Water Pipe Adapters

Connecting your concentrate or dry herb vaporizer to a water pipe provides a huge improvement to the vaping experience. Water treatment creates cool and smooth vapour that your lungs are sure to thank you for. But not all vaporizers will natively connect to water pipes! Fret not, we have solutions to this problem.

From 10mm to 14mm to 18mm, we offer adapters of all shapes, sizes, and even a variety of wood grains. From a multi adapter that can take advantage of several fixed size openings to the wildly flexible DabCap V3, we have the adapter that your water pipe needs.
If you’re anything like us, you can’t get enough of experimenting with different setups using tools from your vape arsenal. Batman is always making Alfred create experimental gadgets, like Batarangs with smoke bombs attached, so let me be your vape-Alfred...