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Hey guys, it’s Sneaky Pete here, today I want to show you something that I’m really excited about - the Sneaky Pete Half-Bowl Converter. It’s my very own creation and I think it’s going to make your DynaVap experience much easier. If you’ve seen any of my 2021 DynaVap reviews, either the M, the Vong, or the OmniVap, you’ve heard me advocating for you to try out the half-bowl position that DynaVap’s Adjust-A-Bowl feature allows.


Conserve flower, maximize flavor

I prefer the half-bowl position because it offers two main benefits, the most obvious one is that you’re using half the amount of flower in each bowl. Consider the already small amount that would normally go into a full-sized DynaVap bowl and cut that in half, by doing so you’re going to start conserving a tonne of flower. The other benefit is that you’ll get way more fresh hits because you’re switching out your load and getting the tasty flavor of fresh flower twice as often. I also find that I get better effects from a fresh bowl.

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I'm tired of fiddling around with flimsy CCDs

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DynaVap have been improving the operation of Adjust-A-Bowl on recent models, but if you’re like me, you still often struggle to get the CCD into the half-bowl position. If you don’t have a brand new pristine CCD it’s virtually impossible to get it to lock properly into that position. CCDs aren’t the toughest things around, bending them out of shape and usefulness happens far more often than I would prefer. So I sat down to think about this problem, what would be the best way to go about solving this little conundrum? Then a light bulb came on and this little idea emerged from the vaporous thoughts swirling in my mind, so simple but so effective - the Sneaky Pete Half-Bowl Converter.


A sturdy base for the CCD to sit on in half-bowl position

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As you can see, the Half-Bowl Converter is a tiny piece of gear, but it’s going to have a huge impact on how you’re able to use your DynaVap. It’s a precision machined piece of titanium, I had DynaVap themselves handle the production, so it's sized to perfectly fit in a DynaVap tip, sitting exactly below the level where the CCD needs to be to achieve the half-bowl position. It provides a sturdy base for the CCD to sit on, preventing you from pushing it past the half-bowl position, while maintaining all the normal function of your DynaVap. Fiddling around while trying to gently ease the CCD into position is now a thing of the past.

You can use the Half-Bowl Converter in any DynaVap which has the Adjust-A-Bowl feature, so that’s any titanium tip (like on the Vong, for example), the 2020 M, and the 2021 M. It also works with a titanium or stainless steel CCD. The Half-Bowl Converter will not negatively affect the function of your DynaVap in any way, and you can still use it with a butane torch or an induction heater like usual.


Just drop it in

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It couldn’t be easier to use, with the CCD removed from your DynaVap tip, drop the Half-Bowl Converter inside, with the flat side of the Converter facing downwards into the bowl. It’ll rest there, held in only by gravity for now, so removing it is as simple as tipping the DynaVap upside-down. Then you just need to put the CCD into the tip and push it down with a small tool or the condenser, until it rests in place on top of the Half-Bowl Converter. That’s it, it’s locked in place, it won’t fall out no matter how hard you shake it, a rock-solid solution to a half-bowl conversion that is only going to come out when you want it to.

Removing the Half-Bowl Converter is also super easy, it’s sized so that a DynaVap condenser fits perfectly through the middle, just put the condenser into the bottom of the DynaVap tip, and through the Half-Bowl Converter to push the CCD out. The Half-Bowl Converter may get a little stuck in there if it’s a bit dirty and there’s build-up, but some isopropyl alcohol will quickly remove the build-up and set the Converter free. Personally I just leave it in there permanently, throwing the whole tip, Converter, and CCD assembly into iso alcohol when it needs a clean.


Thicker hits and less bent CCDs

The Half-Bowl Converter has two unique benefits - one is that you’re going to go through far less CCDs and save money on replacements. The Converter provides a solid foundation that maintains the integrity of your CCD, meaning you don’t need to replace them anywhere near as often. Even if you have a CCD that has been bent out of shape a little you can just straighten it as best you can with your fingers, it doesn’t have to be perfect, then push it down into the DynaVap tip and onto the Half-Bowl Converter with a condenser to flatten it further and lock it into place.

The second benefit, and the most interesting one in my mind, is that the added titanium of the Half-Bowl Converter increases the thermal mass in the DynaVap tip, directly below the flower. Heating the tip at the bottom of the cap, which is where I usually heat mine, is going to delay the click by a couple of seconds, meaning that you’re going to get a hotter oven and a thicker hit. If you don’t want a thicker hit just apply the heat closer to the top of the cap like normal and it’ll mitigate any extra heat you can get from the Converter. Since I’ve had these in stock I have not set up a single DynaVap tip without using one, and I much prefer making use of that extra thermal mass because of what it does to my hits, I just love that extra thickness.

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Thanks so much for reading and watching guys, I really hope you enjoyed this look at the new Sneaky Pete Half-Bowl Converter.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky, and I’ll see you next time.

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