The Ultimate Guide to Clean Vaping: 6 Tools You Can't Live Without!

Keep Your Spot Clean

This may come as a surprise to you, but we freaking love vaping cannabis. Picking out a new strain from the store, using our favourite grinder and gear, buying new gear cos new is always better, the vaping itself, these are all next to godly experiences with each part carving out a special place in our hearts. Well, we’re sure you’re familiar with the saying that “cleanliness is next to godliness” and although cleaning, maintaining and organizing your bud and your collection may be painfully boring, we’ve put together a handy guide of six essential tools to clean your vaporizers and glass while making your daily use more organized as well.

ISO is a Must Have

First and foremost, make sure that you’re stocked up with 99% Isopropyl alcohol. Don’t waste your time with 70% or 91%, the viscosity and sheer thickness of residual THC buildup over time will need the absolute juice to keep it clean and 99% ISO is the solution. You really can’t have too much of this product on hand, you will absolutely use all of it. Typically, a solid ISO rinse and shake, coarse salt works great in combination with this, will clean most messes without the need to have it sit for hours or even overnight. We use ISO when cleaning all metal and glass goods, but we beg you not to use ISO on wood, it can have catastrophic effects to the finish.

Cotton Swabs, Not Just for Brain Itching

Did you know that you aren’t supposed to put a cotton swab into any body cavity that you can’t fit an elbow into? Please don’t test it. When dabbing, Cotton Swabs are our most often used cleaning tool. Concentrates tend to leave some residue behind, and the best and easiest way to keep it in premium condition is to give your dabbing surface a quick and thorough swish with a Cotton Swab. This will not completely save you from having to use high heats to eliminate leftovers, but it will make those occurrences far fewer and easier. We keep a case of swabs right next to our dab rig and it truly makes life, and cleaning your gear, simpler.

Articulated Cleaning Brushes Give 100% Coverage

Sometimes even a good swish with ISO isn’t enough to get into all the nooks and crannies of your favourite glassware, like our Raindrop or Jellyfish pipes that prove harder to clean than your standard beaker shaped bong. These glassware brushes were designed with wine decanters in mind, and they fit the needs of an awkward shaped piece of glass to the tee. Easily bendable, but still firm, these brushes are constructed from wires that are covered with a soft, non-scratch cleaning brush that will fit into the corners and percolators in your glass more thoroughly than just using ISO and coarse salt. After we’ve given our glass a soak in ISO, the Articulated Cleaning Brush works perfectly to pick up any leftover detritus without scratching your piece.

Silicone Mats for All Occasions

Weed crumbles. Dabs get dropped. Water gets spilled. Fun fact: people are clumsier when stoned, and you’re going to knock over items on your weed table. Think of a Silicone Mat in the same vein of an inanimate carbon rod: it’s innocuous, there’s countless uses for them and one day they’ll probably save you from a catastrophe. We have one of our Mats set up on our toke station where we’re using a MiniNail and a Freight Train, and if you’ve used either, you’re well aware of the residual mess you’re going to make through standard loading. Fortunately, not only with a Silicone Mat catch the debris and keep it off your surface, it’s also super easy to clean, coming out of the dishwasher brand new after your regular cycle. Adding a Silicone Mat to your set up, is an easy, cost-effective method to ensure the longevity of your counter tops; an important detail for those of us who rent.

Know Where Your Utensils Are

If you’re anything like us, you have a tacklebox worth of dental tools, dabbers, pokers and prodders to help make sure that all your cannabis ends where you want it to. Unfortunately for most, a tacklebox in your vape spot isn’t super aesthetically pleasing, and actually might raise some questions. Fortunately, this great rotating Utensil Organizer has everything you need to keep your small weed tools easy to find and access. This Organizer has four stable, non-stick legs and is divided into five sections for easy categorization. The body of the Organizer is made from durable ABS plastic and is waterproof for easy cleaning and peace of mind. Ours is currently packed with dab tools, a couple glass stems and adapters, and some spare 510 batteries. Nothing fancy, just a solid solution for storing paraphernalia on your desk.

Ideally, You Should Only Smell Your Weed While Vaping It

When weed has a healthy stank to it, that’s a good thing to a huge majority of us, but when everyone that stops by can smell it at once upon entering, well that’s just déclassé. There are many options available to deal with odour, like vacuum sealing or even just stuffing your weed case with Bounce, but as the high-class, discerning vapists that we are, there’s a much better solution available. This Smell Proof Storage Box is a decent size at 11” by 7.3” by 3.5”, and like a Pelican case, it has removable dividers inside that allow you to set it up to keep your specific device secure. This lockable box is also waterproof, dustproof, crush proof and shock proof so you can feel comfortable knowing that your device is fairly safe even if you accidentally drop this case. As an added bonus, they’ve included several common tools like an aluminum storage jar, a tray brush, a grinder and even a cone loader. If your vape doesn’t come with a proprietary case, or if that case is not great, this is a super cost-effective way to keep your weed smelling weedy and the rest of your house smelling like jasmine or lavender or what not. 

So, there you are, six of our most essential and often used tools that we use while cleaning all of our vapes, glass and such. Each object on this list is an everyday use type of thing, these aren’t obscure tools you’ll use once every four years. There’s an argument to be made that we use some of these cleaning tools and solutions more often than we use some of our vapes, and that’s probably a good thing.

Till next time, keep it green, keep it sneaky.