Vape Talk Ep. 41 | Firewood 7, Dr. Dabber Boost Evo, Herb Ripper | Sneaky Pete's Vaporizer Reviews

Hey guys, welcome to this special Christmas episode of Vape Talk, I want to show you a lot of stuff today so let’s get right into it.

Firewood 7 portable vaporizer

Recently I’ve been using the Firewood 7, it’s a pretty unique vaporizer. It’s a hand crafted wooden on demand vaporizer that features a mixture of conduction and convection heating. It’s a very compact vape that quickly produces thick vapor.

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A large panel on the side slides out to reveal the replaceable 18650 battery, as well as the bowl, which is decently large. On the opposite side you’ll find a little slider which pushes up to reveal the internal glass mouthpiece. It’s impressive that this is all made from wood because it’s quite intricate, even the slider and the button are made from wood.

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It’s a really easy-to-use vaporizer once you have it set up, all you do is hold the button down, it’ll vibrate once to indicate that it’s heating up, then once it vibrates a second time it’s ready for you to inhale. The way you hit it will affect how it operates, but it’s not hard to get good vapor in a hurry from this one.

Although it does not feature a display screen, it still includes three temperature presets that you can modify in 10° increments. There can be a ton of button pushing required to set these up unfortunately. For example: to set a preset at 390°C (where I like it), you click the button four times, it’ll vibrate four times to let you know it’s in preset modification mode, then you click it three times to set the 300°C, it’ll vibrate three times to confirm, then you click the button nine times to add the 90°C and it’ll vibrate nine times to confirm, then it’s set. It’s not too difficult, but you’ll want the manual nearby while you’re setting it up.

Arizer High Airflow Coil Stem

The Arizer High Airflow Coil Stem will deliver some of the most extreme cooling possible to your Arizer vaporizer short of integrating water into your setup. The vapor path of this stem is 12” long, and it has glass nipples to increase the cooling effect. There is also a carb hole which will allow you to clear the stem, or you can leave it open for even more cooling and airflow. Notches cut out of the bowl, as well as airflow grooves add to the airflow and cooling even further.

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The Micro Bandit Orion Edition

The Micro Bandit Orion Edition was designed to give you the biggest water cooling piece that will fit in the Orion portable induction heater’s case. The case has a large cut out area which also fits a standard Micro Bandit. This larger Orion Edition of the Bandit adds about 40% extra water capacity, which significantly increases your cooling and slots perfectly into the case. You can also use it dry and still enjoy a reduced cooling effect. It’s designed to fit onto a DynaVap, but you can also use a Master Adapter to utilize it with pretty much any other vape.

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The Pass Through Adapter

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The Pass Through Adapter is a super handy addition to almost any set up. The top of the adapter is a 14mm female joint and the bottom is a 14mm male joint, so this one isn’t going to change your input or output size. It adds a layer between your vape and your water piece, which is nice as it’s going to add some cooling, but it’s also a layer of safety similar to a drop down adapter. The really cool thing about this adapter though, is the 10mm female joint on the side which can be plugged with the included 10mm glass stopper. You can leave the stopper off and feather it with your finger to use it as a carb, leave it permanently open to increase airflow, or you can even put a DynaVap in there to double your vapor production and really blow your head off.

Dr Dabber Boost EVO portable dab rig

Lately I’ve been using the Dr. Dabber Boost Evo, I’m just going to give you a quick look, if you wanna see a full review for this one please let me know in the comments. The Boost Evo is a portable dab rig that has some pretty cool features. It has pass through USB-C charging which will give you around 60 hits on a single charge, it heats up in around 11 seconds, you get six built in temperatures, and it also has a cool LED light show that has five different options.

The atomizer is attached with magnets, and rather than being ceramic it’s fully quartz, which is great to see. The glass piece is quite small, so you won’t get a ton of water in this one, it attaches to a metal connector by way of a silicone gasket, and then that connector snaps very firmly onto the base with magnets.

The air path goes directly from the quartz bowl into the water piece, rather than passing through silicone or metal, which I really like. The shape of the glass doesn’t allow for a carb cap, instead it has an airflow release valve which works really well. When you have your finger just resting on it you get very little additional airflow, but as you press it in the airflow increases until it’s basically wide open once it’s fully depressed. Overall I’ve been pretty happy with this one and I think it’s a nice alternative to something like the Peak Pro.

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Herb Ripper grinder

The Herb Ripper is a super high-quality grinder that is made from stainless steel rather than aluminum like most other grinders. You can tell it’s made from a different material the second you pick it up, this thing is way heavier than you would expect (in a very good way), it feels rock solid.

It’s available in either a three-piece or four-piece variation, and if you buy the four piece you can also use it as a three-piece if you like. With the four-piece variation you get a little ball bearing to help collect the kief in the bottom layer, as well as a pick for scraping the grinder.

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It has what is called fire hose threading, meaning that the layers connect securely but don't take a lot of turns to detach. The teeth are super sharp and they feel really strong, even when it’s totally full it cuts through the flower very easily. 

I’m actually digging using a four piece grinder again because flower is so strong these days that collecting a little of the good stuff for later isn’t a terrible thing. You can get this grinder in either the standard, mini, or XL size, it just depends on your needs and which you prefer. The XL is a large and heavy grinder, while the mini is tiny, the standard one is a good compromise and is the most popular.

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Head to and to find all of the products and accessories that you see me go over in my video.

Thanks so much for watching/reading everyone, have an awesome Christmas.