Vestratto Anvil W.P.A. & U.S.A. Review The Vestratto Water Pipe Adapter and Universal Stem Adapter offer two new ways to use your Anvil.


We've got two different accessories we're going to go over for the Anvil today. We're going to be going over the universal stem adapter as well as the water pipe adapter. It’s a very interesting device, it is butane powered and it has a round design. It's made out of metal, so there's going to be obvious comparisons to the DynaVap when the Anvil was first released. So, is it a clone?

I mean, yes and no, you know? I mean it's circular it has a ‘click’ to indicate when it's at temperature, it's powered by butane, but it has a lot of things that make it a completely different device. The Anvil is designed to excel at “riding the line”. Riding the line is a very interesting concept. Essentially, you are attempting to keep the heat at the level at that can maximum vaporization and before it would combust. So, heating to the maximum possible point before combustion, that's what you should be able to achieve with the Anvil and not only achieve, but to replicate, and that's a big part of it.

The Anvil is designed to do one hit at a time: a full extraction. They talk about a “dab off flower” and essentially what they're talking about is a complete extraction of all of the compounds that we want when we're vaporizing. On one hand, one of the things that makes the Anvil so special is the copper core. It costs so much though, I mean it costs as much as an OmniVap, so it is expensive, but it's not I don't think it's insanely expensive or anything for what it offers. 

Essentially what the copper core emulates is “all-clad cooking” a la a stainless-steel frying pan with a core of copper, because copper is an extremely good conductor. So, if I heat it with a torch, the copper is going to transfer that heat extremely efficiently all the way to the top. It’s nice, you don't have to spin it like with the DynaVap. With them, you have to spin the device because you don't want to get the cap too hot. Well with the Anvil, you don't have to, and it doesn't have any sort of point that gets way hotter than the other points because of what the copper does. Copper's second only to pure silver at distributing heat. Typically, precious metals are all extremely good conductors and stainless-steel and titanium, they're not great. That's why if you just heat up the DynaVap with the torch without spinning, you get a big red spot. The stainless-steel doesn't conduct heat in the same manner.

One thing that's very interesting about the Anvil is the herb chamber. The herb chamber is very evolved comparatively and it keeps it so that your flower is isolated in the chamber rather than just sitting on the exterior. Now, I do have a larger bowl and the flower is sitting on the exterior but with a smaller one like the I'm using here, it keeps the flower quite isolated. So, your flower just sits in there while your oven gets hot and then it subsequently gets hot at the proper time when you actually start inhaling. 

It has a magnetic base so that you can pull this off via a magnet or I’ll stick on a magnet there. It has two temperature setting discs, or two temperature indicating discs rather, so there's redundancy, but it's also louder than the DynaVap. It is really quite loud. Notice on the end of the cap here it has a hole, and that hole is designed to be like a speaker. That cavity is designed so that it specifically makes the click louder.

When I say riding the line, this is exactly what I mean. This hit this took 47 seconds with a single flame lighter and if you want to ride the line, you want to try to push it so you're in around 40 seconds give or take for your total heating cycle. What you'll notice here if you look at the top of the water piece, you're going to see that the vapour is so thick, it's sort of almost settles. It doesn't fill the entire water piece; it almost settles with this little air gap at the top and that's because the vapour is just so dense and thick. 

Now, this was the first time I ever really rode the line on the Anvil, and I really wasn't expecting it. I got so insanely messed up from this toke, like just this one bowl, because the thermal battery acts as a heat reservoir and this will store heat. The stored warmth allows you to reach the maximum heat for your oven and it's not going to overheat it, so it's not like your flower is just going to get hotter and hotter and hotter. Rather, it's going to store extra energy in the thermal battery and then as you go out about your heat cycle it's going to replace the heat. Essentially with that copper core, the heat is going to be transferring around throughout the entire time it’s in use. Basically, you have a power reserve. 

So, the maximum hit size is essentially available for longer. The copper core is in the middle, running throughout the entire device, but encased in that stainless steel right and you see the herb just sits in there suspended. So, it's getting very hot on the outside, but your flower is sitting suspended in that oven just waiting for you to inhale and then the heat is going to get transferred through there. Now, this is to show you the roast control, the idea being, all things considered, if you use the same torch and same flame size, you're going to replicate the same hit. That's one of the main things they're trying to achieve here, you can have whatever sort of a hit you want and it's going to be the same if you can repeat your actions.

If you put your flame lower down right on the thermal battery, that's going to be your maximum hit; you're going to get the most substantial hit size you possibly can there. If you want to go in the middle, it's going to be a little bit less intense, and then if you want to go up top it's going to be a flavour forward sort of a hit. This water pipe adapter is designed assuming you already own an Anvil so if you do, then you have everything you need to use it. The water pipe adapter, however, if you want you can also buy a water pipe adapter kit. 

You know if I didn't have an Anvil or I lost mine or something like that, I would just buy the water pipe adapter kit because I find that for me, I want to use this thing through water almost exclusively. This is only going to work in a 14mm water piece, though they have an adapter; it's a Teflon kind of a sleeve you put on the outside and then it will work with an 18mm. So, there it is with the new copper core oven. 

If you buy the full water pipe adapter kit, this is exactly what you're going to get. Now, it's going to sit on your water piece just like that and there's not a tonne of room and then this outer ring snaps off and on. I’ll show you that again here: so, this outer ring this just comes off and on like that it just snaps into place, and this is the part you're going to be manipulating. So, when you're holding it, when it's hot you're holding it by this piece here and it's very cool. I've never had it be a little bit hot when I'm holding it by this piece, but heat will definitely transfer throughout the metal. 

