Venty Vaporizer Review The Venty is one of the best portable vaporizers available, with incredible smoothness and unmatched airflow, created through German design and engineering.


Storz & Bickel’s VENTY Brings Desktop Power to a Portable

Hey everyone, today we want to bring you a review on the VENTY from Storz & Bickel. Storz & Bickel rarely release new devices, the MIGHTY+ was released many years after the MIGHTY for example, so they have a very intentionally unhurried product release cycle but when they do have something new come out, it's quite exciting, so we want to show you the VENTY in depth.

First, let's talk about the size and composition. The VENTY is the tallest portable in the Storz & Bickel lineup, you could even say it’s the biggest portable on the market but then you can also make the argument that the MIGHTY is wider than the VENTY, so it's just different shaped. Overall, we would describe it as tall and narrow; it comes in at 0.56 lb and it's 6.18” tall 2.17” wide and then the depth is 1.46”. It's definitely a handful but it feels really nice, sturdy and sits naturally in your hand.

The VENTY is made from that same plastic that S&B make the MIGHTY, CRAFTY, and all of their other portable units from. Keep in mind, though we describe it as being made out of plastic, it is a food grade, heat resistant, non-heat conductive plastic and if feel feels very solid in your hand. The VENTY is made out of two main components: the primary vaporizer unit itself and then the cooling unit that you can straight up replace if you want to have that brand new device kind of feeling, or you could even replace just the mouthpiece or specific elements inside of the cooling unit as well.

When you purchase the VENTY, it comes in a box that includes a few extras alongside the vaporizer. It is packed with a few replacement screens as well as O-rings, there’s a stirring and packing tool, a USB-C to USB-C cable as well as one of those awesome little paint brushes to get all the kief out of your grinder. Inside of the VENTY proper, you get dual 18650 batteries and that's going to provide roughly 80 to 90 minutes of real-world use and that equates to about 10 to 12 bowls. The primary factors that are going to dictate your battery life are: what temperature are you using the device at, and then how long your actual sessions are. With the VENTY, you get USB-C charging, and it has supercharger capabilities meaning you can get to an 80% charge in only 40 minutes if you're using a powerful enough charger; aim for something like the power brick you're going to use to charge an iPad or a laptop rather than just plugging this into your laptop directly.

The Freest Airflow Around

We've taken a look at the device, we've gone over some basics, but what makes the VENTY so special in the Storz & Bickel lineup? First, the VENTY has a dial on the side and this it provides what they refer to as adjustable airflow. It's an infinite dial, meaning you can adjust it however you want, but it has marks at one, two, and three denoting low, medium, and high air flow. When we've experienced adjustable air flow in the past, it felt like the feature was dictating the ratio of vapour to fresh air, but the VENTY is actively measuring how much air you’re drawing through the device and this leads to a very consistent vapour level, regardless of your air flow. It really changes how the device feels and works, but not how it functions or outputs. You can get great results at any airflow setting, but it is just so much more comfortable to draw from when you have it to that wide open or even close to wide open setting.

Flowmeter + Powerful Engine Help the VENTY Keep Up with All Your Draws

The VENTY has a totally redesigned heater that provides a mixture of convection and conduction vaporization and because of that newly designed heater, the software they use, and the power of the batteries, you can get to temperature in an impressive 20 seconds. The new heater they have included is certainly powerful and can't be underestimated, and they’ve coupled it with something they call the flow meter. The intention of the flow meter is to sense how hard and how fast you're drawing and then kick the heater up to match the negative output that you're placing on the heater naturally by drawing. Essentially, you're drawing, and it increases the power of the heater to keep the device at that same temperature that you have it set at, regardless of what your airflow setting is at and how hard you're drawing on the device. We’ve never seen this done with other devices, at least not done to the effectiveness that the VENTY can do.

