: How to Choose Your Mode (On-Demand or Session)

The Tinymight vape has two distinct modes:

As you guessed, the on-demand mode means you’re only heating your Tinymight intermittently for each draw. To activate the on-demand mode, press the button three times quickly and release. Now you’re in on-demand mode. The red LED on the bottom flashes to indicate this. 

Next, hold the button down continuously to start heating (you’ll hear the buzzing). After about 5-8 seconds it will reach temperature and the unit will vibrate. Continue holding the button and take your hit. Within a few seconds of inhalation, you’ll be rewarded with a rich, thick vapor and that’s what we love about the Tinymight. Release the button when you’re done to let it cool.

The session mode means the device heats automatically and the temperature remains stable until you switch the unit off. To activate session mode, press the button three times quickly and then continue to hold it down while the device vibrates. Only release it when it stops vibrating. 

You can take your hits anytime during session mode. Holding the button down further during session mode will boost the temperature if needed.

Step 4: How to Check The Battery Level

When you switch off your Tinymight vape, it will vibrate between 1 and 4 times depending on how much charge remains.

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Step 5: How to Charge Your Tinymight

The Tinymight vaporizer runs on a single 18650 battery. To charge, insert a micro-USB cable into the port on the bottom panel. The red LED illuminates continuously during charging and turns off when fully charged. Make sure your charger can supply at least 2 Amps of current.

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Step 6: How to Replace The Battery

To change the 18650 battery, open the lid by turning it anti-clockwise. Replace the battery, ensuring the positive end faces the bottom of the unit.

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Step 7: How to Clean Your Tinymight

You should wash the glass tube when residues build up. Either wash it manually with water and detergent, or submerge it into isopropyl alcohol and give it a little shake around. Make sure you never put the o-rings in the solvent.

To remove residues from the main unit, unscrew the tube holder and remove the o-ring, metal tube, and mesh holder and clean them manually. When you reassemble the parts, be sure that the wider flange of the mesh holder faces upwards. Screw the tube holder back in gently and don’t over-tighten it.

Step 8: How to Adjust The Chamber Capacity

The cooling unit moves within the glass tube: the deeper it goes, the larger the herb capacity. Make sure you don’t push from the mesh, but from the solid sides (Tinymight’s engineers suggest using a screwdriver).

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Step 9: How to Activate Silent Mode

Where stealth is important, you can disable the vibration function in session mode. To do this, first turn the temperature to maximum and press the button once. Then turn the temperature to minimum and press again. All vibrations are now disabled.

To re-activate the vibrations, remove and re-insert the battery.

Final Thoughts

We’re really impressed with this Finnish vape design—the vapor clouds produced with a waterpiece are just awesome. For a quick demo, check out Sneaky Pete's First Impressions of The Tinymight Vaporizer and expect a full detailed review soon.