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Hey guys, it’s Sneaky Pete here and today I want to show you the Terp Torch.

This is a brand-new vaporizer that will be used with any 14mm water piece to give you a super powerful, really affordable, full-convection vaporizer.

Now, it certainly reminds you of a soldering iron, and that’s because this is built around one, however it’s super interesting with how they’ve approached this. 


When you buy the Terp Torch, you get a box that contains the main soldering iron section, and then another box that contains the modifications to turn it into a Terp Torch.

This soldering iron is not something that they just bought off the shelf; they tried a whole bunch of different pre-existing tools and ended up having one modified specifically by the manufacturer to suit this purpose.

Inside of the heart of a number of vaporizers you will find a very similar set up; they use a ceramic heating rod to provide the heating for the vaporization process. With this vaporizer, they simply took that concept and got it to its very roots with this ultra-simple design.

Aside from the Terp Torch itself, you also get a handy stir and tamping tool, as well as a glass piece that is 18mm female to 14mm male. It functions as your bowl and as a water pipe adaptor, and then you get a Keck Clip to hold it all together. 

It also includes a super basic little stand. I’d highly recommend considering the extra stand that they sell, I think it’s a must have accessory for this one, as this vape is hot and the stand is as perfunctory as can be.

Assembly & Preparation for First Use

This vaporizer comes unassembled. If you hate DIY projects then this might not be the vaporizer for you. I’m not the best at that kind of stuff so I was a little concerned, but after watching the assembly video it was actually super easy and took under two minutes.

I don’t think people are going to struggle with this one, and once you have completed the basic assembly process, it is good to go. Nothing else is needed from this point forward except to turn it on for 10 minutes at the highest temperature to burn off any manufacturing residue.


The Terp Torch itself is about 8 1/2 inches long, and if you’ve held a soldering iron you will be familiar with the weight and feel of it. The Torch has a digital display which indicates the temperature setting and tells you if the device is on or off, and then there’s also an LED on the light switch to help you see if the device is turned on.

The cord is really long, around 10 feet, and as long as you put your hands where they are supposed to be, it doesn’t get hot or difficult to handle.

I’m not sure why they went with this specific screen design; I find the holes to be quite large and if you stir your load when it is on your water piece, you can end up with all kinds a little bit of flower in the water which can be tough to clean in certain pieces.


This vaporizer is designed to be used with a water piece. You can’t use this one by itself unless you want to suck directly on the adapter, which I definitely wouldn’t recommend.

The bowl is pretty big, though, and the nice thing is that you can see your flower getting vaporized which really helps. If you want to fill it halfway, for example, that is no problem and it works well. If you want to go with a microdosing approach, just put a little bit of flower in the bowl, but make sure you use the included tool to tamp it down. If you have a large, full bowl you can get away without tamping it down, but the smaller the bowl you have, the more beneficial it becomes.

Turn on/Change temp

So, to turn it on, simply press the power button and it will start heating up to the last temperature that it set at. To turn it off, just press the same button.

The Terp Torch has nine different temperature settings. You can disregard the numbers on there, as you’re definitely not vaping at 700°F or 800°F, but instead use the number as a level set and learn what setting that you like. I would recommend starting on setting three or four. There is quite a range of temperatures within these settings, though it’s in the neighbourhood of 350-550°F.  It will really depend on your technique and how close the herb is to the torch, so it definitely takes you from very low to very high.

This vaporizer also features both a sleep mode as well as an auto shut-off. After 10 minutes of stationary non-use, The Torch goes into sleep mode.

In sleep mode, it retains a lower resting temperature, but it doesn’t retain that high temperature you have it set to. The really cool thing is that this has a motion sensor in it, and as soon as you pick up the torch it will start heating up to your temperature again right away.

I think this is a really smart safety feature to include on the device. It will take away some from the convenience, but overall, I think this is the smarter choice. If you don’t like this setting, you can easily go into the menu and tweak the default temps and the sleep mode function.

Heat up Time

According to the display the heat up time is very fast, but it definitely needs time before it’s ready to be used. That ceramic rod can provide the heat, but once the heat permeates the glass balls, you’re going to get way better functionality regardless of what temperature you want to use it. I would let it absorb the heat for at least three minutes, but five is an even better idea.