Storz & Bickel have also done quite a bit of work on the cooling unit. The unit itself now has two layers to give you a much more extended air path. They have an additional screen to filter out any little bits of material and it's also double walled, meaning that the inside is going to get hot, but the outside is not. One thing that people love about Storz & Bickel products is how easy they are to use and the VENTY is borderline foolproof: there's really no going wrong with it. All you need to do is take the cooling unit off and then you can load the oven directly with flower. S&B have used the same ceramic lined oven that they've been using in their other portables. Or, if you prefer, you can use dosing capsules. Dosing capsules make it very easy to load and unload your device and they even lessen the necessary maintenance as well. Not everyone likes dosing capsules, and it doesn't include one, but if you're a dosing capsule fan, I would go that route.

Once you have your VENTY loaded up, put your cooling unit back on and then press the large orange button on the side of the device. Pressing that button one time turns the device on and you're going to see that it's automatically has the same temperature setting that it was set to the previous time and it's going to heat up to that temperature in 20 seconds. It will vibrate and turn green when it reaches temp to notify you. The VENTY includes a multicoloured display on and it is quite nice, going between blue, green, and orange depending on exactly what you're doing.

Incredibly Easy to Use - Like All S&B Vapes

When the VENTY has notified you that it is at temperature, all you need to do is inhale, that's it.  You can draw slow, don't draw slow, don't draw fast; draw however you like, and it is going to compensate and adjust with the heater and flow meter to provide the hit that you're after, no matter how you prefer to use it. The VENTY offers single degree temperature control; you can hold the buttons either up or down and the digits on the display moves very fast. The hunting numbers don’t move in tens, they move in single degrees, but you can go all the way down to 104° Fahrenheit and then all the way up to 410° Fahrenheit. We use our VENTY slightly warmer than typical because it's just so smooth. We usually do our first session around 370 and then kick it up to around 390 maybe even 400 for subsequent sessions. It does have an auto turn off, so it will turn off by itself after a bit or if you prefer, whenever you're done your session, just press that same button on the side and it's going to power down.

The VENTY does have Bluetooth capabilities and a Bluetooth app that is completely optional. By no means do you have to use the app, but you can, and it gives you additional settings and functions. It's super easy to use and if you're wondering about how to set your VENTY up and use it with an app, especially if you have an iPhone, we have a video dedicated to that and it goes over the app in detail so check it out if that describes you. We feel like the app is the icing on the cake, it's really not needed unless you want to modify your boost or your super boost.

Let’s talk boost. When you press the button on the side once, it's going to turn the device off and on but if you double click it, it's going to activate the super boost function. You can see us activate it in the video, and you’ll see the temperature went up to 397 and then if we double click it a subsequent time, it goes up to super super boost and that's all the way to 410. If we double click it again, it's going to return to the temperature that we started at. This is a super handy feature; we use it all the time. We typically use it on our second session, and just raise the temperature up to the absolute max that we have set to get whatever remnants of the vapour. Next, just toss that dosing capsule or load out and put a new one in.

The Smoothest Vapour Around, and Lots of It

Now features are important, but the vapour itself is imperative and the vapour on the VENTY is tremendous. We just can’t get over how smooth it is, it is by far the smoothest Storz & Bickel portable we’ve ever used and one of the smoother portables on the market. In between the air flow that it can achieve and the effectiveness of the cooling unit, it results in a really smooth overall hit and you're not getting the scratchiness of the Bickel tickle, as they like they call it, that you can get when you're ripping a long MIGHTY+ session. At the higher temps, the VENTY is so smooth that we really feel like you don't need to run the VENTY through water although we’re going to anyways. But with this device, we feel like water is more of a want and not a need. The flavour of the vapour is really good at lower temperatures and when you get to the higher ones, you're going to run through that flavour way faster, but it doesn't get coloured or modified by any of the materials they use at all.

In terms of the vapour output on the VENTY, it's great. It truly excels if you want to go up to those higher temperatures and open up the air flow; draw as long as you want, draw as hard as you want, and you'll be blowing out surprising huge clouds, but you don't feel the need to cough like you normally do. The vapour on the VENTY is one of its top features and this is coming from a long list of features that we’re really liking.