Here we have the body of my Anvil, and this is the copper core oven with the condenser, then I'm going to put that right in the water pipe adapter here. Kind of screw it so that it threads into place and then there you go, that's your water pipe adapter. So, if you like using your Anvil through water this is all you need right here. It's only going to go into the frosted segment of your water piece; on this bowl for example it has a little handle because it's hot so it makes it easy so you can just manoeuvre it using the side. If they put something like that here, I definitely wouldn't complain just because if you're not very mindful. It’s easy to accidentally pick this up and you don't really think about it, but as long as you just touch the sides here, you're going to be totally fine. 

I believe this is the XL Bowl. They have the half bowl, they have a full bowl, and the XL. This has to be the XL; like this thing is cavernous comparatively. Probably not going to be able to see it, but it just goes all the way down. Like it doesn't have a screen in there, this thing is just like a tub to put flower in. It’s also really cool what they've done there with the laser, they've got that the Vestratto logo in there and it's very fine.

That's a look inside the bowl, so it’s very large; don't take this one lightly. You're putting so much more flower in it than you're putting in a DynaVap. It's kind of an interesting product, because when I first looked at this I'm just like well why like who really wants to use their copper core oven with a DynaVap stem, like what's the point? You know they already have a stem for the Anvil, you know like why do you need to do that? 

The reality is that people have so much money invested in their DynaVap stems and people have some super high-end stem or some really good cooling stem. What this allows you to do is to use that copper core with the DynaVap ecosystem. So, for anyone who has money invested into the DynaVap stems, this is definitely going to be an interesting piece. Now, when you do get this adapter kit, it gives you a short condenser because you do want to have one in there. You’re provided with a short condenser that's going to work with your DynaVap stem. So, I have added the condenser to a 2020 M body, and it looks kind of interesting. You have to make sure you kind of twist it in place, and there it is with an M. 

One thing you do want to be aware of is that this oven takes a lot more heat than a standard DynaVap oven, so if you if you have a wood stem or something that isn't made out of metal, just be aware there's going to be a lot more heat that's going to be coming to the stem than there may be when you're using your DynaVap. They do have some thermal decoupling ideas in here to try to make it so that it's not going to transfer as much heat, but it'll definitely transfer more heat than you’re used to. You see it there on a VonG I, so you can still use it just like the VonG i with all the aspects you love about that, and you're getting kind of the best of both worlds with that copper core oven. 

So, you're getting to utilize things that you like about both of these different systems at the same time so let's go ahead and do a couple hits here. Now, this is a very cool torch. If you haven't seen this one before, you adjust the flame right on the front there, as you see it's got a button. It also has a little kickstand on the back so it can stand up which is kind of cool, but I really like how you turn it on because this switch isn't an on and off switch. That first switch starts the gas and then on the bottom, you hit the other one. So, you start the gas and then that's how you light it, it's just a fun torch to use, I'm sure you can see why. Go ahead and point that very carefully at the thermal battery. This is the reason I like the pencil torch, the precision that it allows is way higher than you get with most torches because you can hold it like a pencil.

This water is like literally boiling. I just cleaned the entire system, here so there's still a little bit of water in the cap so as I'm heating it up, that water started to heat up, and then it was boiling out the top, so I don't even think it actually clicked, that was kind of hilarious. But we've got two accessories. The first is the magnet ring, as you see it just pulls onto the cap then you can just twist it to take it off. When it sits on this hot metal, first of all it's not going to burn your table or anything like that. The other thing that metal is going to do is drink up the heat. It's going to help to drink up that heat and it's going to dissipate it faster than if it's just sitting on air. Right now, I'm basically sort of kissing the thermal battery and then heating the device itself. So, we're going to see how it likes this going dry with an M body. Let's try this…


That was quite fully vaporized. I have got to say, from seeing the ABV in there, it’s definitely more vaporized than my material usually is. I don't think it made me cough at all, so not too bad. It's a neat little bridge product that they've got here and I kind of like it, I'm coming around, I think. 

So, we're going to go ahead we're going to do one more hit. We're going to try this XL Bowl through a water piece. Okay, so if you take a look at that we got that one loaded to the brim, and this water piece is the Mega Globe Mark II Flat Earth Edition. As you see, it has this flat base on it, so this just gives you a ton of stability that you can't get without otherwise. This is that big bowl and we're going to heat this right on the thermal battery. I think I'm a little afraid of this and that's what I told John when he sent me this bowl. I said you better make me sign a waiver before you let me loose to this thing here because that is a substantial capacity. Thank you, okay, see you on the other side.

Yeah, that's an XL bowl for sure, yeah good night, Pete! That's a good hit right there; that was a substantial hit. So, some really cool accessories I enjoy that universal stem adapter trying that out with some DynaVap stems and then this water pipe adapter has found a more or less permanent place into my piece here. So, there we go guys so thanks so much for joining me I really appreciate it. 

Keep it green, keep it sneaky, we'll see you next time.

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➡️ The Vestratto Anvil is one of the most powerful portable devices that you can find. Actually, it’s one of the most powerful vaporizers you can find, desktops included! The CopperCore design allows for a massive heat reserve to be built up and redistributed throughout your heating cycle, allowing for massive, bowl destroying hits. The Thermal Battery works to store the heat while you torch it, and then that store of energy will transfer through the oven via the incredibly conductive copper layer to ensure a full extraction in just one hit. 

➡️ Today we go over the Anvil vaporizer as well as the new Water Pipe Adapter and Universal Stem Adapter kits. The Water Pipe Adapter allows you to use a shrunken down version of the Anvil directly with your 14mm water piece, where as the Universal Stem Adapter allows you to use the Anvil’s CopperCore oven with your favourite DynaVap stem. Two great accessories that add more function to this already amazing vaporizer, let’s check them out! 

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