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This week on Vape Talk, some Q & A

What was my favourite part of CHAMPS? 

    If you haven’t seen the video from my trip to Las Vegas for the CHAMPS Tradeshow check it out here.  Every time I go, I am hoping there will be ten new vape announcements, but that’s not really what the show is for.  The best part for me was meeting all the other vape reviewers and the manufacturers.  It’s surreal meeting people you’ve only seen online and hanging out with everyone having vape sessions was a blast.  Meeting people in person really changes things and it was an amazing experience.

How much water should I put in my piece? 

    Simple answer:  as much as you can.  The whole point of vaping through water is to cool and filter the vapour, so more water will cause more conditioning.  That said, everyone has a different max level because it’ll really depend on how you hit, your draw speed, things like that.  Naturally, the size of the piece will matter also.  When I get a new piece, I rinse it thoroughly so it’s clean, then I add water and do some test hits with a vape in the joint and with it removed.  If you get splashed, pour a little out and repeat until you don’t get splashed any more.

Can I vape half a load and come back to it later? 

    I am asked this very often.  Yes, you absolutely can leave a half-vaped bowl and return to it later.  I’ve come back to bowls that have been sitting partially vaped for weeks and they still hit just fine.  However, I don’t recommend doing this just because.  I think of it like food.  It is always best when it’s freshest.  Re-vaping is sort of like microwaving the leftovers.  The flavour diminishes significantly after the first session, so while you may still get active ingredients and some vapour, it probably won’t be the tastiest.

What are you currently vaping? 

    The G43 by Vape Critic has been getting work lately.  He’s a reviewer that developed this himself based on what he wanted in a vape.  It is a full convection 510 thread mod vape that works with either a J-hook or 18mm female water piece.  The mod runs power down into wires encased in small glass beads.  The beads accumulate a ton of heat and they shape the airflow to create amazing convection.  See the video for a “how to use”.  I’ve been getting some massive rips and the convection vapour from the G43 is incredibly potent.

    The PCKT One Plus is a new cartridge battery that works with either their proprietary SPRK Cartridge or a vast majority of the 510 carts out there.  It feels great in your hand and is machined from a single piece of aluminium so it feels bulletproof.  There are two batteries that give the PCKT One Plus a whopping 660mAh life.  I haven’t charged mine since getting it and the light is still indicating green.  It has three power level settings and it is both inhale AND button activated so whichever method you prefer for any given situation is available.

    The New Silo is an improved version of the classic Silo by Interplanetary Development.  Compared to the previous model, the new one has been improved in a lot of ways.  It is now made from stainless steel, the interior is lined with silicone to prevent rattling, and there is a strong magnet on top to hold your DynaVap Cap.  The New Silo is available in either regular or XL size, with the only difference being a longer lid for the XL to accommodate 109mm DynaVaps.  Some people will be disappointed to see that the herb storage chamber has been removed, though it looks like that could easily be added in the future.  Get a New Silo from either or to go along with your new 2019 DynaVap M.

    Finally, the Magic 710 and V-Mod are a couple more cartridge vapes I’ve been using lately.  They’re both made by a company called VapMod.  The Magic 710 is a stealthy little number.  It is inhale activated and comes in five different colours.  It looks like a miniature CCell Palm while still packing 380mAh for over 300 hits.  I really like pairing the Magic 710 with a 0.3ml cartridge for max discreetness. 

    The V-Mod is a bit larger and heavier, but it has a ridiculous 900mAh battery that is rated to last several decades on a single charge (probably 😉).    It has three power settings and is button activated to pre-heat your cold carts.  They include a 1.2ml refillable cartridge with the V-Mod but it can still accept most any 510 threaded replacement like the CCell.  You can get both of these sweet new cartridge vapes right here.

    Check out and to find the best vaporizers, glass, accessories, plus an ever-growing review section to keep you completely informed on all things vape related.



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