Favourite Things About The VENTY

If we had to list our favourite things about the VENTY, the first one is going to be the air flow. Not only do you get adjustable air flow that lets you control the sort of experience you're going to have, but at the fully open position you get incredibly free air flow. When you hear that the air flow is 20L a minute, you really don't know what that means, but when you use the VENTY on wide open, your eyes are opened as well: there’s pretty much no draw resistance at all.

The next feature that we love is the incredibly cool vapour. The upgrades that they've done to the cooling unit, from giving it that extended air path to the double walled insulation seem to improve the experience overall. When you're adding the cool vapour to the free air flow that’s available, the result is some of the least harsh vapour we've ever had enjoyed from a portable.

The final feature we love that we want to highlight is the battery. With those dual 18650s, you’re able to enjoy several long sessions before you're going to need to charge your VENTY. There is a battery readout directly on the screen and it has USB-C charging with the super charge capabilities, so this is a great one to take with you fully charged when you're heading out for a day or even for a weekend. We’d say that it's at the higher end of what you should expect from a portable and then to wrap it all up, the VENTY has that manufacturing pedigree. Storz & Bickel don’t make or sell cheap devices, they only make high-end devices, and they wouldn't put their name on it if they didn't think it was up to snuff. Sure, they are expensive devices, but we really do think that you're getting what you pay for from S&B, especially with this one.

Least Favourite Things About The VENTY

So, what might need some work? Well, the design is a bit polarizing: you might like it, you might dislike it, you might not really care, but there is a large contingent of people that don't seem to like the tall and narrow design. We think that it's really comfortable to hold in your hand, and it's not unstable but it's just one of those devices that you just might not like how it looks. Next, we think that they could improve the tolerance on the cooling unit slightly. We always feel like ours just sits like a 16th of an inch out of alignment, ever so slightly perceptible, but if they tweaked it a little bit, it would just snap into place and we think that for a device of this price, this complaint could be sorted.

We hear they’re going to fix our final complaint with a software patch, but until that’s done, the implementation and actual process of the super boost function isn’t great. We don't love how they implemented the super boost because although it's very easy to activate super boost, a quick double click and the device races to whatever temperature you want, but after a period of time, it drops back down to the pre-set temperature and it doesn't alert you that it does so; it doesn't just stay at the boosted temperature which is what should happen in the first place. The reason it should stay at the boosted temperature is that if you're hitting it at 390, and then it jumps back down to 370, you're not really going to get any vapour after the temperature dips, because you've already been hitting the device at 390. Essentially, when you reach the boost temperature, it should just stay there until you choose otherwise.

An Almost Perfect Portable Vaporizer if You Have the Cash

What are our final thoughts on the VENTY? Overall, we absolutely love this device; it really is in a lot of ways like a portable volcano. The VENTY provides desktop caliber vapour, not only in terms of the quality but also output from something that's very, very portable. When we first heard about the adjustable air flow, we thought it was just going to be a gimmick like what we've seen before in other devices, but this works differently. The adjustable air flow on the VENTY, coupled with the flow meter and powerful heater all combine together to give you the incredible experience that you get from the VENTY. It’s definitely not the smallest device in the world, nor the cheapest, it doesn’t have replaceable batteries and you know there's going to be some things about it that people aren't enjoying, but for us, those just aren't nearly as important as the positive aspects of the device, though. Everything progressive this offering brings far outweighs any of the negatives, so if you have the budget for it, we think that you're absolutely going to love the VENTY.

This is definitely one of our favourite portables by far, and it's one of the very few portables that we would actually use at home rather than using one of the desktops we have plugged in, turned on, and access to, because the vapour you get from the VENTY is just awesome. Combine that with the free draw resistance, which is one of those things you kind of have to experience to fully appreciate it, but a great job on the VENTY from Storz & Bickel.

Keep it green, keep it sneaky; we'll see you next time.

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