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First, some recent questions from viewers and customers:

What was my favourite video?

    It’s funny looking back through all my old videos, things look so different a few years later.  For example, in my old Pax 2 review, I spoke like an auctioneer on Ritalin.  Thankfully, that’s slowed down.  My first personal favourite is the Face Reveal video because I spent a lot of time planning and editing for that one.  My second is the Vaping vs. Smoking video since it has a ton of views and comments from folks that I’ve never met saying this video introduced them to vaping and/or helped them to quit smoking.  Feedback like that from people like you means everything to me.

How do you empty out a cartridge?

    Occasionally, a cart can get roasted if the oil doesn’t have enough time to soak in, or the cart can just malfunction.  If this happens it’s still pretty easy to recover most of the oil inside.  Use pliers etc. to hold the cartridge and warm it up with a hairdryer.  Go about 30 seconds, you want the oil to be runny, so it’ll flow more easily.  Then insert a syringe into the cart and pull back on the plunger to extract the warm oil.  This will get the majority of what’s easily available, and it’s usually about all I do.  If you want to try to save more, hold the cart at an angle and heat it back up.  Oil remaining in the tank or heater will try to drain out, so make sure you have a place for it to collect.  This is a good amount of extra work that probably won’t return much more oil but depending on your situation it may be worth the added effort.

What am I currently vaping on?

    The Lucky Bear

    This is a cool little cartridge vaporizer that’s very portable.  It also has a clever aesthetic design that’s unBEARably cute (sorry).  The Lucky Bear is only 2” tall and less than 1” wide, so it’s tiny even compared to a CCell Palm or Silo.  Despite the small stature, there is still a powerful 550mAh battery at the heart of the Lucky Bear plus button operation so no need to prime carts.  The open-body design is flexible enough to accept every different cartridge I’ve tried so far.  If it’s 510 threaded, it’ll screw in and work.  There’s just one temp setting and 5 clicks turn it on and off with one click to activate for a hit.

    Mega Globe / C-250

    Our first custom-made glass piece ever was the Globe / C-150.  It’s been my most used water tool for a long time.  It has also been very popular with our customers.  The one thing that’s been asked for more than anything else is a larger version.  We listened.

    The Mega Globe/C-250 is significantly bigger than the original.  It holds over twice as much water, making it heavier and much more stable with big vapes.  The added water also cools hits more completely with an upgraded matrix percolator that tears through huge hits with ease.  The Mega Globe/C-250 now comes with a glass mouthpiece included plus a silicone whip featuring an updated 90° glass elbow connection that makes the rig even more difficult to unintentionally knock over.  This piece comes with everything you need for cooling and conditioning your vapour straight out of the box - just add water.


    This is a rebuildable drip atomizer (RDA) setup for vaping concentrates.  It’s made by BB Vapes Brvnd in Canada, and it vapes concentrates exceedingly well.  It’s basically a platform for RDAs, which are cheap to replace or even rebuild if you want.  This type of system is growing in popularity quickly because it’s so owner friendly and replacing RDAs is so affordable and flexible.  They also put off large and tasty hits with ease. 

    I’ve been using it at a low temp to really capitalize on its ability to keep the concentrate's flavour profile, usually around 12 – 15 watts, and when the RDA is nice and clean the vapour flavour is about as good as you can find anywhere.  The TRVP ATTY can be used dry with its included glass mouthpiece, or it can be used with our Splinter Water Pipe Adapter on top then through a water tool like our Sceptre.  If you like concentrates and you’re a flavour chaser like me, you should check out an RDA setup, and the TRVP ATTY is a good one.  It’s also very affordable to get into and maintain.

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