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First, a few answers to questions we've received:

What's going on with YouTube?

As much as I wanted and planned to come back to YouTube, I'm not sure that's going to happen.  From what I've learned, it sounds like the only way to avoid getting your videos taken down is to not include any usage shots, any concentrate, any cartridges, or any close-ups of the flower itself.

That would mean I'd have to film two different versions of any video; a good version that goes on my sites, and a second, watered down version for YouTube.  It's not the extra work that I mind: it's posting content that's not up to my standards.

It goes without saying it's tough to demonstrate a vaporizer when you can't show yourself using it, and I don't want to create compromised content for you guys, so, please head to or to see all my videos in their sinful glory.

What am I doing for 4/20?

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I have really not done anything outside of the house for the last few 4/20's.  I have certainly celebrated them and enjoyed myself, but I do that at home. 

With what's going on in the world right now I do not foresee a lot of 4/20 celebrations going on, and I don't think I'd be attending one even if there was, so this year I'll definitely be staying at home.

I'd like to think of something a little special to do so we can celebrate in a different way.  Maybe go old school and just roll up a big one, or else I'll make myself a bit of a super Vape bowl and rip that hard.  And maybe I'll mix in a little edible action!  Should be a good time.

Should you get the new 2020 M?

This is always a tough question, and it is even tougher as so many people have the DynaVap M by now.

I can say that the new 2020 M is a substantial improvement on the last model.  It ushers in a number of new features that offer a noticeable upgrade on any of their previous models.

As this is still a very cost-effective vaporizer, I can definitely recommend purchasing this one if you are on the fence.  I think even if you have a previous version of the M, you are really going to like both the improvements in the performance of this new model, as well as the new look.  I think this is by far the nicest looking one they've ever made.

Currently Vaping

Tetra P80 by Iamart

The P80 is a full convection powerhouse that outputs huge vapour clouds with incredible flavour, thanks it its primarily glass air/vapour path.

The device itself is essentially a box mod that is combined with the vaporizer to make it a one piece unit that is covered in a beautiful customizable wooden shell.  It's reminiscent of something like the Splinter, which I really like, but the P80 then takes all the guesswork out, making is super easy to use.

As much as I like the Splinter, it really is like getting a homework project.  You have to get your own mod and then figure out how to dial it in properly, whereas with the P80 you don't need to go through any of that.

There are a few different modes you can run it in, but I prefer the warm-up mode as I find I get the most consistent results and you don't need to worry about getting it too hot as the temperature will self regulate.

O'Connell Woodworks

O'Connell Woodworks make a number of different butane vaporizers.  He makes them all in house, and you can customize exactly how you'd like your vape to appear by adding your own logo or name.

I have a few different models in a variety of colours, but today I"m going to talk about the Bubblegum OHV.

This vaporizer is cool because he made it so you can use it with one of our bubble straws for very easy and straightforward water cooling.

The Bubblegum OHV sells for $110, and if you know how to use a Sticky Brick you know how to use this.  Even if you don't know, it's not hard to figure out.

Sneaky Pete Wipes, CCell M3 Mini

We've added a couple of new products to the website.  First up are the new Sneaky Pete and Great White Wipes.

The wipes come in a box of 50, and are 99% isopropyl alcohol.  Not scents or additives, just pure de-ionized water and 99% isopropyl alcohol.

They come individually wrapped so they won't dry out, and when you open one of them it unfolds to an expansive 15 x 20 cm, plenty large enough for some serious cleaning jobs.

I use these to freshen up my vapes, my glass, and then I usually finish it off by cleaning my cell phone for good measure.  These wipes are a versatile and super handy item to have around.

Next up is the M3 Mini.  The M3 battery by CCell is a really popular model as it doesn't get any easier to use a cartridge than with this model.

You simply charge it up, screw your cartridge on, and inhale.  There are no settings or buttons to use; simply inhale to operate.

The new M3 Mini brings that same easy experience down to an even smaller package.  The M3 Mini is about 20% smaller than the regular M3, but it still packs a 200mAh battery, so you get a significant amount of hits before you need to recharge it.

I've been taking this one with me a lot lately as I really love the tiny size, especially when you pair it up with the 0.3mL cartridge.  This is the perfect choice when stealth is a factor.  And you are not going to get this much potential effect in a smaller package:  watch how this one rips.

Verified® Vapes and Cartridges

I want to show you these new Verified Glass Cartridge with their Nova battery that we just started carrying.  Everybody knows CCell cartridges by now as they are a ubiquitous brand, but I really like a few of the things that Verified are doing.

Verified isn't just the name brand: it's a statement of quality, as these cartridges have been designed with health and purity in mind.

Each cartridge receives an intense ultraviolet light bath that completely sterilizes is before it gets packaged, which, given the state of the world, is awesome.  They have have a strictly controlled supply chain; they have batch codes for each batch of cartridges that they make so they can trace them, and all of the hardware is made in ISO certified facilities.  They also include heavy-metal testing that exceeds North American requirements for purity.

We carry them in a glass style cartridge in a 0.5 mL or 1 mL size, and then you can select either a black or white ceramic mouthpiece to pair with them.

While they work with pretty much any 510 cartridge battery like the super popular CCell Palm or Silo, they also have their own battery called the Nova.  The Nova is a pen style battery that charges by micro USB.  It has three selectable temperatures, button rather than inhale control, as well as hands-free preheat mode if you prefer.

Head to or to see all my review videos, and you can also find most of the products that you see in the reviews.



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    Hey Skeaky Pete. J Poulin here. I turn 50 years old this Friday, April 3rd. Really wanted an induction heater for my Dynanerd Dynavap ass . Would really love a portside mini. Having a hard time making that happen. Anything avenue I am missing? Appreciate your time.
    Had big plans

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