Jyarz Flower Storage Containers Review Keep your flower protected from anything nature (or you!) can throw at it with the Jyarz lineup.


Jyarz Storage Containers: You Put Your Weed in There

Like us, you probably have procured yourself some killer flower, but now, how are you going to store it? We don’t recommend keeping it in a plastic bag, or to just leave it lying out; our favourite way to store cannabis by far is these Jyarz storage containers. Jyarz are glass-lined storage containers that have a hard protective outer shell. Said outer shell is made from HDPE plastic, more specifically it’s recycled plastic that's made from old milk jugs, so it has that same texture as milk jugs do. The manufacturers call the texture waxy and slick, but it doesn't leave any kind of residue behind. We didn’t find it waxy, but it is nice and slick and the good thing about this type of plastic is that smell doesn't really adhere to it.

With this being a glass-lined storage jar, that means your flower is only coming into contact with glass. The outer layer is plastic, but the glass jar lives inside, and it lives inside each of the different Jyarz models. That means that while you get the benefits of plastic to keep everything safe, you get the purity of glass to keep your flower in and that isn't going to impart any taste or take any of that taste away.

Triple Block Protection Keeps Your Goods Secure and Isolated

The first element of Jyarz’ triple block protection is the plastic exterior. The shell it is very hard, you could toss this bad boy across the room and as long as you have the lid closed properly, the glass inside is going to stay safe (definitely don't toss it across the room, though). The next layer or protection is the gasket on the top of the lid that's going to help to give it a completely airtight and even a watertight seal. The third layer is the contact that's made between the outer shell and the cap itself that provides an airtight seal, even without the gasket. When you have all three of those elements in play, your flower is going to be protected from UV light and all the smells, odour, and humidity are going to stay inside the container where you want it.

The Chico: Perfect for Concentrates

Jyarz come in a variety of different sizes, depending on your storage needs. Each size has the same triple block protection, and they all have the same glass-lined container. The smallest of the Jyarz is the Chico. The Jyarz Chico is kind of unique in that the glass itself isn't rectangular on the bottom, so there’s no corners. It does have a little suction cup and the storage unit is curved on the bottom.

While that's going to mean you can fit less in here, I wouldn't really recommend flower storage for this this one unless you have ground flower, as the capacity isn’t enough for a day or night out. If you have ground flower, you can load your vaporizer a number of times using this, but I think the ideal use for Chico is for kief or for concentrate because of that curved bottom. There are no corners on the Chico, so it's going to be way easier to scoop concentrate out without losing any and for we find that we usually put a gram or two of kief in this and then use a spoon to sprinkle it on top of your bowl, it's perfect. Either way you prefer, this is a great little flower container or an even better one for concentrate or kief.

Proper Storage for a Day Trip

The next size is the Jyarz Classic, and for us, its best use scenario is for a day trip or an overnighter. That being said, we usually bring way more than we need, but you can fit comfortably around 3 to 3.5g of unground flower inside. If you do want to go ahead and grind it up you, can store way more than 3.5g in the Classic. It has that same glass lining in it as the Chico and it's a nice, comfortable size that holds a day’s worth of flower and is easy to take with you, unlike the Chico which is on the smaller side. For most people, 3.5g is a comfortable amount for a day trip, so the Classic might be your perfect get-up-and-go storage unit.

Satchmo is the Way To Go

The next size up is called the Satchmo and this is the container that we used the most and for quite some time until we upgraded to the next size up. We will address the Big Papi, but the Satchmo has a nice generous size; we would say you can comfortably put 7g of flower in here, we certainly have. That amount is going to be enough for a few days for the vast majority of people. The shape on the Satchmo is more of a short, squat, and wide container, whereas the Classic is a little taller and much narrower. But again, you can fit around twice as much flower in the Satchmo as you can in the Classic.

The Big Papi Holds a Sizeable Amount

We only stopped using the Satchmo because of an upgrade to their largest size, the Big Papi. You can probably fit an ounce or so in the Big Papi. It is packing a large glass container and we've put an ounce in here and it fit just fine. When you look in the main container, you see it has little felt pads on the side, and that's going to do an even better job of protecting that glass. The Big Papi also has a gasket on the bottom as well to protect the glass in case of a drop. When you close the lid, you get a very nice, tight seal and a convenient feature on the Papi is if you have it model closed completely, you can even submerge it in water; your flower is not going to get wet, it's not going to get ruined, and that's one of the many things we like about these containers. One more thing about the Big Papi: when we’re keeping flower in it for a while, we like to put a Boost or a Boveda pack in with our flower, it's just going to do a perfect job of keeping your flower fresh.

Affordable and Per Part Replaceable

The last thing we love about Jyarz is that they're not expensive and they last you forever, as long as you don't break the glass. There’s nothing that can go bad and nothing that can wear out over time. Jyarz also sells replacement glass, so if you do break the glass on your Satchmo, you can buy just a new piece of glass, you don't have to buy a completely new container. They offer a wide variety of sizes in the lineup, from the little Chico to the huge Big Papi, so there’s a size for everyone.

We love that they're glass-lined and our flower stays very protected both from UV light and from the elements; you get all the benefits of keeping a Boveda or a Boost pack in your jar without using them, and your flower remains completely isolated. If you're looking for a good way to store your flower that's going to last you forever, I would definitely check out the Jyarz lineup.

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