Tinymight 2 Vaporizer Review The Tinymight didn't need much improvement, but the Tinymight 2 delivers a noticeably better device in a multitude of ways.


Hey everyone, Sneaky Pete here and today I am really excited to bring you a review on the new Tinymight 2. The Tinymight 2 has some big shoes to fill as it is the successor to one of the best portable vaporizers maybe ever, the Tinymight, so we’re hoping for some substantial upgrades to be a worthy pick up. The good news is that they don’t lose sight of what made the original successful, keeping the solid foundation of its predecessor while offering an improved experience that will appeal to both new and current Tinymight users alike.


While the Tinymight is a gorgeous device, one thing you will notice immediately is that the looks on the Tinymight 2 have been improved across the board. Rather than oak, the wooden section is made from this gorgeous walnut, and not only does it look better, but the wood is way smoother and seems finished and more sophisticated compared to the raw look of the wood on the original. On top of the aesthetic, the walnut also adds superior heat insulating properties to keep your hand cooler while you are using it. The upper and lower metal caps are now brushed or textured instead of matte, and you’ll find this is more durable and resistant to scratching. So far, mine has held up well with daily use outside of my home.  

On the top of the device, you’ll now find a built-in multi-tool, and I love it when companies put this much thought into their engineering, plus, it’s a great little tool. You can use it to change the capacity of the bowl by moving the cooling units, stir or unload it, and even tamp down your load. It’s super handy to always have this available and the placement works great. The tool fits directly in the device, and it has these rewarding, non-decorative holes in it that enable the LED status light on the bottom of the device be seen from a bird’s eye view, an ingenious bit of design.

The temperature that you prefer is controlled with a dial on the bottom of the device that scales from 0-10, so you’ll have to experiment with the dial a bit to find your optimal temperature rather than just setting the degrees. Thankfully, the dial is way easier to manipulate than the original Tinymight, and it is in no way loose; just a really satisfying tightness. On the bottom cap, you’ll find the single button that controls everything, and it is an astonishing improvement over the previous unit where the button suffered from being squishy and it didn’t work great at certain angles, but thankfully, you’ll have no such issue with this iteration. 

The stems are held in place with an o-ring, and any additional stems or adapters that you have for the original Tinymight will work with the sequel. When you look down into the device you see a redesigned screen plate over the heater which provides a more even, complete vaporization when compared to the pronounced ring on the Tinymight. The Tinymight 2 is a reasonable sized portable vaporizer that fits nicely in the hand without being overly large, but the stem or tube will subtract from the pocketability because of the awkward shape. Luckily, you can always take the stem out, but it is an extra step.

The Tinymight 2 is slightly larger than the previous version in all dimensions and that provides the space for the improved internal elements, and a generally more robust, better insulated device. Without a stem, the Tinymight 2 stands at 3.5” tall, just under 1.5” wide, and weighs 185g. When you buy the Tinymight 2 it comes with everything that you’ll need, including: the device itself, a 55mm glass stem, a longer 80mm titanium stem that will provide some additional cooling in return for mobility, an 18650 battery with standard USB-C charging cable, a carrying pouch, as well as a spare parts kit including screens and o-rings. It’s rare when a company puts this much thought into both the device itself and what comes with it. Really top notch. 

Battery Life/Charging/Heat up time

The Tinymight 2 has an ideal battery usage and charging situation; you can charge the device via USB-C now which takes way less time than the original. Optionally, you can remove the battery and charge it in an external charger, or even swap it out with a spare to keep your session going infinitely. The original Tinymight has a similar setup, but micro-USB which is way slower, and the battery cap required a tool/coin to get off, which is a pain. The battery cap on the Tinymight 2, however, is easy to get off with just your fingers, no tool required, and it has a large obvious “positive” indicator, so you put it in the right way.

One of the best attributes of the Tinymight 2 is that it is truly on demand even at the higher temperatures. In my experience, the device will vibrate to communicate that it is ready to go in under 5 seconds consistently. You’ll find that there’s zero waiting around with this iteration; when it vibrates, it’s ready to go, and will pump out massive clouds in a hurry. The battery life is really quite impressive, but as you can use it different ways, your actual hits per charge will vary, but I’ll reckon you won’t be disappointed regardless. When I tested mine, I used the same temperature (7) for every hit and I enjoyed one hit at a time in on-demand mode, and I got just under 30 hits. Not too shabby.

How to use

The Tinymight 2 is just as easy to use at the original, and with the improved button I’d say it might be even easier. The first step you’ll take is to load your stem to the bowls’ capacity, if you load it halfway, it will affect the performance negatively. On the inside of the stems are the 2 metal cooling units that really help to cool things down, and you can also slide them up or down the stem to increase or decrease the bowl capacity. Next, place the stem into the unit and turn the dial to select your preferred temperature. If I am using it dry, I prefer temperature 6 or 7, but through a water piece, I tend to amp it up a bit and I’ll go to 8 or sometimes even 9. Both stems that are included work roughly the same, but I find the titanium stem offers more cooling with its longer length and the heat dissipating properties of titanium vs glass. 

There’s two ways to use the Tinymight 2, on demand or session style. On demand usage is one hit at a time and that’s what I use most often, I find it ideal for solo use. Session style keeps the heater on and at the chosen temperature so that you can hit it multiple times or for a more leisurely session, and this typically works better for group gatherings.

