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Vapir Prima | Extended Review & User Guide | Sneaky Pete's Vaporizer Reviews from Sneaky Pete 


The Vapir Prima is a unique looking vaporizer designed for use with both dry herb and concentrate.  It features a huge 3200maH user-replaceable battery, and a completely removable vapor path for easy, complete cleaning.  Vapir is one of the original manufacturers in this space, they have been making vaporizers since 1997!  Is this a worthy new addition to their lineup?  Does it work as well for both dry herb and concentrate?  Join me as I answer these questions and many more!


0:22 Components Of Unit

2:25 How to Charge

3:03 How to Use

3:35 Heat up Time

5:46 Concentrate Demonstration 

7:07 Dry Herb Demonstration

8:33 Cleaning


11:10 Battery Life 

11:39 Heat Up Time

12:04 Taste

13:08 Harshness

13:28 Smell

13:57 Ruggedness 

14:23 Efficiency 

15:13 Stealth Factor 

15:34 Effects 

16:00 Price

16:26 Favorite Things

17:47 Gripes

18:54 Final Thoughts

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