Wonderlamp VapBong Review The Wonderlamp VapBong combines a bong and a vaporizer into a unique, pure convection heavy hitter!


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A Custom Wonderlamp VapBong For Sneaky Pete

The VapBong is a one-of-a-kind, handmade ceramic bong and vaporizer that is combined into one beautiful and eye-catching powerhouse. The VapBong originally comes from Germany, and is now crafted with care in Portugal. It comes in a few different styles and in a plethora of different colours and finishes, to truly offer something for everyone. It offers pure 100% convection vapour with exceptionally free airflow, meaning it hits really hard and gives you exceptional flavour while doing so. Check out this custom VapBong the people at www.glassgrassorvas.com made for us and use the code SPV100 to save $100 on your first VapBong!

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