To use the on-demand mode, triple click the button to turn the device on. The Tinymight 2 will vibrate either 1-4 times to confirm that you have engaged the on-demand mode, and this also communicates the battery level. The 1-4 vibrations represent the level of battery fullness: If it’s almost dead, it’ll vibrate once, and if it’s totally full, 4 times. One additional feature that they added with the Tinymight 2 is a multi-coloured LED that also communicates the battery level. Depending on the battery level, the LED on the bottom (and through the multi tool as mentioned previously) will change between colours for better data. When the Tinymight 2 in on demand mode, the LED will blink to communicate that it’s in standby, and then the LED stays a steady colour when you are using it. When you’re ready to hit it, hold down the button until the Tinymight 2 vibrates to indicate that it’s reached your desired temperature, and then you’re ready to get going. When you’re finished with your hit, release the button, and either triple click it to turn it off or wait a few seconds and go back for round 2.

To use the Tinymight 2 in session mode, double click the device instead of triple clicking it. The device will still vibrate to indicate battery level, but after you’ll feel a long vibrate indicating that you’re in session mode. The device will heat up automatically in this mode; you’ll feel a vibration when it reaches your chosen temperature and then you can just partake at your leisure as it will remain at that temperature until you triple click it to turn it off. It’s not totally necessary, but it’s not a bad idea to give it a stir in between hits to maximize the potential vaporization.

Extraction quality (taste, smoothness, size, effects)

The Tinymight is known far and wide for its extraction capabilities, and the Tinymight 2 carries on that tradition admirably. With the Tinymight 2 you are provided with 100% convection vapour, meaning that all the vaporization is happening from warm air being passed through your material which is the superior method of consumption and my preference as well. The resulting taste is fantastic with the pure, direct airpath. I found the hits to be super terpy at the lower temperatures and then ramping off as it gets hotter.

When using the Tinymight 2 with even the smaller glass stem it is surprisingly smooth. The previously mentioned cooling units in the stem do a remarkable job at reducing the harshness, I wouldn’t recommend using the system without them. If you find that you are using session mode more than on-demand though, the cooling units can only absorb so much heat, so it’ll be harsher with longer sessions or at higher temperatures.

The size of the hits are legendary; the Tinymight 2 has an ‘Instagram worthy’ sort of output for a vaporizer. The airflow is super free flowing and unrestricted so you can rip it as hard as you’re able to, and it’ll produce the vapour to match. And an alert for cloud chasers: this is the portable vaporizer for you. As you can probably guess, with the 100% pure convection vapour, the unrestricted airflow and massive hit sizes, the effects are substantial with the Tinymight 2. I find one hit is almost always enough for me, as they are not only huge but strong as well. Honestly, the super satisfying hits are one of the main reasons to purchase this device. If you’re not a cloud chaser or aren’t looking to break any land speed records, you can use it at a lower temperature for smaller output and reduce the bowl size to a micro rather than a macro dose to emphasize less, rather than more.


The efficiency on the Tinymight 2 is incredibly solid. The ability to reduce your bowl size to really small for best efficiency, or have a massive bowl is super liberating and convenient. The strong ring of more vaped material we saw on the Tinymight has all but been eliminated, meaning that stirring it is way less necessary than it was with the original. If you stir your material and ramp up the temperature, the ABV will be a nice consistent brown with most active material fully vaporized.

This is a super convenient vaporizer system to use. The stems are the only thing that requires cleaning, and that’s super easy. To clean them, all you need to do is soak them in ISO, rinse them under a tap, and then dry them in front of a fan to fully clean them. The Tinymight 2 is easy to load and unload, and you can even use dosing capsules in the stem to make things even easier and lower the amount of maintenance needed. Operating the one button mechanism with two distinct setups is effortless to use and easy to remember if you haven’t use it for a while. There’s no difficult technique required to learn to hit it and you can choose how you enjoy it; go low and slow or rip it as hard as you want, it’ll work great either way. With the ease of use, built in stirring/unloading tool, and instant on-demand action, the Tinymight 2 is great for a first timer but with the performance that it offers, it’s just as appealing to an advanced user.


I freaking love the beautiful design update with the Tinymight 2. The wood looks way better and is smoother, the ends caps are more resilient to scratches and retain that new appearance, the battery door is easy to take off without a coin, and the button is no longer squishy. These are some huge wins across the board.

The vapour quality is absolutely exceptional. The pure convection vapour means the terps come screaming through the vapour at lower temperatures, the device delivers massive hits easily in mere seconds, and the effects are remarkably strong to boot.

The Tinymight 2 offers a super easy experience that appeals to beginners and experts alike. The on-demand nature is the best way to vape, because no one wants to wait a minute to hit it. Also, it’s easy to load and clean, the interface is dead simple, and it’s great that it has both on demand and session mode.


It’s not a cheap device, registering at the high end of the pricing you will see for portables, but it is handmade from natural materials in Finland which will cost more, rather than being mass produced in China like you find with many cheaper devices.

If you have weed on your multitool, you’ll be depositing it right into the device, and I’m not sure how you, or if you, can get that out. Make sure that the tool is clean before insertion (TWSS).

For the price, they could include more accessories. A water pipe adapter would have been a great inclusion as the device rocks through water. Also, I’d rather get the titanium stem and a water pipe adapter rather than glass stem, but that’s just preference.

Overall thoughts

The Tinymight 2 is just what I wanted to see in an updated device. They improved substantially upon the look of the device, added a multitool, and fixed details like the button and battery cap which were a pain. The device is super portable and easy to take with you, especially with the inclusion of the untreatable titanium stem. The on-demand action is beyond expectations, and the vapour quality and quantity will satisfy even the most hardcore users.

In a perfect world, I would like to see a slight price drop and swap the glass stem out for a water pipe adapter, and other wood choices would be welcome for greater customization. Overall, it’s a hard to beat, easy to carry package that delivers excellent vapour quality in massive quantity with only a few seconds to heat up.

Thanks so much for watching guys I really appreciate it.


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