Mighty+ SkinStand - Demo Video Protect your Mighty+ while getting better grip and a built in stand.


The Mighty+ SkinStand Can Save Your Device

Football players wear helmets to protect their domes, cars have airbags, but what are you using to keep one of the most high-end vaporizers in your arsenal safe? The Mighty+ SkinStand is a precision-made silicone skin for your Mighty+ that has a high temperature tolerance that both mitigates heat while providing ample protection for your device. You know that we love it when a product is multi-faceted, so let’s take a look at this bad boy.

Not Speed Holes, Air Vents!

Proliferated with dappled holes and cut-outs throughout, these gaps act to allow your vape to vent heat naturally. The SkinStand also provide a much better grip on your device, and we all know how important that gets towards the end of a hardcore session. Not only do the cut-outs vent the heat from the vape, but they also provide full access to all buttons and ports including the screen and controls, the USB-C port, power button and even the kickstand!

Stand and Deliver

So far so good, am I right? The next benefit is almost as important as the added protection: the SkinStand acts as a support that will allow you to stand your device up, something the Mighty+ can’t do on its own. Similar to how our Mighty+ Stand works, you can now have your device standing up properly, making it much easier to load and allowing for a more natural use position.

Can’t Drop Your Device if it’s Tethered to You

The Mighty+ SkinStand includes a dust cover to keep the odours in while providing even more device protection. You’ll remove the dust cover while using the device, leaving the silicone to end below the cooling unit providing unfettered access to your chamber. Finally, there is a wrist strap tether included that will safely connect the device to your person. This should stop you from dropping it in the first place, something we refer to as the "belt and suspenders" setup.

Your Mighty+ wasn’t cheap in the slightest, being able to add protection that looks as good as the security it provides is a no brainer. The SkinStand is available in Neon Green if you’re feeling saucy or Black for that classic look. The Mighty+ SkinStand protects your device, helps keep it cooler and looks good doing it.

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