If the device is still turned on but has gone into sleep mode, I’ll usually set my watch timer for two minutes to let it reheat up to that perfect temperature before I hit it again.

Dry Herb Session

Let’s see how this one works. In between any temperature change, I’m going to let it heat soak for a few minutes so we can either move up or down between those specific temperatures. I’m also going to show you a couple of hits using an elevator water pipe adapter, as I think this vaporizer has tremendous potential for microdosing.

As a full convection vaporizer, you can get absolutely exceptional flavour from it. The vaporizer directs a stream of convection air onto your material, which is encased in glass sitting on that screen, so you are getting a super-clean air path and tremendous, pure flavour.

Also, because the device is pure convection, the effects match the flavour. When I was first getting into this one, it floored me a few times. A convection vape just hits differently, and in this one, you will have no problem getting to whatever level you prefer.

Finally, the efficiency is top notch, as long as you give your bowl a stir. I find that I don’t really like using a stir tool as much myself as it gets too much flower down into my water piece with these larger screen holes, so what I do is wait for the piece to be hot, remove the Keck Clip, and then take your bowl and just tap the side to give it a complete stir. The tamping tool definitely will help to get the most efficiency though, as it makes sure the air has to pass through your flower; just keep stirring and tamping.

What am I Liking?

There is a lot about the Terp Torch that I like, and the first thing is how much fun it is to use. I love vaporizers where you can actually see the flower as it gets vaped as it gives you a lot of information about the temperatures and technique that you are using and there’s a magic to the process when you watch it, and though this is a digital vape, it gives it a more analogue and tactile feel.

There is great convection performance from this device. The flavour potential is exceptionally pure, and with good flower that first hit is just loaded with terps. The effects are also staggering, if you want them to be. This one will put you on the floor at those higher temperatures.

Finally, it comes with a great value. The performance of the Terp Torch is a lot more like a powerful desktop vape than a portable, but the price is closer to a portable. This vaporizer has a regular price of around US$130, so as long as you have yourself a 14mm water piece you are set up for a lot of vaping for not a lot of money.

What Could be Improved

If you’re using this on a vertical joint, over time that could put a lot of stress on the cord. I haven’t noticed any signs of that yet, but sometimes I like to just hold my cord so that it doesn’t put any pressure on it, it just makes me feel more secure.

The power button does blink to let you know that it’s on, but as this has a hot exposed piece on it, I think it could have even more notifications. I would like to see a bright LED on this one when it’s on, or better yet, one that was on the entire time that the vape was hot, similar to an oven top telling you that it is still hot even though the burner may be turned off. A feature like that would be perfect and add further safety.

Finally, I consider the stand a must-have accessory. It makes it so much easier to use and I feel much more confident with it on this stand.

Overall First Impression

Overall, my primary thoughts are very positive with The Terp Torch. I like how they took an existing product that we are all familiar with, that already has that same key heating component you see in many devices, and turned that into a highly effective convection vaporizer.

The flavour is outstanding and the effects are really strong, this one has knocked me out of the park more than once in both of those categories.

A user would have to keep in mind that you have an exposed, hot, piece of metal here, similar to an enail, so be aware of that and be mindful when you’re using the device, but I haven’t found it a difficult one to handle at all when utilizing the stand.

Overall, I’m digging this one and I can’t wait to experiment with it more. My initial tests on microdosing have been very encouraging and I’ve really enjoyed using it for larger sessions as well.

Head to and to find The Terp Torch and then all of the other products you see me go over in my videos.

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  • Posted by Steve on

    Hey Pete quick question. In your terp torch review, what is the 2nd water piece you used in the video? It looks like the globe, but with a protective frame surrounding it. Is the frame sold separately, or a kit? Thanks for all work and information you provide to the vape community. I love the terp torch so far.

  • Posted by Sergei on

    Hey Pete, just got the terp torch from you, I was wondering if there was a way to get more of the glass balls? I saw on the 420vapezone review that you can add a few balls in there as mine are also rather lose and jingly, any idea where these balls could be acquired?

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